Broken hand held shower connector


0) Unplug the iron.

1) Remove the (2 or more) screws holding the plastic bottom plate (that the iron stands up on).
The screws are likely to be #20 Torx "Security" screws -- for which you will need a special bit for your nut/screwdriver. A kit of various sizes of Torx security bits will cost you about $10.

2) Remove the plastic cord-holder assembly from the iron.
2a) If the cord-holder is held in place with screws (you are in luck!), simply unscrew them. If you see no screws, then it is being held in place by several (probably 4) plastic tabs that you must simultaneously release. This makes the job much more fiddly. Use a small/medium blade screwdriver to carefully bend and hold each of the plastic tabs out of the way of the latches. You'll need one screwdriver per tab/latch! Take care not to break the tabs...
2b) Carefully wiggle/pull/work the cord-holder assembly out of the iron taking care not to bend the pins of the integral plug (inside the iron)...

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The ability to remove the shower head from the holder and target sore muscles with a water massage, or wash your pet can turn your shower into a spa or a dog wash. A hand-held shower head commonly comes with a mount that connects to the end of the shower arm and has a built-in holder. When one side of the holder breaks, you can no longer take a hands-free shower as you have to hold the shower head in one hand. Replacing the hand-held shower head holder returns convenience to your shower.

Turn off the water faucets in the shower. You do not have to disconnect the water supply when removing the hand-held shower head.

Wrap a soft cloth around the hose nut where the hose connects to the original shower head holder. This protects the finish of the connector. Remove the hose by turning the nut counterclockwise with pliers. Make sure you do not lose the washer that sets between the hose and the holder.

Remove the original hand-held shower head holder from the arm by...

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Four Parts:Preparing to Remove Your Stuck Shower HeadRemoving your Stuck Shower HeadCleaning Your Shower HeadReattaching or Replacing Your Shower HeadCommunity Q&A

A shower head is a perforated nozzle that distributes water over a large solid angle into a tub or shower. Over time, your shower head may acquire a buildup of rust or minerals, which can cause the shower head to become stuck. Removing a shower head with rust or mineral build-up is often challenging. Try to loosen the shower head with a variety of tools, such as wrenches, pliers, mallets, and center punches. Apply heat to the stuck shower head to break the caked on rust and mineral build-up. Treat the stuck shower head with rust, calcium and lime remover, followed by two coats of a penetrating liquid, in an effort to loosen the connector or...

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Bossini hand held shower has a leak and cord is broken?

I installed a new barrier free shower. It had a Bossini handled shower factory installed. It leaks around the vacuum valve and now the cord is unraveling. Shower has been used only twice! Can this be fixed? Or does the entire hand held shower need to be replaced. Can the vacuum valve leak be fixed? Is this common?

Use plumbers tape to seal around the vacuum valve after you have tightened the vacuum valve. If this assembly is under warranty and the patch does not work, you will want to contact the warranty provider. Sometimes though in transport of the one unit barrier free showers, the valves can come loose and just need to be tightened or your "O" ring may need to be replaced. You can see in this Youtube Video how to fix and replace the "O" ring.

I only want to replace the o ring where the hand-held shower meets the hose. What tool can I use so I don't damage the shower handle?

See above. Never...

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Here is what a typical hand held shower kit with a slide bar looks like, Fig 1

As you can see this is a simple add-on kit. It still requires the use of the original shower in the shower area. The original shower valve (not shown) still controls the water pressure and temperature for both the shower head the handheld shower which is being added.

Figure 2, shows a typical shower unit on which a hand-held shower device has been added. It also requires a diverter valve at the shower head, to switch between the handheld and the shower head. Most installations will only allow the use of one shower head at the time.

This is one of many styles of shower diverter valve available. It allows you to switch between a shower head or a hand held shower, but installed at the shower head. These come in a variety of designs an shape, but all perform the same function, change the flow of water from the shower head to the hand-held shower unit.

There are basically two types...

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One of the final steps in completing a custom shower project is selecting and installing the shower fixtures. While the task of selecting a shower fixture from the wide variety of styles can be challenging, installing the fixture is a simple job. With basic plumbing tools and skills, any do-it-yourselfer can install a shower fixture. Join our host, Jeff Wilson, for a tutorial on installing a handheld shower fixture in the continuation of our custom bathroom series.

No longer limited to a fixed head and constant water flow, shower fixtures now come in a variety of styles that can be mounted almost anywhere in the shower. One of the most flexible options is a handheld shower fixture, a common universal design component for the bathroom. Many are also available with an adjustable mounting bracket.

Necessary Tools and Materials

Tape measure Pencil or china marker Screwdrivers Channel-lock pliers Pipe wrench Pipe or Teflon tape Power drill with masonry or tile bits...
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The Waterpik EasyReach+ hand held shower head VMH-663MT is designed to be one shower head that fits the whole family's needs. Adults can enjoy the luxury-sized hand ...

Kmart has a variety of shower heads & hand showers. Find shower...

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Sterling offers two showers that will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements when installed per the requirements of the Accessibility Guidelines. Both are 63" showers (Series 6206 and 6207).

Sterling also offers a 39" transfer shower (Series 6205) that complies with ICC ANSI A117.1 Standards section 1004. and the Fair Housing Act Accessibility when installed per the guidelines. This applies to type A and B residential and multi-family housing. The 39" transfer shower earned a Design and Engineering Award from Popular Mechanics magazine.

All three showers are not only beneficial for the physically challenged, but for mature homeowners as well. All are barrier-free to allow for easy entry and exit. These Sterling showers are spacious and include an easy-to-clean bottom surface. There is a low, accessible, molded-in shelf along the back wall which provides a generous amount of easily reached storage space to accommodate...

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