Can I hang a 100lb punching bag from this joist?


I wouldn't call that a joist, I'd call that a tie. A joist is something supporting a floor, designed to take vertical loads in bending. A tie is something designed to take tension loads, in this case that tie is there to stop the roof spreading sideways at its base.

Now, just because it is a tie doesn't mean it can't also take some vertical load. In fact, it looks like there may be a vertical member running from the roof ridge down to this tie, which in all likelihood does bring some vertical load down onto the member.

So the important question is "What spare capacity is there for vertical loading on this member?". If you put bending load into a member, you reduce its capacity for axial force. So in order to answer, we'd need to know:

the member size (breadth, depth and length; easy for you to measure) the wood type the current axial load on the member (very difficult without knowing the whole roof structure) the current vertical load on the member (very difficult...
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A punching bag is a basic gear in numerous exercise centers and gyms. It helps in developing speed, coordination and abs and even all-around strength and conditioning. You can hang your punching bag in your own basement or exercise room, however doing as such needs a tad of thought and arranging. A punching bag can take a great deal of punishment, contingent upon your use and strength. It is not only utilized for preparation of boxing but as well as kickboxing or other martial arts.For it to function properly, it should be affixed effectively to give ideal wellness benefits and to stay where you join it. You can hang a punching bag in a number of ways, here, I will tell you how to hang a punching bag to get the most out of it.

How To Hang Punching Bag From A Ceiling Joist:

The first step is finding the ceiling joist. You can do that by using a stud finder or a tape. Ensure that you discover roof joists in a zone that permits movement. Utilize the thump test to...

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Hanging a Punching Bag

Hanging a punching bag, whether you're hanging it in your home, garage, apartment, outside, or in your basement, it is very important that the bag is hung securely. If you are in any doubt of your ability to hang the punching bag yourself you should seek out a professional handyman or tradesman.

The following is not a technical manual on how to drill holes for eye hooks, locate beams in your ceiling, or tie chain around tree limbs. All of that information can be found in the instructions included with the hanging system you decide to

If you do plan to put together a hanging system yourself, we have provided some great YouTube videos on this page with more specific instructions on the hardware, tools, and accessories you will need to hang a punching bag properly.

Below we have listed the most common do's, don'ts, and options, that you might want to consider when hanging your punching bag or bags....
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Alright.. I got the bag on Christmas. I was going to buy hardware I needed and move the bag the day after Christmas. Unfortunately, there was a bad snow storm in NNJ. Just my luck that some idiot loses control of his Cadillac (why was he out driving? who knows.) He came sliding at me in my lane sideways for a long distance, picking up speed, and then smashed into the front of my car going hard.

I had to put all of my workout plans on hold. Just finally coming back off past injuries and was finally ready to get into it with all the stuff I was looking forward to using the bag and gloves I bought. Was going to end up buying even more equipment too. Well, all that has been put on hold and there's been just a lot of wasted time while I've been resting my injuries. I should probably have sued the moron but I've been more concerned with getting over this ****.

Anyway, I'm finally feeling better and feel like I could handle moving the heavy bag and getting into using all this...

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The popular image of a boxer or other fight sport athlete includes someone who has set of ripped and visible abdominal muscles. Much of that comes from the weight loss practices inherent in combat sports coupled with hours upon hours of cardiovascular training and attention to diet. However, punching bag workouts do engage your abdominal muscles and can help you build a flat stomach with defined muscles.

Video of the Day

If your goal is getting the kind of workout that will help you with your abs, you should avoid working out with a speed bag. That piece of equipment is great for building technique and rhythm, but doesn't tax the body. To work your abs, you'll want a heavy bag -- the large, cylindrical punching bag. A 60 to 80 pound bag is appropriate for most people. Lighter bags swing too much, and heavier bags can put you at risk of injury.

Properly thrown punches aren't just a matter of swinging...

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In my previous article, Workout Routine that Fits your Schedule, I mentioned that Saturdays are my cheat days and the days that I do not go to the gym. Well, I have been following my workout schedule so much that now I feel lazy on Saturdays. I wanted to think of different ways to stay active even on the days I do not workout at the gym. So I came up with an idea and decided to show you how to hang a punching bag from a tree.

About a year and four months ago I purchased my very first home. It was definitely an exciting and terrifying commitment for me but overall it has been a great investment. The property I purchased came with two large trees in the backyard. One tree is a beautiful Magnolia tree and the other is a piece of shh… actually, I don’t know what it is but I hate it! Not only has it created cracks in my brick floors, but it sheds all kinds of nonsense and attracts bees.

I couldn’t let myself cut the bastard down because it does provide me with, you...

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Watch more How to Do Basic Exercises videos: videos/429912-How-to-Hang-a-Heavy-Bag

If you want to get a good workout with a heavy bag, you will have to make enough room and ensure that it doesn't fall on you in the middle of training. Get some help and secure things the right way.

Step 1: Search for the right joist
Search the garage rafters or basement ceiling for a six-by-six-inch ceiling joist to hang the heavy bag. Make sure that the location allows a clear area, five feet around, for the bag to swing free.

The beam should support at least four times the weight of the bag.

Step 2: Make sure bolt's long enough
Measure the ceiling joist and use an eye bolt that is two to three inches longer than the joist. Be sure when measuring to include the eye of the bolt.

Step 3: Drill a hole
Drill a hole all the way through the joist, from top to bottom. Use a drill bit equal to the diameter to the eye bolt.

Step 4: Tighten...

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I have an equipment query for the many folks on this board who are handier than me. I’ll be getting a 100lb. indoor/outdoor heavy bag soon that I will be hanging off my back deck. I’m planning to hang it from a 2x10 joist, and I can picture two ways to do this:

1.) Buy some kind of hook that I can screw into the joist. Hang a big spring from the hook. Hang the bag from the spring.
2.) Buy a length of chain and wrap it around the joist (there is space to do this), maybe with some sort of protective wrap around the joist first. Hang a spring from the chain. Hang the bag from the spring. (I got this idea from someone else on this board.)

Would either of these options be functionally/structurally/financially superior to the other? Any other ways to skin this cat? Thanks all.

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11 Here is an easy way to hang a punching bag or heavy bag if you are limited on space or can't use a heavy bag hanger on you ceiling. You can hang the punching bag to do your workout and then just take it down when you are done working out. All you need is a clip and a doorway chin up bar. The chin up bar that I use is at

Punching Bag Mount

I needed to relocate my punching bag in my basement. I decided to build a wooden mount that attaches to the joists. I did a bit of special effects at the end, I hope you enjoy it.

How to Hang a Heavy Bag

Watch more How to Do Basic Exercises videos: If you want to get a good workout with a heavy bag, you will have to make enough room...

2 ways to hang a punching bag

So you just got your puching bag or thinking about getting one. Here is how you can hang it at home. Simple easy and will have you...

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I'm trying to hang a 100lbs heavy bag in my basement on Ijoists. I bought eyehole bolts and washers/nuts to hang it with. I decided to go between two joists, and after hanging it, I see a pretty large deflection sideways in the laminated portions. This is especially visible on the leftside joist, where it is about one foot from a seam to a new laminate board.

How should I fix this? Should I keep it hanging between the two, or just put all the weight on a single I Joist? If its all on one, there will be significantly less side to side presure, but I'm worried about the rope rubbing up and down against the bottom framing member of the IJoist. Could that cause a problem, or are they attached very sturdy?

The only way I can describe this deflection is to say that its very visible. Each punch on the bag makes the joists squeeze together.

Also on the topic, if I hang all the weight on one joist, being that it is about 3-4 feet from a load bearing...

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I finally have a better understanding of how I should hang up my heavy bag.

First I ordered this Fighting Sports Ceiling Mount

I thought it would be good but now I would rather use the 2x4 across 3 joists and hang the heavy bag from the center. I'm going to need to return this ceiling mount now.

I'm thinking a mount would be sturdier but maybe an eye bolt would be all I need. (this one looks like it would spread the weight even more.

I already have the Title Heavy Duty Spring to use and I will buy carabiners soon, I'll probably check the hardware store for them.

Should I go with one of these mounts or just go with an eye bolt through the center of the 2x4 and hang the bag from that?

Thanks a...

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I'm going to make some guesses...

I'm going to assume that the roof trusses are 16 inches on center.

Buy some 3/4 inch plywood, like 4' square. Screw it into the trusses. This is mostly going to just protect the ceiling.

Go to, or or any other boxing/martial arts supply company that sells heavy bags, and look for a hanger. ( is one of the ones that Ringside sells.)

Follow the directions -- but be sure to use good, heavy lag bolts or similar screws to attach it to the joist through the plywood.

The idea is two-fold: you want the plywood to take any immediate pulling stress that would otherwise go to the drywall, and to distribute the force across several of the joists, not just one, and then you also want to be sure that the mount is solidly attached to the joist. You may find you need to use some sort of anchor.

Another alternative would be to run a 2x4 across several rafters, so that the...

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