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A joist is supported at either end by either a beam, wall, or other framing member. They may also require additional supports, known as "intermediate supports," along their length. Joist span is the distance between the beams, walls, or other structu
The character “>” can be used as such as data character in any version of HTML, both in element content and in an attribute value. This follows from the lack of any statement to the contrary in the specifications. It is often routinely escaped as
Refer to image below, I would like to know are my wall and the custom build L brackets able to hold around 50kg includes table top. Any bracket with those ratios should have a gusset added to it. If you look at any factory made longer L-brackets that
Problem is that I need to bolt it down onto concrete. Any suggestions on the best way to support 2 pieces of 2x10 at around 4 feet high? You could use a couple "post base" style anchors. Paint them and/or hide them with potted plants
We have a projector screen that can easily be lowered or raised electronically, whose top support is 113" wide, and whose physical edges are each 3 and half inches inset from the sides, so the screen itself is actually 106 inches across. The screen r
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The question is vague, but here are my "thoughts": In all my years of remodeling, never did we use metal brackets in cases like this. I've opened many dozens of rooms with larger beams than were originally built into the home, and we always simply fa
(Based in the UK) I am building a fence on top of a low wall by attaching 100mm fence posts to the brick wall and then attaching my fencing to the posts. My problem is this the fencing is quite heavy so the posts have to be sturdy. I was originally g
We used the three-swing Pathfinder hardware package and wave slide from Backyard City (backyardcity. com; about $600), which had everything we needed for two swings, a trapeze bar, a sandbox, a 10-foot wave slide, and a ladder up to a canopy fort. Th