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I have ripped up many a floor with 1/2" plywood as the tile substrate over 5/8" sheathing. 1/2" cement board over 5/8" plywood is often frowned upon as the cement board offers up no rigidity to the floor assembly. 1/2" plywood over 5/8" sheathing and
Lets pump this AC through a step up transformer that steps up the voltage to 10^5 volts. The current being transmitted in this case will be, I = P/V = 10 amps. Power loss = 10*10*0
In a 2000 era home in Georgia, I replaced an overhead lighting fixture with a combo ceiling fan and light. (Yes, I reinforced the junction box appropriately. ) The wiring was simple enough, the power supply is via the switch box (now two switches)
Didier Juges, KO4BB (c) June 2004 This article refers to data from the RadioWorks on-line catalog, so you may want to log on to their web site at www. RadioWorks. com
Quote: Originally Posted by Speed Daemon But RAID 5 and 6 are stripe sets by definition. RAID works in real time too. And the only thing that takes snapshots is backup software
Environment is the critical factor wherever noise/contamination/interference is suspect. Are there halogen lights or unshielded motors/heating elements etc in the vicinity? Are you using a DSL connection that is susceptible to external interference?