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I'm going to be building a structure out of PT 4x4s (2x4s for the roof) to provide a base and a roof for an outdoor clay oven. I have some questions about how to fasten some of the joints, and how to determine if it'll be strong enough for the weight
Joints To Lengthen Ties And StrutsLapped Joint. - This joint is of a very clumsy appearance, and is only used in work of a temporary nature or in small timber framings hidden from view. It is formed by overlapping the ends of two pieces of timber, an
Suppose you have a condo building. That condo building was built 10 years ago. The statutes of limitations is only good for 6 years (for negligence purposes)
When you consider how a building keeps cool, the most common thing that comes to mind is air conditioning. But the first real line of defense against the heat is a building's roof. And a hot day in the life of a good roof should include releasing --
PVA (or poly vinyl adhesive) is a kind of glue that is also used in building work and craft projects. I tend to buy both in bulk so that I have plenty available for big paintings and commissions. Stucco is not a particularly flexible medium and so th
Shanghai’s skyline glitters with sleek financial skyscrapers and glossy residential towers, but below the city’s lustrous facade lies an enduring problem. Thanks to mass urban migration, soft soil and global warming, Shanghai is sinking, and has been