Can't turn off security light permenantly


It sounds as if the light is being controlled by a single 3-way switch. The hot lead is run to the common and two switched hots are run to the traveller terminals.

You could create a master switch by adding a single pole switch that interrupts the hot lead before it goes to the 3-way. You could expand the box holding the switch to a 2-gang type and wire the new switch with the existing hot lead and a short pigtail from its second terminal to the 3-way common.

You also could do the same with a double switch in the existing single gang box. Either a single pole/3-way combination or even a 3-way/3-way combination would work.

In this case, the pigtail runs from one terminal of the master switch (the single pole switch) to the common terminal of the 3-way. if you are using a dual 3-way, just leave one of the traveler terminals unused.

In either case, the white (neutral) and ground leads are left connected, just adding a pigtail from the grounds to the...

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Every switch sits in-between two hot wires. One is always hot, from the mains, and one is hot when the switch is active, and that one goes to the controlled device(s).

It sounds like you have connected the hot wire (black) from the mains directly to the hot going to the fixtures. The always hot switch should be connected to one black wire on the dimmer and the black from the fixture to the other black on the dimmer. Check the dimmer to see if there is a marking to indicate which is which.

The easiest way to test which black wires are which is to use a non-contact tester. Turn off the breaker. Separate the black wires, put a wire nut on the exposed end of each and turn the power back on. Check each black wire to see if it registers as hot on the tester. The one that is hot is the mains. The one (or more) that are not go to the fixtures.

In general, all white (neutral) wires are connected. This assumes the white wire is not being used as a hot line. If it is, it...

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indows XP has a built in security center that monitors the activities or existence of Automatic Updates, Windows Firewall and virus protection provided by third party anti virus software. When one or more security component do not been installed, or been disabled or turned off, or not working, Windows Security Center will highlight the section in yellow or red for warning and critical attention. Security Center service will also pop up a warning message with red or yellow icon that your computer might be at risk at notification area (system tray).

Security Center in Windows XP can be disabled or turned off so that the system will not monitor or check whether or not the antivirus software existed, properly installed and running, or whether the firewall and Automatic Updates been disabled or bypassed.

Click on Start button, then select Control Panel.Select Administrator Tools (if you don’t see it, double click on Performance and Maintenance first).Double click...
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Windows Defender is the default antivirus solution of Windows 10 just like it has been on Windows 8. The program is enabled by default and will turn itself off if another antivirus solution is installed provided that it is recognized by the operating system.

One core difference between the implementation on Windows 8 and 10 is that you cannot turn off Windows Defender completely anymore using the preferences provided in the application.

A click on Settings in Windows Defender opens the control panel for the program in the new Windows Settings application. While you find options to toggle the program's real-time protection there, it is indicated right on the page that this is just a temporary state change.

You can turn this off temporarily, but if it's off for a while we'll turn it back on automatically.

It is unclear why Microsoft made the decision to change the behavior of Windows Defender in this regard. What is certain however is that it will annoy...

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If you're looking for a permanent solution to disable Windows Defender, in this guide we show you how to turn it off using Group Policy and the Registry.

Windows Defender is the free antivirus software that Microsoft includes on every installation of Windows 10 (and Windows 8.1). The security software is meant to offer the first line of defense to protect your computer against viruses, rootkits, spyware, and other types of malicious code.

The antivirus runs automatically on your computer, but it'll disable itself automatically when it detects another security software is installed on your device. The only caveat is that unlike the Windows Defender integration with Windows 8.1, you can't permanently disable the antivirus anymore.

Perhaps the reason is obvious, Microsoft doesn't want you to use Windows 10 with zero protection -- which it's a good reason. However, there are still those cases where users may prefer not to run an antivirus on particular...

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Ok i got it working in Mavericks!


- Go to terminal.

- Write sudo nano /Library/Scripts/

- Paste:


osascript -e 'set volume without output muted'

- Press 'Ctrl + X' and press 'Y' and 'Enter'

- Write sudo nano /Library/Scripts/

- Paste:


osascript -e 'set volume with output muted'

- Press 'Ctrl + X' and press 'Y' and 'Enter'

- Paste this in terminal and press enter :

sudo chmod u+x /Library/Scripts/

sudo chmod u+x /Library/Scripts/

sudo defaults write LogoutHook /Library/Scripts/

sudo defaults write LoginHook /Library/Scripts/

- If you want to remove it again write this in terminal:

sudo defaults delete LoginHook

sudo defaults delete LogoutHook

It is really not...

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1 Answer

How to set alarm time on bose wave radio

To set the Alarm 1 time - On the control panel, hold down ALARM
SET and press TUNING up or down. The time display changes slowly at
first, then more quickly. Release TUNING to stop.
On the remote, press TIME. The ALARM indicator flashes. Press
TUNING up or down. The time display changes slowly at first, then
more quickly. Release TUNING to stop. Press TIME to return the display
to the current time.
To turn on the Alarm 1 function - Press ALARM MODE or
ALARM in sequence to select the mode you want: tone, radio,
both tone and radio, or off.
For tone only, press until the indicator lights.
For radio only, press until the indicator lights.
For tone and radio, press until both indicators light. When the
alarm goes off, the tone sounds. Press SLEEP/SNOOZE to turn the
radio on. Press SLEEP/SNOOZE to pause the radio for 10 minutes.
To turn off the Alarm...

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When installed and operating properly, security lighting like motion lights can add a great measure of safety and security to your Bethesda home. But these systems are not flawless, and they come with their fair share of frustrations and difficulties. Having issues with a motion light that stays on at all hours? The certified electricians at Kolb Electric have an answer!

Looking for a reliable electrician to perform an outdoor lighting installation for your home in Maryland? Contact Kolb today!

Why Won’t My Motion Light Shut Off?

The good news is there are only really a few potential causes for this, and many of your solutions are a fairly quick fix. There is an issue or two that might require a professional’s assistance, but we’ll get to that later. For now, your problems are most likely caused by:

Sensitivity settings. Modern motion lights almost always have a sensitivity and range setting so that homeowners can customize appropriately....
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Hello so basically one day I wake up and try to turn on my pc. It turns on then about 2 seconds later it turns off at this point I assume the power cable might not be plugged in all the way and I go to check ,only to find it fully plugged in . So I start to worry I then go to press the power button again but nothing happens no matter how hard I press it . So I suspected the cmos battery at first but after restarting it the same issue happened again it turns on then off permenantly even replacing the battery didn't fix this . So I remove the CPU cooler and CPU then I reseat the CPU and apply a fresh coat of thermal paste to no avail the pc does the same thing again . I then tried replacing the ram but even that didn't work . Finally I tried replacing the power supply but even that didnt work . Im just wondering whether it might be somethin obvious or if someone has already experienced this before and could help me....

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By default, Windows will automatically check for problems of Windows Update, Network firewall, Windows Troubleshooting and other items, and then send you a message if problems are found. If you would like to know how to hide or show such messages on your PC, this article will illustrate how to turn security and maintenance messages off or on in Windows 10 for your reference.

Video guide on how to turn security and maintenance messages off or on in Windows 10:

Steps to turn security and maintenance messages off or on in Windows 10:

Step 1: Open Action Center.

Click the bottom-left Start button, type action center in the search box and tap Action Center in the result.

Tip: You can also open Action Center in Control Panel/System and Security.

Step 2: Go to change Action Center settings.

Tap Change Action Center settings on the left.

Step 3: Turn off or on security and maintenance messages.

1. Deselect...

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If you're testing your app you shouldn't really need to disable HTTPS, nor is that really a representative test if you're using HTTP but almost all your users will be using HTTPS (as is the case with Facebook)

It'd be better to get a free cert from or similar free CAs, use OpenSSL to generate an in-house CA or self-signed certs, or accept the certificate warnings from the default cert that ships in your webserver, if any, than to disable the secure browsing option on your Facebook account for this purpose;

As for the option itself in the Facebook setting, that's somewhat off topic for here, and I'm unsure what the exact status is but I believe the option to browse Facebook insecurely is being phased out

Another option for testing is to run a test server with a separate proxy to your production environment (e.g nginx) for test purposes and log all the traffic to that server for...

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To be completely honest i've had mine on for I think 2.5 maybe 3 years? It hasn't done anything to me (it does to some people.) You can choose your battles, the light is annoying but for alot of people it does nothing. For some people it makes your vehicle completely inoperable. I for one am waiting for the day when there is an important job opportunity and the car won't start


*disconnecting the battery will do nothing, it's not related to the emissions system that is reset by the battery.

My light had never turned on before, then all of a sudden after changing out the rear axle tube bearings, the light came on and the car never started. I bypassed the whole system at the body control module with a kit I bought online.

No it doesn't. I have two sets of keys, both with that security chip in the center. I have started the car with both sets of keys, problem still persists.

When I...

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Security lights can be an excellent way of protecting your home from potential intruders. However, they’re excellent as long as they're working but when they develop problems they’re obviously not so appealing. You need to be able to troubleshoot problems with security lights, especially as some of them can be fixed without calling in an electrician.

Lights Stay On

Motion sensor security lights are meant to come on only when they detect motion, but sometimes they can remain on all the time. The general reason for this is usually a spike in current, although you may have to deal with a recurring problem if that’s not the case.

The best course of action is to see first if something has changed. It could be that something is constantly moving in front of the sensor on the security lights. If not, try turning the lights off at the breaker for around 20 seconds. Confirm visually that the security lights have gone off and then turn the breaker back on. The light...

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Hello everybody, I'm from Brazil and my ipod was bought in USA by my brother, who gave me as a travel gift. When this problem started, I tought where I could fix it, then I tried to update the software to 1.2, but it didn't work out. I realized the problem always happenned when I was at the gym, running or doing abs, I mean, doing abruptly moves. I thought it was something related to the earphones, but it wasn't , then I found out this topic here.

I tried to do somtehing a few minutes ago: Go to Settings>Fitness>Spoken Feedback>Off.

Many people here related the problem as happening when running or at the gym, the same as mine, so I guess the Fitness app might influencing on it. Go there and disable the Spoken function, that might be as Female voice by default, and turn it off.

Let's try this and post some result. Hope that helps us...

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Windows Defender Antivirus helps protect your PC against malware (malicious software) like viruses, spyware, and other potentially unwanted software. Malware can infect your PC without your knowledge: it might install itself from an email message, when you connect to the Internet, or when you install certain apps using a USB flash drive, CD, DVD, or other removable media. Some malware can also be programmed to run at unexpected times, not only when it's installed.

Windows Defender is included with Windows and helps keep malware from infecting your PC in two ways:

Providing real-time protection. Windows Defender notifies you when malware tries to install itself or run on your PC. It also notifies you when apps try to change important settings.Providing anytime scanning options. Windows Defender automatically scans your PC for installed malware on a regular basis, but you can also start a scan whenever you want. Windows Defender automatically removes (or...
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Configuring larger injectors into the PowerFC is quiet simple and takes only a few moments. You need to know the following information before you can continue Current injector size Current injector latency New injector Size New injector Lag time

Injector Size and Latency (standard units)

On this screen you need to enter your new Correction% and Latency. Be sure to double check these numbers and consult your tuner if you are unsure.
If you enter the wrong values, this could be fatal to your engine so be careful.

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