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I agree with Ed Beal. But yes, there are 2 ways to do this & they're equal in strength, for what's planning to be done. However, get a Permit from the Building Dept
Typically you want the basement insulation installed with the paper (vapor barrier) facing the heated part of the home. Moisture from inside air can condense and become trapped in the insulation during cold winter months leading to mold, especially a
The only skip sheathing I've ever encountered is that installed to support a tin roof. What I found, was that the sheathing was not a consistent thickness which made laying osb or plywood on top quite difficult. Granted, these were in rural areas whe
Joints To Lengthen Ties And StrutsLapped Joint. - This joint is of a very clumsy appearance, and is only used in work of a temporary nature or in small timber framings hidden from view. It is formed by overlapping the ends of two pieces of timber, an
Suppose you have a condo building. That condo building was built 10 years ago. The statutes of limitations is only good for 6 years (for negligence purposes)
We have the mixed blessing of a giant swath of exposed Canadian Shield on our property in Ontario. Literally a big flat area of exposed rock, no soil whatsoever. Scale is hard to see, but a satellite view looks like this: In our area it has been test
Nothing to do with building codes, unless you are hanging an addition to your house out the window. Your own (single-family) home on your own lot (piece of land) - depends what you have (or don't) for a home-owner's association, or if your house is s
Concrete piers are used in a project such as building a deck because they provide a durable, solid base that can bear. .