Bullnose vs square edge stair treads


I've been looking around the internet, and I've seen quite a few stair renovations using common boards with a square edge rather than bull nose stair treads.

Code, wear and tear? The common boards are definitely less expensive and have a larger stock to choose appealing boards from when I buy.

The building code does address the width, profile, and the rounding of the treads.

From the 2009 IBC:

R311.5.3.3 Profile. The radius of curvature at the leading edge of the tread shall be no greater than 9/16 inch (14 mm).

I believe the reason for rounding the leading edge of the tread with wood is to reduce the likelihood of splintering. Also, standard soft pine building lumber is more likely to warp or be damaged with use than a hardwood stair tread.

Good luck with your project.

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stair make-over – one piece bull nose treads

hi max again taking the opportunity to let you know about one of the key parts of the stair make-over cladding system our one piece bull nose treads.

developed for easy installation and long lasting performance it really doesn’t matter whether you choose the premium quality laminate or real oak veneer finish as all stair make-over treads have a 9mm high density fibreboard core engineered for strength and stability, and to eliminate the warping, twisting and cupping that can be associated with traditional timbers.

the seamless top layer and bullnose construction of the treads means they require no joints or clips and are simply cut to size for an exact fit and glued in place

but there’s more to our treads than perhaps meets the eye! for example if you need deeper treads for winders or small landings it’s not a problem as each tread has a groove in its rear edge and is supplied with a small mdf fillet which is...

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A style that is seeing an increase in popularity because of its ability to really draw attention to the staircase, square bullnose stairs in Melbourne have quite a strong impression. The bottom tread extends the furthest past the main staircase with each additional tread extending less until it’s the same width as the standard treads.

“To draw even more attention to the bullnose, many homeowners choose to leave it in natural timber whilst carpeting the treads in the stairwell”.

There are a number of things to keep in mind, including:

A common choice for modern and contemporary staircases, as the square edge has a boxy, streamlined appearance Can be used on staircases that are enclosed in a stairwell or (less commonly) that are built out in the open Square edge can sit flush with the riser or can overhang it

Download Selection...

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Pear Stairs is a leading UK supplier and manufacture of stair parts, stairs and staircases. We specialise in all things stairs and can provide stair treads.

Depending on the style of your staircase, your stair tread will change as well. We have a wide range available in all types of style and material. We have oak and hardwood staircase treads both available from our .

What is a stair tread?

Different types

All of our treads are available in the standard sizes specified in the descriptions below, or can be made custom to your specifications, ensuring compatibility with your staircase design.

Standard wooden staircase tread

Glass tread

If you are interested in purchasing glass treads for your staircase, please speak to one of our qualified designers.

Winder tread

Shop for

Bullnose tread

Shop for

D-end tread

Spacesaver tread

Our free staircase design tool –...

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This Tread Cap Product Explained:
This unique product the full false stair tread allows the DIY'er to accomplish that look he/she longs for without doing a total staircase tear out. This is a great solution for those beat up basement stairs or for any stairs that you wish to re-tread, without doing a full tear out. A full false stair tread is designed to go over an existing tread ( actually it's a 'Solid Cap Tread' ) thus this product is the perfect solution for renovation jobs.

As Featured In "New Homes & Renovations Consumer Publication":


False Stair Tread Manufacturing Spec's:
The body of our replacement stair treads is a full 3/4" inches thick ( not the thin 1/2 inch false treads that are being sold on the market ) while the nose is a full 1-1/16" inch thick. The full 3/4" inch body of our false stair tread makes...

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We sell a lot of rubber stair treads, and one of the biggest problems we have is when people order square nose rubber treads for a round nose step and vise a verse. It is really important to get the correct nose on your rubber stair treads so they match your step. If they do not match, they will not last as long, especially if they are heavily traveled. On heavily traveled stairs the nose will flex over and over again, and over time the nose will crack. The nose on your rubber stair tread has to be supported. We have two kinds of curved or round nose rubber stair treads. We have the bullnose, which is usually on a wood step, the round radius goes all the way around and returns under the step. The other kind is usually poured concrete and is just a radius, this was used back in the 50’s and 60’s. If you have poured concrete with a large radius, then you are going to want to use the 622 Series Rubber Stair Treads Round Nose. If you have a bullnose round nose, I would recommend the...

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Aluminium stair nosing with a selection of colour inserts. This nosing comes in 2 pieces - the aluminium carrier which is screwed and/or drilled onto the stair and then the separate anti slip insert is placed onto the adhesive strip that is on the carrier.

Maximum width in one piece: 322.5cm

In Stock

Get this item on Wednesday 28th February if you order in the next 30 hours.

Select a colour

Black Scoured - LRV 6.00Brown - LRV 6.00Oxford BlueBrown Scoured - LRV 9.00Red - LRV10.39Slate Scoured - LRV 10.75Indigo Scoured - LRV 11.00Claret - LRV 11.00Slate - LRV 12.00Burgandy Scoured - LRV 12.50Dark Green Scoured - LRV 13.00Black - LRV 6.00Dark Green - LRV 13.00Airforce Blue - LRV 14.38Buff - LRV 21.00Blue Grey Scoured - LRV 21.00Blue Grey - LRV 21.00Grey Scoured - LRV 23.49Grey - LRV 26.99Orange - LRV28.00Light Grey - LRV 28.57Olive - LRV 29.53Mushroom - LRV 38.59Mist - LRV 42.09Clay - LRV 50.00Duck Egg - LRV 50.00Ivory - LRV 53.27Sky - LRV 52.63Putty -...
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I love to hear old-timers tell stories. At a JLC Live stair building seminar taught by Jed Dixon, I talked with Jed and Don Jackson (editor of JLC) about installing skirt boards and how I was taught to install the treads and risers first, and then scribe the skirts over the top of them.

Don told me that they had a guy who taught that method in one of their Live events. Pre-built stairs were set up on stage with the treads and risers butting against the drywall on the closed side. The instructor told the audience that he was going to scribe the skirt over the in-place stairs.

During one of the sessions, an audience member raised his hand and said: “I’m sure it can be done, but for the time it’s going to take, and with the fit you’re going to end up with, it’s much better to install the skirt first!”

The instructor then asked the fellow if he had a $20 bill. The guy pulled one out of his wallet and the instructor pulled one out of his wallet. The instructor then...

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As many of you know, it was just two short weeks ago that we opened the doors to the Picklee shop in Newport, RI! Getting the shop ready was a super exciting (and stressful!) process. We were faced with a stinky, old, run down storefront that had been neglected for YEARS, but we had big plans to make the shop a beautiful place. Sort of like reviving a stinky old chair…but on a much larger...

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