Can a seat wall and fire pit be built on existing pavers patio?


This paver patio took some work to build, but it turned out great. The built-in fire pit really makes this patio special.

Sandra Downie of The Rustic Life built this paver patio to complement her gorgeous rustic-style deck, part of our Patio Style Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog.

Follow along as Sandra uses paving stones to create her new patio and fire pit.

How to Build a Paver Patio

Picking out the pavers I would say was the hardest part of this project. There were so many beautiful options at The Home Depot, from single pavers to block pavers. I decided to go with the Rockford Cotswold Mist Patio Stone pavers. These paving stones give me the look of several smaller bricks, but with the convenience of having to lay fewer pavers.

The paver patio and fire pit turned out beautifully. I’ve already enjoyed a night of fun, dinner and s’mores on the new patio, so there are no regrets in taking on this DIY project.

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Home | Matching your Fire Pit to your Patio Pavers in Kitchener, ON

Nothing makes your backyard landscape look more finished or more inviting than a fire pit. It’s an addition that can turn evenings into a star-gazing get-together for the family. From roasting s’mores to providing an intimate and warm area for pool parties or other forms of entertainment, a fire pit offers you the perfect outdoor accessory.

But how do you choose a fire pit area that fits in with the existing patio pavers of your Kitchener, ON, home? Armed with a few simple tips you won’t have a problem developing a design that blends your fire pit with your existing patio areas or outdoor aesthetic.

The Materials

The natural appearance and extreme durability of Unilock wall units make them ideal for the construction of a safe and attractive fire pit. These are designed to protect your guests and your home, while adding beauty to your landscape. Unilock has a wide range of suitable...

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For a rustic look, consider a ground-level fire pit surrounded by an irregular, free-form stone, such as flagstone; you don't have to mortar the stones, Kalamian says, but it does make a cleaner look and is more structurally sound. If you're going for a sleeker style, you're likely choosing a gas pit, which can be filled with different materials. "Sometimes we use glass rocks, which are contemporary and sophisticated," Kalamian says. "We've also used silica sand—it's really spectacular to see flames dancing in soft, fine white sand." To complement this kind of look, use a grid pattern for the patio in a more formal tile, such as porcelain, ceramic, or slate.

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A new paver design and installation video highlighting a total backyard hardscape renovation including a new brick paver patio, hardscape wall, columns, gas fire pit, paver walkways and more. This project completed in Ponte Vedra near Jacksonville FL by Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville. This project took place in 2012, marking more than 200 projects of this type, and more than 1,200 total projects completed by Moderna in Jacksonville, the Beaches and Ponte Vedra.

Visit our Facebook page for recent job photos and videos.

The style of brick pavers are used here: Tremron's 3 piece Mega Olde Towne shape, layed in a random pattern in Sierra color. Sierra is a blend of Sandstone, Tan, and Charcoal. The retaining wall and cap used to construct the seating wall, fire pit and columns is called Stonegate and is also the Sierra color.

Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville specializes in the design and...

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Below, you'll find instructions for both: Fire pits, then fireboxes.

A fire pit is very much like a campfire in your backyard. It can be as simple as you like, or you can build seating around it. It is the easiest type of fireplace to build for the do-it-yourself-er.

You will begin by deciding what diameter you want your fire pit to be. Once you have decided on the size, drive a stake into the ground in the center of where you want the pit. Attach a cord to the stake and attach a funnel with a small hole to the cord. If the cord is two feet long, this will give you a four-foot fire pit. Fill the funnel with flour and scribe a circle around the stake, keeping the cord taut. Repeat the process with a cord that is 12 inches longer: This will give you the area where you will build the walls, which are normally about 12 inches thick.

Remove the grass inside the small circle and dig a one-foot deep hole with straight sides. Pour in pea gravel to a depth of four...

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We make your patio project

Realistic 3D Views.

Having the assurance of knowing precisely what your new outdoor living area will look like is important. That is why every patio design download from includes 4 to 8 large 3D views of the overall patio. No more guessing, because all of our patios and hardscape accessories are not only drawn to scale, but with the very same material you will install your beautiful patio with.


Material List.

When we created material lists for our designs, we thought of EVERYTHING.

A material list that provides quantities for every item and gives you the flexibility to make changes to any part of your project.

Want to change paver color? style? how about pattern? No problem.

Since our 3D designs are...

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simple patio with seat wall

paver patio, fire pit kit, seat wall

simple bench with columns on paver patio with fire pit kit

probably the most colorful paver option available. it allows color match with a broad variety of out door furniture

several different elements were used to turn this muddy corner into a nice looking area

the radiused edge of the patio matched the screen porch openings

expand your patio with style

still under construction but really looking nice

columns were built to tie the walls together on this project

Weston wall and Cambridge cobble pavers were complimentary colors

ahh!! the finished look colorful browns and tans with overhanging caps on columns and knee wall

a closeup can help with visualizing the details

patio is now more than twice what they had and has a seat wall around most of it for...

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Patio fire pits are a landscape addition that is becoming more and more popular.

The idea of sitting outside and enjoying an open flame is hard to resist. They can be used for social gatherings, grilling or just to enjoy alone. In addition, they do provide beautiful evening light.

There are various kinds of fire pits that you can choose from. They should be located in an area of your property where you can enjoy them easily.

Fire pits can be either built in or portable. Outdoor gas fire pits can run on propane gas or natural gas. They can also be the traditional wood burning types.

Moveable Patio Fire Pits

This 3D design I did for a client shows a portable fire pit along with a seat wall and some casual chairs.

The portable fire pit is one where you can use wood or gas. Either propane gas or natural gas can be used.

It only becomes portable if it is either wood burning or used with a portable propane gas tank. Of...

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author LandscapingNetwork 7 year ago How to build a fire pit.

So we built a fire pit, and here's some video of that craziness. BTW, apparently you shouldn't use cinder block because it will break from the heat. Oops. Been a few years of a lot of use so far with no issues to speak of, BUT, be warned that what we did isn't ideal. We didn't know. :(

Fire Pit and Seating Wall

Sara and the crew build a fire pit surrounded by a circular seating wall.

How to Build a Round Patio with a Fire Pit - This Old House

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook builds beautiful circular patio that features a chill-chasing fire pit. (See below for a shopping list and tools.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: Full episode: How to Repair an Uneven Bluestone Patio:...

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Built-in Fire Pits: A Great Brick Paver Patio Feature in Novi, MI

We love creating amazing patios for our Novi, Michigan clients. Stone and brick paver patios are beautiful, durable and add value to your home. We get a lot of requests for built-in features as part of patio installations. These can range from water features to stone seating to retaining walls. One of the most popular requests, however, is fire pits. A fire pit is a great way to make your patio a perfect place to hang out, even when it’s a little chilly. The great part about incorporating a brick or stone fire pit in your landscape is that it can be built directly into your patio, instead of being added as an afterthought. Here’s what’s great about built-in stone or brick fire pits.

Easy to Coordinate

This is probably the best reason to think ahead and install your fire pit at the same time you install your brick paver patio. It’s a lot easier to build a fire pit into your patio when it’s...

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Cross Creek Landscaping has been operating in the Midlothian VA area for forty years. We have been installing paver patios and natural stone patios throughout Richmond for much of that time. Paver patios and paver walkways are a great way to add curb appeal and additional entertainment space to your Richmond area yard. Pavers and Natural stone are low maintenance and add instant beauty with little upkeep. Our patio and stone installers have over 50 years of combined hardscape experience and work throughout Richmond, Chesterfield and Midlothian installing pavers and natural stone walkways and patios on a daily basis.

Patio Design and Layout
Cross Creek Landscaping can take your paver patio from concept to completion. Cross Creek Landscaping offers patio design services for all of metro Richmond including Midlothian, Glen Allen, and Chesterfield VA. We can combine your plant design with your patio design to create a full outdoor room or back yard oasis. Cross Creek Landscaping’s...

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Prior to purchasing this home, an Atlanta family of four saw the potential to create their dream backyard and consulted with a design/build contractor who had a terraced design in place before escrow closed on the home. Construction began immediately after the closing.

The existing backyard included a small terraced section held in place by 6’x6’ timber walls, with the remainder of the mostly unusable yard sloping down to a large wooded pond. The renovation design focused on increasing the functionality of the available space with the help of segmental retaining wall to create four terraced levels: a pool level, a sunken outdoor kitchen pavilion, a secluded fire pit terrace, and a recreational play level for the family’s two children. The project was constructed in four phases.

Phase 1: Structural Walls

Since the design included a pool, the first step of construction was to demolish the timber retaining walls (which weren’t capable of supporting the additional weight),...

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