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As pointed out by many others at this point, direct answer to your question is No: you are not allowed to install an outlet inside a wall. All outlets and junctions must be accessible without having to modify building structure or components. I would
I understand that you must have an electrical receptacle 6 feet from any obstruction or break in the wall, such as a doorway, and no more than 12 feet from the previous electrical receptacle. Does this require that the receptacle be accessible? In ot
by cr0 Last Updated January 21, 2018 06:21 AM I'm wondering how combos of AFCI & GFCI protection on breakers and outlets affect overall circuit safety & performance. What I mean is, how do different combinations of GFCI and/or AFCI protection
This varies greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. It also depends on what kind of work and how much. In many locations, minor electrical work, in-kind plumbing replacement, interior construction that does not change the overall footprint or the
The TJI, or wooden "I" joist, has been used in construction since the 1970s. It is composed of an Oriented Strand Board centre with two 2-by-3 sections of lumber fastened to the top and bottom. This combination makes a strong floor joist that has a l
CCTV Installation and Wiring Options Today there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a quality CCTV security system. You may decide to go with a traditional analog system, HD-SDI, HD-CVI or even an IP network based security products. One t
Okay, I’m back in town. Thanks so much for the questions and for your patience with a response. Does a “legal” bedroom require direct interior access? To be considered square footage, an area (including a bedroom) needs to be directly accessible from
It is rather difficult to determine whether torture is ever acceptable. From different points of view, it can be said that each person has his own opinion considering the issue, and this issue is rather contradictive. It is known that are thousands o
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