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I am having trouble changing light bulbs of my ceiling fan pictured below. I took these images to home depot and no one could help me! I showed the fan to two handymen in-person and they couldn't figure it out either! Please help me and show me a way
Yes, you can get a plug and attach the two wires from the cord to the non-earth (ground) pins of the plug. Look for something like this - you strip some insulation off the end of your cord, open the plug, attach the wires to the appropriate pins, and
And too much of a heat buildup could result in shorter bulb life and even risk of fire, especially in a fixture in which the bulbs are fully enclosed. While lighting has traditionally been sold by wattage, what you are really buying is the amount of
Many years ago, we replaced the incandescent lights with fluorescent bulbs (we didn't know that fluorescent bulbs don't dim out of the box). A couple weeks ago, some of the fluorescent bulbs randomly stopped working. Some days they'd turn on, other d
Let me grab some excerpt from it: Why does the CFL bulb flash? "Many times this is due to the circuit inside the CFL charging up, even when the bulb is off. This happens many times when the CFL bulb is being controlled by an illuminated wall switch,
Just looking the fixture itself, and giving the probability of other points of failure. .
Hi all,I've just moved into a new build house and am planning to floor the loft for some light storage. My first task is to install a loft light. I have studied loads of threads and diagrams on this topic and thought I was ready to start
Low-voltage transformers as used with MR16 12V spotlights also add to the complexity Some of the issues that may occur when a dimmer is incompatible with an LED lamp are: Flickering - Lamps will flicker (can also occur if a non-dimmable lamp is used)
My task today was to change the light bulbs of a hanging lantern that we have on our porch. I simply cannot determine how to get to the actual light bulbs. I've tried turning the bottom finial, which loosens the post in the middle, but that doesn't s