Building a lamp with a docking station to power my phone. [closed]


Then just after the iFan, I won at a raffle something called "iPhone docking station"! But it was a fake one, my iPhone couldn't even fit on the dock and there was just a phone connector for the music...

Therefore I decided that I would make a real iPhone docking station with it!

This gadget is different from the others because the pins you'll use are not the same (ground (pin1) and 3.3V (pin 18) for the previous gadgets, while here you need the audio ground (pin 2), the audio output right (pin 3) and left (pin 4) channels, and another ground at pin 11).

Here is how I proceeded:

-For the iPhone you just need to connect your usb cable to your charger at one part, and to the dock extender to the other part.

-The station needs 5V... And the iPhone charger provides 5V! That's perfect, so I soldered a wire to the red wire (5V) in the iphone usb cable, and a wire to the black wire (ground) of the iphone usb cable.

Thus both of the iPhone and the...

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As Apple Watch is now available for pre-order, it is the perfect time for people to start looking for the accessories associated that might come handy with the wearable. The newly developed NuDock Power Station Lamp from MiTagg is one such accessory which has appeared on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. With just four days into the campaign, the Apple Watch & iPhone docking station is gaining lots of attention and has surpassed the funding goal by almost five folds in such a short time.

The MiTagg NuDock comes with a built-in iPhone dock, Apple Watch dock and a multifunctional Smart LED Lamp. Thus, it acts as an elegant stand and charges your iPhone and Apple Watch together. Besides that the NuDock Power Station Lamp works as an LED desk lamp and highlights your proud possessions by lighting them up. You can adjust the brightness of the lamp using a touch sensitive control located on the side of the docking station.

The MiTagg NuDock is made from...

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Two Parts:Connecting to a Docking StationSolving Common ProblemsCommunity Q&A

Laptops offer a convenient way to be productive no matter whether you're at home, at the office, or even on-the-go. However, laptops can be a little inconvenient for prolonged work at a desk — often, they're not as easy and comfortable to use as a traditional desktop/monitor setup. However, with a product called a docking station, all a user has to do is connect his or her laptop to the docking station and they will be instantly be able to use a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals of her choice.[1] Docking stations come in many different varieties, but connecting a laptop to one is almost always...

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Perhaps you’ve heard this idea before: can a single device work as both your mobile phone and your desktop or laptop computer? If you have, and you’ve used the many prior attempts at it, you’ve probably been disappointed. A lot of companies, from Palm to Motorola and even Microsoft, have tried this idea, yet none have succeeded; we’re still all carrying around phones and laptops instead of just one, do-everything device.

That’s the world Samsung is entering with DeX, a $149.99 docking station for the Galaxy S8 smartphone. On paper, it’s just like Microsoft’s Windows 10 Continuum: a basic dock that you plug the phone into that provides connections for a monitor, power, Ethernet, and USB devices. Hook up a monitor to the DeX’s HDMI port and pair a wireless mouse and keyboard to the phone, and boom, you instantly have a desktop workstation.

The software, however, is where Samsung is making its mark. Samsung has effectively taken Android apps, optimized a few of them for...

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Alarm clocks are very useful and powerful tools that wake us up in the morning, tell time and can sometimes also play music and let us fall asleep easier. In our modern time every device needs at least two or three purposes and there are very few devices left at our home that does only one thing and this is also true for alarm clocks because now most of us have our smartphones with built in alarms, which can easily replace those old ugly sounding alarm-clocks. This is why android docking stations were paired together with alarm clocks to create a multifunctional docking station that allows you to charge your phone, see the cock at a relatively big screen and sometimes also play your phone music trough those loudspeakers.

A good alarm clock dock should include a built in loudspeaker, a screen for the clock and also should charge your smart phone and if your phone supports alarm sync then you should also be able to set your morning alarm from your phone or from this external...

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What is a Docking Station?

A docking station is a device that has a port or a dock that allows you to plug-in another electronic device such as a laptop, mobile phone, and music player. Once the alternate device is plugged-in, one can access files from or operate the plugged-in device. A common example of a docking station is where one can plug-in a music device such as an I-Pod, access the music files stored on the I-Pod and play them using the speakers on the docking station. Since any electronic device is prone to technical issues, various docking station problems can occur leading to questions on how to deal with them. Listed below are a few questions answered by Experts.

I have been facing problems with my Bose docking station that has stopped playing the I-Pod or I-Phone. What should I do now?

Such docking station problems could occur because of a problem with the dock connector and the board below it. This can be confirmed by checking if the I-Pod or...
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A docking station is a bridge to the past for many newer computers, but users might find that they need one even if they have the latest model. It's a device into which a person can plug a laptop in order to gain extra functionality, such as access to printers, mice, scanners, full-sized monitors and keyboards, and external hard drives. All of these peripherals can be plugged into the dock, and then, when the user connects the laptop, he can gain access to all of those peripherals without having to plug each one into the computer. This can be especially helpful if the laptop has a minimal number of USB or Firewire® ports.

Most newer laptops have more than enough USB or Firewire® ports for casual use, although some users find that they want to access a desktop monitor while using the laptop. Sometimes, a larger keyboard is also easier to type on. In each of these cases, it's usually possible for the user to plug the monitor or the keyboard directly into the laptop. Having...

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Change what happens when you close your laptop

When you close your laptop lid, Windows can shut down, do nothing, or enter a power-saving state, such as sleep or hibernation. You can apply the same setting to all of your power plans or you can apply different settings to individual plans.


To apply a setting to a specific plan

Open Power Options by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Security, and then clicking Power Options.

On the Select a power plan page, click Change plan settings for the plan that you want to change.

On the Change settings for the plan page, click Change advanced power settings.

On the Advanced settings tab, expand Power buttons and lid, expand Lid close action, choose what you want your laptop to do when you close the lid, both for when it's running on battery and when it's plugged in, and then click OK.

Sourcec Change what happens when you...

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Batteries can be a real drag. They’re expensive and must be constantly recharged. Though some battery-free sensors can passively transmit small amounts of data, most consumer electronics today still rely on bulky batteries to store power.

A team from the University of Washington has built a battery-free cellphone that can harness power from radiofrequency (RF) waves sent to it from a nearby base station. The phone not only harnesses the power it needs to operate from those waves, but can also place a voice call by modifying and reflecting the same waves back to the base station, through a technique known as backscattering.

The UW team has shown their device (built from off-the-shelf components) can use harvested power to place a call from a distance of 9.4 meters away from a customized base station. They also built a version outfitted with photodiodes that collect ambient light to passively power the device, allowing them to place a call from a distance of 15.2...

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I pod charges, plays, but no sound

Easy, I had this problem too. The reason it isn't playing is because its not in all the way. I was getting very frustrated with this, so I kept trying to push it onto the dock to get it all the way down.
1. Play a song on your ipod/iphone so you can hear it through the device.
2. Connect your ipod/iphone to the docking station(Bose) so that you hear the chime(This lets you know its charging).
3. Pick up the docking station and firmly press the ipod/iphone down on the connector.
4. Keep pressing it and wiggling around until you hear the music begin to play through the docking station.
It may take a few tries, but you will get it.
Hope this helped!
~ Jake

Oct 05, 2009 | Bose SoundDock digital music...

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The Apple Watch is reported to last only a day on a full charge (although there are reports saying that that may be an optimistic estimate), so if you are a power user on the iPhone, you probably might want to invest in a good Apple Watch dock for regular charging sessions.

We did the legwork and dug up some of the best Apple Watch dock (also known as the Apple Watch stand to some of you) designs the Web has to offer so far. It’s still early days so some of these docks are still in the production and crowdfunding stages, but that doesn’t mean they might not be sitting on your desk one day.

Here are some of the best Apple Watch Docks you should check out while waiting for your Apple Watch to get delivered.

1. WatchStand

Here’s a stand that takes into account how flexible your Apple Watch band is. You can choose to leave your Watch horizontally or vertically on the stand. Both orientations are angled in a way where you can see the watch face at all...

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Sometimes, I look at my iPhone and, fighting the quell of soul-sickness, remark to myself “Yeah, I guess it’s a pretty good phone, but I wish it had a cord.”

Cords, after all, are very useful things: they allow even the cheapest telephone to enjoy the dual-function of a tethered nunchuck, can be wound tight around you if you get cold and are just eminently necessary if, like me, you happen to be an auto-erotic asphyxiator trying to get through a long distance relationship.

The Desk Phone Dock for the iPhone gives your iPhone back its cord. It’s a docking station featuring two built-in speakers, a microphone, volume control, instant mute, and both USB and AC power sources. Want to call your girlfriend? Just dial her contact, pick up the ivory handset and garrote yourself with abandon as she picks up and remarks in dulcet tones, “I thought I told you never to call me again.”

All joking aside, this is a pretty gorgeous docking station. If you want to use your iPhone like...

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To keep things simple I decided to go with a box to hold all of the electronics and for mounting the solar panel. To give myself a rough idea of what it would look like, I created a 3d model of it using Google Sketchup. This was not entirely accurate, but did give me a starting point for cutting wood. As well as storing the charging electronics, I added a closed off area where people could leave their devices without having to worry about them getting wet in the rain. Otherwise, the whole box could have been smaller. I changed the design as I worked on it, so I'm sure there are much better ways of building this. I also forgot that the panel would need to be angled, which could have saved me a lot of the headache involved with accurately cutting wood. However, for the sake of this instructable I will show you how to build the ones I ended up with. You can modify this design to suit your own needs. For the solar panel mounts below, you will need to do a google search to find out...

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There are numerous obstacles retailers need to overcome before employing drones to deliver packages - and the UAV's lifespan is at the top of the list.

However, Amazon seems to be headed in the right direction with an application that illustrates using 'docking stations' for its autonomous carriers.

The newly awarded patent that describes using tall structures such as lamp posts or churches that would allow the drones to recharge and continue on their route.

Scroll down for video

Amazon's newly awarded patent that describes using tall structures such as lamp posts or churches that would allow the drones to recharge and continue on their route. This can enable the UAVs to avoid bad weather, recharge/refuel, drop off packages, pick-up packages and communicate with control systems


The patent describes the use of the docking stations to make the drones fly longer routes, more...

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Published on August 6th, 2008 | by Jules Yap

Caro made a handy docking and charging station to store her gadgets and charge them at the same time. Keeps things in order too.

Caro says, “My desk was a mess with gizmos and their chargers. Plus, I needed a place to put my closed notebook when I’m at my desk and using a wireless keyboard, mouse and a monitor.

To make myself a combined docking and charging station, I used the Ikea Estetisk storage with compartments desk accessory.

First, I laid the Estetisk flat and I drilled a series of 3/4 inch holes in the back/bottom of the compartments and in the back/bottom panel. In the first photo you can see the holes on the back/bottom panel, but not the others. The wires which attach to a surge protector (e.g. phone charger) go through both holes and down the surge protector on the floor. The wires which attach to the computer only (e.g. headphones) go through only one hole, at the bottom/back of...

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