Broken Hot Water Circulating Pump - Shouldn't I still have hot water in showers eventually?


I have a Grundfos hot water circulator. After turning off the main to the house and the hot water circulator the other day to change out a valve for our dishwasher, the hot water circulator hasn't been working properly (making horrible noises, not sending out water properly).

From what I've read it seems that the hot water circulator has seized. We've unplugged and replugged, and tried to turn the bolt on it, but it won't move. Again, from what I've read, this indicates we probably need to replace with a new unit.

My belief was that we would still have hot water (as we would if we didn't have a circulator), however we are not getting sustained hot water in our showers both upstairs and downstairs (after about 5 minutes the water is warm, but then turns cold). What would cause that? I am hoping to figure out how to have hot water access until we can get the unit...

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This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey explains how a recirculation line can save energy, money, and time

In this video, This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey explains how a recirculation line can save energy, money, and time.

1. A recirculation line is a separate water pipe that runs off the hot-water line from the farthest plumbing fixture back to the water heater.
2. A pump at the water heater moves hot water through the recirculation line. Any cold water in the recirculation line is returned to the heater.
3. A check valve must be installed in the line to ensure hot water only goes in one direction.
4. An aqua-stat is mounted to the hot-water pipe. When it senses that hot water is returning to the heater, it shuts off the pump.
5. A timer is used to ensure that the system isn't maintaining the recirculation line when you're away at work or sleeping.
6. All-in-one pumps are available...

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Depending on the size of you home and the distance of the plumbing pipes, some fixtures may require several minutes before hot water is delivered from a water heater that might be located some distance away. And how much water goes down the drain as you wait for that hot water to get delivered? In these times of sensitivity to water use, wasting hundreds of gallons of water is something to think about.

If you are tired of waiting for hot water or don't like the idea of wasting water, you might want to think about installing a hot water recirculating system or having one installed. The principle of these systems is simple. A recirculating pump installed in the plumbing lines creates a loop that circulates the water in the hot water pipes back into the water heater for reheating, rather than letting this water go down the drain as you wait for warm water. This means that as soon as you open a faucet or turn on a shower, warm water is already present in those pipes....

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Chris - Hot water is actually a little bit heavier than cold water because, as Einstein told us, E=mc2. So if E, the energy in the water, goes up because it's hotter, then mass, m, must also go up to keep the equation balanced [c, the speed of light in a vaccuum, doesn't change]. So there will be a very subtle and very tiny increase in mass of the hot water, compared to the cold water.

The reason the ice floats is actually because it's a lot less dense than the water. The ice is made of water but, because water expands when it freezes, the ice is pushing a bigger volume - and hence a bigger mass - of water out of the way than the ice itself weighs. For this reason the ice is actually feeling a bigger push "up"(called buoyancy) from the water underneath than the ice weighs itself, which makes it...

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Question: It takes forever for the hot water to get from my garage to the kitchen sink. I've removed the built-in oven and would like to move the hot water heater into this space. Are there any pitfalls I should be aware of?


Laguna Hills

Answer: "Rather than move the water heater, I'd suggest installing a hot water circulating pump, which would keep the water warm in the pipe so you wouldn't have to let the faucet run very long to get hot water," says Manny Gwartz of B.J. Discount Plumbing Supply in Garden Grove. "You can also install a small two- or four-gallon electric water heater under the sink that will provide you with hot water on demand. The problem with moving the water heater, especially if it's a gas heater, is that you have to provide a vent for the exhaust fumes and you'd have to build an enclosure for it."

Q: I've seen ads for a paint and finish removal product in which you apply it like paint to the surface you want to remove, allow...

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Supercharge Your Water Heater -Get Hot Water On Demand At Every Shower & Faucet In Your Home!

If it takes forever from the time you turn on your shower, till the hot water actually arrives, your wait can finally be over.

Our Take On This System: Can't Live Without It! I put one of these on my homes, and the morning shower wait for hot water was over! About a year later, I noticed I was waiting for hot water again...But here's the kicker, a little investigation revealed that we had some plumbing work done at our home a day prior and the worker unplugged the pump! I was a bit irritated by that, but simply plugged the pump back in, and voila! The wait for hot water was over once again...If you own a home and have a long wait for hot water this product will eliminate that! I think it is one of the best products we sell! We guarantee you will absolutely love this product with a 100% money refund if you are not satisfied!


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Hot Water Recirculating Loop TIPS

Gravity - It's Magic

When water is heated, it gets lighter. It wants to float to the top of cooler water.

Cool water is heavy and wants to fall. If you have a loop that projects upwards, the cool water wants to fall down the loop while the hot water goes up. Gravity fuels the motion.

Complete The Loop

It works in this fashion in your house. You already have half of a gravity loop in place. This is your hot water piping distribution system which begins at your water heater and ends at the farthest fixture which requires hot water.

If you were to install copper piping leading back from the farthest point and from other high points in the existing system, you'd have a loop. This return loop pipe connects into the bottom of the water heater.

You remove the drain valve and install a 3/4-inch nipple, a ball valve, a tee and a new boiler drain so you can drain the heater.

It's that...

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Health Freedom Resources

Part of the Whole Body Cleanse Program

One's circulation can be given a tremendous boost by taking a shower and alternating the flow of water from hot to cold, back and forth. The result is invigorating and extremely healthful.

One of the main advantages of hot and cold showers is their ease of use. Wouldn't you love having a cheap easy way to improve your circulation, relieve pain, feel more energetic and revitalize your health?

Hot water has relaxing properties, helping to reduce stress. Cold water helps relieve inflammation and stimulates the removal of toxins from elimination organs like the skin and lymph. Hydrotherapy is a time-honored technique that uses these properties of water such as temperature and pressure to stimulate healing and cleanse toxins. There are many different types of hydrotherapies, including saunas, colonics, and simple hot and cold showers.


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On an average, it takes around 30-40 seconds for the hot water to reach the faucet or shower from where the water heater is installed. This problem can be easily solved with the help of a hot water recirculating pump.

The delay in the hot water supply can be very frustrating as it not only waste your precious time but also waste valuable water as well as consumes power supply.

Like most of the people, you would have faced the problem of delay of hot water from a water heating equipment.

The equipment helps to reduce the delay of getting hot water from the water heater and provide hot water quickly available throughout the plumbing connection of the entire house. Also, a water recirculating pump doesn't let the cold and warm water get waste to drain while waiting for the hot water. Altogether, it provides quick access of hot water and also saves a valuable amount of fresh water and power supply as well.

Best hot water recirculating pump reviews in...

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1. I want to start energy saving at home. What everyday tips can you give me?
2. Is it expensive to start energy saving?
3. What are the basic tips to save electricity in Winter?
4. What are the basic tips to save electricity in Summer?
5. Could I receive a grant towards energy saving and/ or investing in renewable energy at my home?

Q1. I want to start energy saving at home. What everyday tips can you give me?

1. Don’t leave your TV, stereo and computer on standby – this is the mode when a little light is still on. On average, a TV set uses 45 % of its energy in standby mode. If this is done in every Maltese household, the nation will save over 1 million kgs of CO2.

2. Also, don’t leave your mobile phone charger plugged in when you are not charging your phone. If you do, 95 % of the electricity is wasted – only 5 % is used to actually charge your phone.

3. Don’t forget to switch off the...

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