Cabling into concrete


Cable Concrete is one of the most up to date forms of erosion control available. This system of integrating strong flexible stainless steel cable into high strength concrete permits durability and flexibility.

Cable Concrete is formed to cover an area of 1.22 m x 4.88 m (4 ft. x 16 ft.) or 2.44 m x 4.88 m (8ft. x 16 ft.) and is available in 4 weights: 20, 35, 45 and 70 lb/sq. ft. This allows you to economically meet the requirements of your particular project.

In order to provide maximum protection, the Cable Concrete mat must team up with a polyester geotextile base cloth.

The needle punched geotextile allows moisture in the subsoil to drain, preventing build up of hydraulic pressure beneath the protective concrete mat. As this action takes place, the subgrade material is held in tact by the weight of the Cable Concrete and separating ability of the geotextile.

The high strength mat also provides a durable shield to protect subgrade material...

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Installation of floor heating into concrete and anhydrite

Heating cables are laid in a concrete layer, under which there is a layer of thermal insulation. As thermal insulation, the most suitable are extruded polystyrene or polyurethane of thickness of 40 to 80 mm. Soft mineral wool is not recommended for compressibility reasons. Belt insulation separates the walls from the concrete layer and this way prevents damage caused by thermal dilatation of the floor. At the same time, belt insulation prevents creation of heat bridges. Larger and irregular areas are divided by dilatation joints into smaller sections – up to 40 m2. The side length of one area should not exceed 8 m. The dilatation joint should lead across the whole cross section of the concrete. Thermal insulation should be protected with suitable waterproofing against moisture coming from above. It is easiest to fix the heating cables to a reinforcing Kari grid using nylon strips. The output of the heating cable is...

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Nouns can be classified into two groups: concrete nouns and abstract nouns.

Concrete nouns are the names of objects that we can see, touch or see. Examples are: flower, bird, book, sand, star, butterfly, cloud etc.

All proper nouns and material nouns are concrete nouns.

Abstract nouns name –

Feelings such as happiness, loneliness, sorrow and anger Qualities such as courage, intelligence, bravery and honesty Ideas and thoughts such as freedom, friendship and equality

Names of subjects such as mathematics, chemistry and statistics; and names of games and sports such as football, cricket and hockey are also abstract nouns.

Write the following nouns under the heads given below.

Virtue, honesty, intelligence, absurdity, marriage, gold, wood, boldness, litter, Raju, diamond, cement, team, battalion, committee, sand, troop, flower, Paris, grapes, courage

Complete the following sentences with suitable abstract nouns. Study the given...

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Do you need to cut through concrete as part of your project? We can help you locate any utilities that are installed beneath concrete on your property before you drill in order to minimize construction risks and prevent costly utility damage.

Located in Orange County, we serve the entire Southern California area. We can help you locate a variety of utilities, ranging from gas mains and lines to electrical cabling and underground storm drains.

Located in Orange County, we serve the entire Southern California area. We’re here to locate installed utilities and potential hazards like rebar, allowing you to drill into concrete without any significant risks of damage or injury.

Our concrete cutting utility detection services

Before you cut into concrete, it’s essential that you’re aware of the location of all of your property’s utilities. Many utilities, such as gas mains and electrical cables, are installed at a relatively shallow depth beneath the ground...

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