Can I drill a cast iron enameled shower pan for door installation?


The steps you will need to follow in order to install a shower stall can vary depending on the type of unit you have purchased. First and foremost, it is important to ensure the unit you buy will fit in your bathroom properly, and that it is small enough to be carried through your doorways and up your stairs. This is especially important for molded fiberglass units and cast iron tubs. If you install a shower stall that is broken down by component, you should have little problem transporting the units into your bathroom.

Plan ahead of time to ensure the plumbing is in the proper location. When you install a shower stall, the plumbing should already be in place and it should be tested to ensure it works properly. This will prevent having to tear down the shower after installation to address plumbing issues. Once the plumbing is taken care of, you can begin to install a shower stall by laying down the shower pan. This unit sits flush on the floor and must be glued into place....

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Fiberglass and acrylic shower pans are cost-effective alternatives to tiled shower floors. The pans come in a variety of sizes and each pan has a predrilled hole for a shower drain that attaches to the drainpipe stub-up in the floor. For cast-iron pipe, the pan is attached using a no-caulk shower-drain assembly that has a chrome or vinyl trim and grate. Attaching the pan at the drainpipe is done before the pan is permanently installed in the shower stall. A do-it-yourself homeowner with basic mechanical skills can do the attachment in a relatively short time.

Installing the Flange

Remove the no-caulk shower drain assembly from the package. Unscrew the chrome or vinyl trim insert from the flange body by hand. Set the insert aside. Unscrew and remove the large locknut from the threaded hub at the underside of the flange body.

Position the shower pan on one edge. Slide one of the provided rubber washers onto the threaded hub at the flange body and fit it...

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Cast iron cookware has excellent heat retention properties, and can be produced and formed with a relatively low level of technology. Seasoning is used to protect bare cast iron from rust and to create a non-stick surface.

Types of bare cast iron cookware include panini presses, waffle irons, crepe makers, dutch ovens, frying pans, deep fryers, tetsubin, woks, potjies, karahi, flattop grills and griddles.


19th century legged "spider" pan, manufactured approximately 1850

Bare cast iron vessels have been used for cooking for over two thousand years.[1] Cast iron pans were used as early as the Han Dynasty in China (206 BC – 220 AD) for salt evaporation.[2] Cast iron cauldrons and cooking pots were treasured as kitchen items for their durability and their ability to retain heat, thus improving the quality of cooking meals. In Europe, before the introduction of the kitchen stove in the middle of the 19th century, meals were cooked in the...

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Ремонт ванны Душевая кабина Repair bath shower cubicle

It is good if the shower comfortable and beautiful. Make it is not very difficult if there is time, materials, tools and the desire. Showers with a flat tray, or simply pouring the floor to go easy on children and the elderly, and simple care. And the bathroom is more spacious.

Shower cabin tilting floor.

Starting to plan bathroom, it should be remembered that in some cases it is best not to use shower trays, and do shower cubicle tilting floor. For example, arranged showers in sport or fitness centres. Such showers can be equipped and homes. In order to discharge (specialists call it a ladder), begin to do better in the field.

Before you lay tile surface should be hermetically sure floors, reliably protecting it from water penetration. Tiles must put a slight slope, descending to the discharge openings that prevent education and stagnant pools of water on the floor of a shower...

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Q: I have seen a lot of recipes calling for Dutch overs or cast iron skillets. The issue is, that I have a ceramic top stop. Can I use these with my stove top?

I feel like the weight and heat will crack the ceramic top. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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Editor: Here are a couple of discussions elsewhere about this same topic:

• Dutch Ovens safe for my Glass Ceramic Cooktop? at Mombu
• Using Ceramic Top (Flat Top) Electric Range with Cast Iron Skillets at What's Cooking America

There are some differing opinions in those two discussions, but one of the common themes to be a suggestion to use a diffuser, or flame-tamer underneath a pan so it doesn't scratch the surface. Also, don't slide the pan around — lift it up and move it.

Readers, any experience with using a Dutch oven or other cast iron pan on a ceramic glass range?

Related: Good Question: What's the Best Electric Stove?

(Image: Leisure via...

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Installation of bath iron
In the past, most commonly used for bathing iron, covered in the enamel. These baths, and is still very popular.
Cast iron bathtubs are durable, heat capacity, high strength coatings excellent stability without additional equipment.
The market is still sold enameled cast iron baths in.Have no time? Plumbing services prices best prices.
They are pretty good, but very heavy. European cast-iron bathtub made of a thin thickness of 4.6 iron (mm) and have a more convenient form. They are easier so that it is easier for installation. American cast iron baths are a bit worse quality European, but so bad. Bath iron casting of Turkish origin made of good iron, but the quality leaves much to be enameled desirable.

Before purchasing a bath

with the surface of the enamel should be checked carefully his honesty and flatness. The enamel should not be rough and wavy, and even more, to have cracks. The color should be shiny, not matte....

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Kohler shower pans cast iron

Kohler, Cast Iron, Shower Bases & Shower Pans - Shower Bases and Shower pans are also known by other names such as shower floors and shower trays. - Page 2 Kohler Kathryn Cast Iron shower base K-9025: 48" x 36" Retail Price: $976.70 Our Price: $634. Kohler Cast Iron Shower Receptor - 38 results like Kohler K-9025 Kathryn Cast Iron Shower Receptor, Kohler Purist Shower Receptor, Biscuit 9026-96, Kohler Salient. Home > Showers > Kohler Shower Receptors > Kohler Shower Receptors - Rectunglar Shower Bases - Square Shower Pans > Kohler Kathryn Cast Iron shower base K-9025: 48" x 36" Shower Bases. View our products: Kitchen Sinks; Bathroom Sinks; Baths/Showers; No other material offers the character and craftsmanship of KOHLER® Enameled Cast Iron. Since there are variations within these factors, Kohler cannot guarantee the.

Kohler Shower Receptor - Kohler Shower Trays - Kohler Shower Pans: Kohler Shower. Cast Iron, Shower Bases & Shower...

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The enamel coating on cast iron pots and pans can withstand the prolonged high temperatures of cooking, but it's relatively fragile in many other respects. Abrasive cleaning supplies can damage enamel, as can metal cooking tools. For these reasons, most manufacturers recommend hand washing enamelled cast iron pots with soft sponges. Silicone or wooden tools are also recommended when cooking. If you follow these basic guidelines, your cookware's enamel coating should remain intact for years of use.

Most cookware manufacturers include lengthy warranties with their enamelled cast iron products, so if chips and scratches do occur and you've been using the products properly, you will be able to get replacements free of charge. Damaged enamel that results from improper care won't be covered by a manufacturer's warranty, but cracks in enamel coating don't mean that your cookware is ruined. Underneath the enamel is solid cast iron, which will cook food as well as enamelled products....

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nameled cast iron kitchen utensils “Thermo” are produced at the Ukrainian Research and Production Enterprise “Syton” is robust and environment friendly that is the result of special thermal processing and finishing with ecological materials. The enameled cast iron kitchen utensils distinction is that they have exterior coating both gloss enameled with different colours and frosted black. Their inner surface is coated with black not stick enamel. It may be without any coating, but treated by heat to withstand high temperature during cooking.

These kitchen utensils have anti-burnt quality of cast iron and are proof to temperature overfalls and mechanical damages. They are life long.

The enameled cast iron kitchen utensils the inner coating of which is made by frosted anti-burnt enamel have the advantage of the cooked food can be stored in it for a long time.

The enameled cast iron kitchen utensils produced at the Ukrainian enterprise “Syton” have some more...

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A quick read gives the necessary information. Interestingly, cast iron is not truly pure iron. In fact, a simple steel may be closer to pure iron than than is cast iron. The difference is that steel has a carbon content of less than 2.1% by weight. More carbon makes the mix harder, more brittle, so less ductile. Cast iron contains MORE carbon than that rough upper limit of 2.1% for steel.

What happens? That carbon prevents dislocations from forming when you try to deform (bend) the cast iron. The cast iron simply won't bend. Instead, it breaks, it shatters under stress. This is why when one is removing cast iron, the best solution is often to shatter it into smaller pieces.

Ok, so what does this mean in terms of true cutting with a sharp blade, instead of abrasive cutting with a grinding wheel? If you attempt to cut steel with a tough, sharp edge that is harder than the steel, the edge actually peels a thin slice of steel away. The steel deforms as it is being cut....

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Showers are now taking center stage in the bathroom. With more options than ever, not to mention spa-style amenities, the shower has become a private retreat for daily relaxation, and a space you can make all your own.

Shower bases are an easy way to create a unique showering space with a customized look. Usually less expensive and faster to install than tile floors, these one-piece wonders are a worry-free, budget-friendly option whether you're remodeling, building a new bathroom or simply want to do a quick upgrade.

What is a shower base?

A shower base (also called a shower receptor or shower pan) is a ready-to-install unit that serves as a watertight floor for a shower. Shower bases install directly on the subfloor, eliminating the need to create a sloped mortar bed and to tile a shower floor. A shower base is molded or cast to include a sloped floor, drain hole, side walls and threshold all in one piece.

See all shower bases.

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Measure the width and depth of the cast-iron shower base with a measuring tape. Measure the shower enclosure frame to ensure that the base will fit in the enclosure. Also, measure the height of the lip along the perimeter of the shower base.

Place the cast-iron shower base inside the shower stall fame to ensure that the drain hole in the base lines up with the drain installed through the subfloor.

Cut a section of 5/8-inch-thick plywood to the width and depth of the cast-iron shower base with a table saw.

Rip four sections of 1-by-4-inch lumber stock to the height of the shower base lip with a table saw. Cut two of the sections to the width of the shower pan and the remaining two sections to the depth with a circular saw. Miter the ends of the sections at 45-degree angles with a miter saw.

Place the lumber stock sections along the perimeter of the plywood with the outer edges even with the plywood edges. Drive 1 1/2-inch wood screws through the...

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Want To Build A Leak-Free Tile Shower?

KBRS Tileable Shower Systems are North America's most trusted solutions for building durable, leak-free tile showers. Easily are ready to apply any decorative tile surface that you can imagine. Ceramic, porcelain, pebbled, and mosaic tiles are just a few of the decorative surfaces that can be installed over our shower systems.

Need a custom tile shower base with a unique shape and drain location? At KBRS, we can promptly manufacture and ship a custom shower base that will meet your specific needs. We have no minimum quantity requirements.

Or.......maybe you will be attempting to construct a more traditional sloped-mortar shower pan. We have some great products for mortar bed applications. You definitely want to use our ShowerSeal® waterproofing system and our self-sealing HardCurb®.

All of our tile shower products are easily installed by anyone with minimal construction skills. Once installed,...

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The Application refers to the usage type of the faucet. As there are many choices of Faucets for your Bathroom or Kitchen, making your selection here will help you narrow down to the faucet you are looking for. For example, Are you looking for a Bidet Faucet, Shower Only Faucet, or perhaps a Lavatory (Bathroom Sink) Faucet.

More Ways to Shop

You can choose to shop by either of the ways below. If you would only like to look at products that have 3D Images then click on the link below and all other products will be taken out of selection.


There are many materials to choose from, each with their own attributes. Some of the more common materials used in Faucets and Accessories are Brass, Stainless Steel, Metal and Zinc Alloys. These offer excellent corrosion and tarnish resistance while allowing many finish options.

Others found in many fixtures such as Sinks, Tubs, and Toilets are various materials such as Vitreous China, Enameled Steel, Cast...

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Learn how to build a custom-sized, waterproof shower pan for a curved shower enclosure by following these clear, detailed photos and step-by-step instructions.

Edit Article wiki How to Make a Shower Pan. Community Q&A. Building your own shower pan is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a prefabricated shower pan.

In this video I'll show you how to make a mortar shower pan. It's very easy. Just take your time and go slow. Think before you do. See more at http:www ...

Building a shower pan can increase the value of your home. If you're a DIY renovator, this tutorial will help you understand the scope of work involved.

Intro: Building a shower pan with Vinyl Liner....

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