Burning smell in my clothes dryer


There is a burning smell inside my clothes dryer after it runs. Does anyone know what that could be?

Yes. Burning smells are a common indicator that something is burning. So something is burning.

There is no smoke (thankfully) but it definitely has a mild to medium smell or something burning. I think its a gas powered dryer (its hard to get to the back too look) but the smell is closer to burning lint than to gas.

Getting to the back to look is going to be easier for you than anyone on the internet. Use a chair to stand on and take a peek. Bring a flashlight with you in case there is not ambient light behind the dryer. Do not drop the flashlight behind the dryer, or fall off the chair.

You could also try shutting off the gas to your house and see if the dryer still works.

Do I just have to let it run some to let it air out? Or, is there something else I should do?

Configure its controls NOT to provide heat, and then run it for a few...

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Whoa! Your clothes are smoking hot! Thanks. I really appreciate it. No, I mean, your clothes smell like they are burn. My dryer makes my clothes smell burnt! What can I do? The first step is to check the dryer’s lint trap. If that is clogged, it may get hot enough to start burning. As in a fire hazard? If your clothes smell burnt, you’re not too far off from the house burning down. But I clean it regularly. Another possible cause is the dryer hose. If lint is trapped there, it gets blasted with hot air until it gets hotter and hotter. And generates a burnt smell before it burns the house down. Well, I’m here, so it isn’t that bad yet. If the hose is kinked or trapping lint, you can straighten it and clean it. Or you could replace it. What else could cause this? A third possibility is the exhaust tube within the dryer. Cleaning that...

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Last night was doing laundry noticed a really strong burning smell from the garage, went in and it was a nasty smell, not like hot metal but like hot burning plastic or something.

The clothes smell really strong and bad.

The cycle was finished and I took the clothes out I looked around in the dryer and didn't see anything odd. I closed the door and started it up, afer about a minute I opened the door fast and didn't notice any smell. THen I put the dryer on hi and ran it again for a minute and then again opened the door fast, again noticed nothing.

This morning I ran another load while washing my car in the driveway after about 15 minutes I could smell it out in my driveway. I stopped it right way, the clothers smell really really bad, even 9 hours later.

The dryer vents to a plastic box that has water in it. The lines are exhaust vent is free and there are no obstructions.

THe smell is not burning lint it is a really nasty strong smell. The...

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A burning smell coming from your Hoover clothes dryer can be caused by a number of things. These warrant further inspection, and may require you to call an authorised service tech to take a look at your dryer. The most common causes of burn smells are clogged vents, backed-up lint filters and wiring issues. Identifying what kind of burning smell your dryer is emitting can help you narrow down the source.

Burning Wire Smell

If your dryer is electric, and the smell appears to be that of a burning wire, you may have an electrical malfunction in the unit. A new dryer can emit a smell for a time, but if your unit is not new and has previously run without emitting a burning smell, it is time to contact a repairman and have your dryer looked at. A short in a wire can be dangerous. Unplug your dryer and call for service.

General Burning Smell

If your Hoover dryer is emitting a general burning smell, with an odour somewhere between burning paper and rubber, you...

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My clothes dryer smells

When you open your clothes dryer, you want to smell freshly laundered clothing, not a bad smell. That smell is a warning that your dryer needs maintenance. Odours Problem odours that come from clothes dryers include a musty, earthy smell. You might n[More]

Burning Smell from a Hoover Clothes Dryer

A burning smell coming from your Hoover clothes dryer can be caused by a number of things. These warrant further inspection, and may require you to call an authorised service tech to take a look at your dryer. The most common causes of burn smells ar[More]

How to get rid of musty smells in my clothes dryer

Washing and drying clothes is supposed to get them clean and smelling fresh. However, if your clothes are coming out with a musty smell, the odour may be originating from your dryer. And, if your dryer smells musty, it might be from mould in areas su[More]

Dryer smells like smoke

The smell of smoke coming from...

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Clothes dryer fires are real possibilities that may happen to you, as they are responsible for an average of 4,000 residential fires every year according to the National Fire Protection Association. Hence, it is no joke if there is a burning smell from your clothes dryer. Do something – understand your dryer’s anatomy and the potential causes of overheated clothes dryer to start protecting your home today.

Anatomy of clothes dryer

Both electric and gas clothes dryers have similar anatomy. Their burner or heating element should be in a protected chamber beneath the tumbler. The drive motor that runs the tumbler also runs the fan that generates air to enter through a grid on the front or back of the machine. The air circulates through the heating chamber and moves through the tumbler when it dries your clothes then exits through the vent. The dryer comes with one or two thermostats to turn off the heater on a periodic cycle so as to allow the dryer to cool before...

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The best part about having a dryer in your house is that it is not only energy efficient but also reduces the time taken to complete household chores. During winters, your clothes dry quickly and you can wear them as soon as the drying cycle is complete. Also, you can avoid ironing your clothes if you remove the clothes promptly. These dryers are available in different sizes to suit your needs and budget. However, like any other home appliance, even a dryer can develop a malfunction without any advance warning. For instance, the home appliance may not start or can overheat, which can prevent you from using the machine.

If your machine is overheating, you must do something fast, because there is a high risk of dryer fire. According to a study conducted by the National Fire Protection Association, it was found that dryer fryer is responsible for more than 3,000 residential fires every year. While a malfunction in the machine can cause fires, a common cause of dryer fire is...

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Lint Trap

If your dryer has a strange smell, it could be the result of several different issues.

If you are having problems with your dryer and it is still under warranty, you may want to contact a customer service representative to have your machine looked at. However, even if your dryer is under warranty there could be some charges applied. If your problem is something relatively minor, such as an unpleasant odor coming out of the machine, several issues might be the cause of the smell. .

The dryer lint trap captures excess lint created during the drying cycle. This trap should be emptied after each use to not only remove waste, but also to prevent fires from starting inside the dryer. The source of the smell could be coming from the lint trap, especially if you recently laundered items that are prone to moisture and mildew, such as towels or floor rugs. Toss a scented dryer sheet or cloth sack full of dried herbs to curb the unpleasant smell after washing and...

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Electric burning smell from dryer – FixYa

dryer burning smell Just recently I've noticed a smell almost electrical coming from my electric dryer. I've already made sure there was no lint anywhere on the I have a Sears Kenmore 800 series electric dryer. Model # 110.67841600. It is about 2-3 years old and has worked fine up to this point. Recently my Hello[/font] [FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']My Whirlpool duet dryer has a burnt smell Electric Dryer Whirlpool GEW9250PL0 Electric Dryer Whirlpool GEW9250PL1 Electric

One Place to Check for a Fishy Electric Smell – One Project Closer

My sister just gave me a 2-year-old electric dryer. She layed Then I noticed it was starting to smell like something was burning. I felt all around the dryer, and the A Burning Smell in a Hair Dryer; Why Does My Electric Dryer Smell Like it Is Burning? A Burning Smell in My Dishwasher During Drying; A Burning Smell Is Coming From My I started noticing a burning rubber smell...

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If your dryer is overheating, you need to do something, because a dryer fire is a very real possibility. According to the National Fire Protection Association, clothes dryers were responsible for more than 15,000 residential fires during the period 2006 to 2010. While dryer malfunctions can cause fires, a more common cause is insufficient ventilation caused by blocked vents. That's a problem that any homeowner can correct and avoid in the future.

Dryer Anatomy

The anatomy of gas and electric dryers is similar. The heating element or burner is in a protected chamber underneath the tumbler, and the drive motor that operates the tumbler also runs a fan that circulates air through the heating chamber. The air enters through the a grid on the front or back of the machine, circulates through the heating chamber, moves through the tumbler, where it dries the clothes, and exits through the vent. One or two thermostats periodically cycle the heater off, allowing the dryer to...

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Have you ever used your dryer and noticed a slight burning smell? If so, this shouldn’t be ignored! A burning smell from your dryer is not normal, even if it goes away after a few minutes. In fact, you should stop using it altogether – the

burning smell

means that it is a fire hazard to use.

There’s a good chance that the burning smell is being caused by an issue with lint build up. What’s most likely happening is that the lint coming off your clothing as they are being dried is becoming trapped in your dryer as well as in the venting duct that connects the dryer to your wall. One of the ways that you can prevent this is by obtaining professional dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta. The first thing you’re going to want to do if you do smell that burning smell is to unplug your dryer. If you are able to, slide the dryer away from the wall. Get help if you need it – you don’t want to hurt yourself if it’s too heavy. Now, remove the hose duct that’s attached to the back of...

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You may be using too much detergent. Laundry detergents contain a mixture of alkyl-sulfate surfactants, which are derived from organic fats. Use too much, and the foam lather at the surface won't rinse away, but instead will cling to the liner just outside the perforated basket, above the water line of the rinse cycle, creating a scum. This detergent scum will biodegrade relatively quickly into fatty acids, which turn rancid to create their own smell, and are food for bacteria and mildew that make the odor worse. Further wash cycles can end up transferring these odor-causing residues into the fabrics of your clothes, giving them the same stink even after they've been thoroughly dried.

To get rid of this smell in a top-loader, try running the washer empty, set to the hottest wash and rinse cycles you have, and the extra-large/super load size, with a cup of bleach. The hot water will dissolve the detergent scum and the bleach will kill the odor-causing microbes. If that's not enough...

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Image Result For Burning Smell From Clothes Dryer How To Fix

Vacuum the inside of the duct to clean it out. Also vacuum in the vent hole in the wall where the duct attaches to the wall and remove any lint that may be blocking air flow. Put everything back together and test your dryer to see if the burning smell has been resolved..Steps. Check the lint filter and lint trap. Clean the lint out. Check the base of the dryer. If you have a build up of lint, dust, fluff, etc., this can create a smell of burning and clothes will come out smelling burned as well. Check the exhaust hose. Check the belt rollers. Get a technician to check the electrics..

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We at Los Angeles Washer & Dryer Service strongly suggest when you smell burning from your dryer to immediately stop using it and to contact a professional. Burning smells in your clothes dryer can signify a simple, easily-fixed problem, or something much more serious. In fact, problems with clothes dryers often start house fires. For that reason, it is important to promptly identify and solve any problem that causes a burning smell in your dryer.

In our years of experience this is an overview of the most common problems for a burning smell in your dryer:


Lint can get trapped in the exhaust tube, drum, lint trap and even in the drum casing. If it gets too hot, it can scorch or even catch on fire, causing a burning smell. Empty the lint trap often, and make sure lint is not getting trapped or built up in the exhaust vent.


Dryers have motors, and as they age, they can burn out just like any other motor. This causes a very strong burning...

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A test to try...

Q: Dryer takes too long to dry or multiple times to dry a load.
A1: Pull the dryer out away from the wall. Unhook the vent from the dryer completely. Do not put anything over the dryer exhaust on the back of the dryer. Do a normal load with the vent unhooked. If it dries better or ok like this then the problem is in the dryer venting. Like a blocked vent pipe or a smashed or restricted vent hose.
A2: If the vent doesn't make a difference, then check the blower wheel for excessive lint build up, check that there isn't anything stuck to the air intake baffle inside the drum, (i.e. the screen on the back wall of the dryer when looking into the drum). Check the lint filter chute for blockage. Check that the heating element isn't shorted to ground. Check the exhaust temperature of the dryer. A meat thermometer or pocket thermometer can be used for this. It should cycle approx between 120 degrees and 160 degrees ( without clothes ). Check that the...

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I agree; this is probably the most common issue with dryers. I usually end up replacing a heating element about once a decade :)

So, first, if you have a multimeter lying around, I found this video on how to test continuity on the heating element.

You can find a heating element for around 15 bucks online, using the model number pressed into the shield (I did this, no problem, and I'm not an experienced electrician), so it's fairly cheap to at least try, even if it turns out the heating element isn't the problem.

Anecdotally, I've noticed that drying time tends to increase for a few weeks before the element finally fully dies. I assume that, as the heating element ages, the metal fatigues, and becomes less efficient, so even if it looks ok, it could be failing to reach a decent...

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The dryer in question is a LG DLG2542W, with about 10 years of use...

Just last week the dryer started producing a burnt stench whenever a load was done. I checked each of the past 4 loads, as well as the lint filter, but I cannot find anything that was burnt. In addition, it seems like the dryer is staying hot longer than it used to (unconfirmed as of yet, might just be my imagination).

My current theory is that the dryer vents are blocked, but I cannot think of anything that would be producing the burnt smell. I also am having trouble figuring out how to clean the dryer's vents, so I think I need another opinion before I break the dryer apart in an attempt to clear the...

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May 24th, 2013 By Guru Admin 0 comments

If your dryer has a burning smell, it is a definite sign that there is a problem.

When there is an obvious burning smell in or around your clothes dryer, it can signify a simple, easily-fixed problem; or something much more serious.

It’s a known fact that problems with dryers often start house fires. For this reason, it is important to promptly identify and solve any problem that causes a burning smell in your dryer.

Contact the LA Washer Dryer Repair Guru Now!

Top 4 Reasons for a Burning Smell in the Dryer:

1. Lint

Lint can get trapped in the exhaust tube, drum, lint trap and even in the drum casing. If it gets too hot, it can scorch or even catch on fire, causing a burning smell. Empty the lint trap often, and make sure lint is not getting trapped or built up in the exhaust vent.

2. Motor

Dryers have motors, and as they age, they can burn out...

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Burnt lint could be the smell burning from dryer

A burning smell from the dryer can be several things, most often it is lint build up inside the clothes dryer, but we’ll detail them below. Many people think that because the lint trap is being cleaned out every time the dryer is safe, this is so far from the truth though, there is a lot going on inside your dryer and dryer vent some of which shocks most homeowners when we show them!

Burning Smell From Dryer Possible Causes

If it is a new dryer burning smell, it is perfectly normal to get a weird smell (kind of electrical/chemically smell) as some components have coatings that are just burning off in the heat. Just let it run for a short while and you should notice the smell start to fade. If you had a problem with your previous dryer where it was taking a long time to dry, you may need to get your local dryer vent cleaner to inspect or clean your dryer vent. If your dryer has a burning smell then it is most likely...
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burning smell in dryer

I dried a load of clothes recently and when they came out the clothes had a kind of burnt smell. I checked everything in there and eveything was ok, no burnt clothes or dryer. I then checked to see if the line going outside was clogged and when I removed it, a bunch of yucky water came out. I dried another load and it was ok. I know there are dangers of fire if the lines or lint trap are clogged with lint, but is there supposed to be water in there?? I've never had this problem before, does anyone know what might have caused the smell?

Water could have been caused by condensation. Make sure all the vent lines are cleaned and clear. YOu may want to change the one tha is connected to the dryer now. Make sure it is metal and not plastic. Also, make sure the lint trap is also cleaned.

If all else fails, have someone take a look at it.


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I did two loads of laundry yesterday and they both came out smelling burnt….

All of the clothes/sheets have been washed before so it’s not a new item of clothing adding a weird smell. We empty out the lint trap every time we do laundry, and a quick look into the marchine with a flashlight doesn’t show anything amiss, even inside the door and under the lint trap… I didn’t run the dryer for longer than usual and the clothes were still a tiny bit damp when I took them out, so it wasn’t an issue of running the dryer for too long. Same detergent and dryer sheets as usual….

Any ideas what cold be wrong? From a quick Google search, it sounds like it might be a belt going out (although it doesn’t smell like burnt rubber). Or it could be lint caught somewhere in the vent, right?

I just want some input before I call my landlord, because she tends to downplay problems. I feel like this could be a fire hazard and I would like someone to come look at the dryer. That’s...

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Thank you for visiting my web page! You can browse the links above, or call for a FREE estimate over the phone. The model of the washer or dryer always helps for a free estimate. For example a GE washer not spinning will cost more to repair than a Whirlpool washer not spinning. Mike D's will repair all top load washers (some HE models) and Front Load dryers. Most of the common problems can be repaired for less than $100.00 (excluding Front Loaders). Front Load washers will cost more to service due to cost of electronic boards and time to diagnose the error. Kenmore, Whirlpool, Roper, Crosley, Maytag, GE, Estate, Amana, Admiral, and others we will repair at your home and around your schedule. 90 percent of the older machines are worth repairing, and still have life left in them. Older washers clean clothes better than new ones without the agitator. Phone call is free and I will tell you if the washer or dryer is worth repairing. Parts on hand, and same day service on most repairs....

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The centerpiece of my kitchen is our wood-burning cook stove. It’s a big stove, standing over five feet high and almost three and a half feet wide. It has an oven, a warming oven, a solid copper water reservoir with a tap, and a large cook top surface with six lids. We keep a fire burning in this stove non-stop through all the winter months, and it provides enough heat to keep one entire floor of our house warm and cozy despite our extremely cold outdoor temperatures.

We bought this stove several years ago from an area merchant. We loaded it into our small truck to bring it home ourselves, and with the help of a mover’s dolly, my husband and I got the stove into our house. Now, looking back, I wonder how we were able to manage the weight. Perhaps it helped that we had not read the instruction manual’s warning that the stove was very heavy and at least four men would be required to move it.

Our stove was manufactured by the Elmira Stove Works company in Canada, and it...

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