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The enduring exterior brickwork of the Washington DC area's 100-year-old brick homes conveys a rich sense of history. According to experts, the durability of the brick and masonry facades depends primarily on its resistance to water penetration. Owne
Some homeowners pay to have their homes outfitted to look like brick, so you may wonder why anyone would paint over beautiful brickwork. Many older homes will feature painted brick and mortar; such paint may have been applied for numerous reasons, in
Plan And Prep Before Building A Non Bearing Stud Wall Diy. Timber Frame Construction Engineering360. I Beam Amp Laminated Beam Fittings Amp Metalwork
I have a HE tankless boiler that exhausts via a PVC vent onto my driveway. I often park next to it and haven't noticed any damage on my car, though the car does move around a bit. However, where the exhaust has condensed and dripped onto a small conc
I think what I'd do is try and spread the load across several columns and several rows. I'd get myself some lumber, say 2x6 pine/fir, and stain and seal it. I'd run two 48" lengths vertically behind the mounting plates of the bar, with the bulk of th
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by dave Last Updated February 06, 2017 14:09 PM I have just completed a renovation of my house. Where possible, I am putting decking around it to keep the brickwork dry and ventilated. One wall, however, will have sand and dirt added to build up the
Q. I have to make an unexpected repair to my poured concrete foundation. A water leak led me to remove drywall in my basement, and to my surprise, I discovered rows of holes 5/8-inch diameter in my concrete walls
My neighbor spent well over $ 200,000 to add a beautiful addition to her traditional brick veneer Cape Cod home. But when the masonry contractor put up the brick he failed to even come close to matching the color of the mortar to the original part of
Have you considered simply painting the house a different color? Removing paint from brick is very difficult, and involves the risk of damaging, discoloring, or completely ruining the bricks. Given that it is a historical house, you may have difficul