Can I install an air gap faucet instead of a basic air gap with my dishwasher?


We are installing a new dishwasher and trying to figure out the air gap situation. I know we need one, but I'd love to find a more functional alternative to a basic air gap.

I don't think we would really use a soap dispenser air gap and I've seen mixed reviews on them. I came across air gap faucets yesterday and am wondering if that would be compatible with a dishwasher instead of a reverse osmosis water system.

something like:

I think this should work in theory, but my only concern is the diameter of the hoses. Apparently they are usually only 1/4" or 3/8" in diameter. Is that too narrow for dishwasher waste...

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Hi Jill

An air gap is to prevent water in the sink from backing up into your dishwasher.

Some dishwasher models do include a check valve built in , so if you go with one of those models , be sure to follow manufacures instructions.

Personaly after spending 6 years installing the things I can tell you that a high reverse trap, which means securing the hose up as high as it will go ,meaning to the underside of the counter is just fine,in my book.

Water seeks its own level and that would do the trick.

My bigger concern would be that you make sure he attaches or secures the two front tabs on the unit into the counter with screws.

Sometimes the space is to shallow for a big unit however and strapping a 2x4 across the top of the unit is ok as long as it is secured in place with screws.

Also make sure he does not tie it into the disposial switch.

Last but not least have him use a copper water line rather than a cheap...

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What is the difference between a dishwasher high loop and an air gap (anti siphon)? Which one is a better method to prevent water entering the bottom of dishwasher?

Dishwasher – air gap – high drain loop

The purpose of a dishwasher high drain loop is to prevent back flow of water. The water can flow back into the dishwasher which will leave water in the bottom of the dishwasher. The high drain loop is also there to prevent improper drainage of water while the dishwasher is running. The high loop does not prevent siphoning.

High drain loop – Dishwasher

VIDEO – Dishwasher High Drain Loop

The purpose of a dishwasher air gap or anti-siphon is to prevent the siphoning and back flow of water. The water can flow back into the dishwasher which will leave water in the bottom of the dishwasher. The air gap or anti siphon prevents siphoning if sinks are drained simultaneously.

Air gap (anti siphon) – Dishwasher

VIDEO – Dishwasher...

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Decide on a location for your dishwasher. This appliance needs three connections to work properly: electric, water and sewage. The easiest location to place a dishwasher is immediately adjacent to your kitchen sink. Use the measuring tape to make sure there is enough room underneath the counter to hold the dishwasher, and that the depth of the counter also allows space for the appliance.

Ensure that you have a free circuit available at your main panel for the dishwasher, as these appliances use a lot of electricity. Run a wire from the main panel over to where you will be installing the dishwasher. Unless you are a certified electrician, you will have to have a professional perform this step.

Check the sewage outlet. There are two options for where you can connect the drain on the dishwasher: into the sink trap or into a garbage disposal. If you have a disposal, it should already have an additional inlet for a dishwasher drain hose. If you are connecting to the...

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The dishwasher air gap is an important part of your machine which helps its normal operation. The air gap allows air in so that the dishwasher can drain properly without it creating a vacuum and restricting water from being able to flow out. If this doesn’t work probably, it could mean that water will leave the dishwasher at times other than when it’s supposed to. The dishwasher air gap fits onto the top of your sink and should not normally do anything other than allow air into the dishwasher.

1. Water Flowing Out of Dishwasher Air Gap

When the dishwasher is running it's possible for water to flow out of the air gap and onto the countertop. There are a few different reasons for this including a damaged seal, or possibly because of a blockage in the pipe which connects the air gap to the dishwasher. If there is a blockage then this will need to be removed by using a plumber's snake. Check the pipes between the air gap and the dishwasher, and the air gap and the waste...

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Dishwashers tout several benefits over handwashing: unless you're a dishwashing ninja, they save time and water; they help to keep sinks and counters clear; and they even sanitize your dishes! It's the last one that really seems to resonate with people: nothing's more important than health and safety, and what good is a dishwasher if the dishes aren't truly clean? But when it comes to health and safety, there's an even more important dishwasher feature that unfortunately isn't a part of every installation: the air gap.

When a dishwasher is installed, its drainage hose is connected to either a garbage disposal, or directly to the sink drain by way of a dishwasher branch tailpiece wye. The path to the drain must be set up in such a way as to prevent drain water or sewage backup from flowing back into the dishwasher and getting all over what you thought were clean dishes. While this isn't a common occurrence, it's entirely possible under the right circumstances without the...

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An air gap is the unobstructed space between a wall outlet and an open vessel or flood level of a fixture. An example of an air gap is the space between a faucet and the sink rim. This gap prevents the reverse flow of contaminated water from the sink back into the faucet without some modification of the system. An air gap is the most economical method of preventing backflow of contaminated water back into the fresh water system.

Without the application of backflow prevention such as an air gap, dirty water can enter and disperse into a drinking water system. If no air gap is present, back-siphonage would occur if the water supply in a house loses pressure and the sink is higher than point at which the water enters. This can be illustrated by attaching a hose to a faucet and submersing the hose into a sink filled with contaminated water. Under the right conditions, backflow is possible.

When an appliance such as a dishwasher is installed, the discharge hose is looped...

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large image for install dishwasher no air gap plumbing without sink

dishwasher air gap doityourselfcom community forums

air gap diagram for a dishwasher

by removing the bottom nut and using a fixed clamp in its place one can tighten the middle nut thereby drawing the unit upwards tight on the fixed clamp

dmh dmh2170p kitchen sink soap dispenser air gap set

dishwasher air gap


see the fact that people all over the world are fine without an air gap makes me think we dont need one butarrgh

the wall was opened up and the santee in the wall was lowered if this had been a trap arm going horizontally it would have been more work

replacing a kitchen sink drain pipe also dishwasher drain air gap

run drain line to the air gap enlarge image

what is a dishwasher air gap appliance repair specialists

sink assembly enlarge image

airgap installed

show me your faucet set up entrancing kitchen sink...

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I had a yard sale to buy my Ikea farm sink. True story. I sold everything that wasn’t nailed to the floor so I could make one massive trip to Ikea with a friend’s horse trailer to buy the butcher block countertops and sink.

I love this sink.

Which is good because I’ve spent a lot of time here since we installed the sink nearly three years ago. That’s about how long I’ve been without a dishwasher. You see, apparently European countries don’t require an air gap in their sinks because the popular farm sink comes with only one pre-drilled hole, where you’d install your faucet. The problem is that most American states require the installation of an air gap or this thing…

Photo from

As I understand it (remember, I’m not a plumber,) the air gap provides backflow prevention in order to prevent contaminants from the dishwasher from entering the water supply. In order to comply with Kentucky code, we had to have an air gap but our sink didn’t have...

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Question: The inspector who checked the home we're selling reported that the dishwasher needs an air-gap device on the drain line. The problem is that we have no place to install an air gap because the hole on the back rim of the sink is being used for the water purifier.

Instead of an air gap, our handyman has installed a check valve in the dishwasher drain hose below the sink, but the home inspector says this does not comply with code. The handyman says air gaps and check valves are equally effective and that even a high-loop drain line can be used to prevent back-siphonage. Again, the inspector heartily disagrees. To us, this is a bunch of confusing terminology. Meanwhile, the people who are buying our home insist that this problem be corrected in an approved manner. How do we sort through all of this conflicting technical advice?

Answers: Your question covers a number of issues and misconceptions regarding dishwasher drain lines. Let's take them one at a...

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you have a few options.

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Looking for any updated advice/guidance. Haven't seen any recent discussion of this topic (other posts are old, 2008-2014).

My husband and I (in Chino Hills, CA) are upgrading our countertops to marble and are trying to decide how many holes to punch into the slab for sink accessories. Our current sink setup has an air gap, and we intend to keep the dishwasher (Whirlpool 2011).

One plumber told us that an air gap isn't needed (that a high loop will get the job done). I like the idea of fewer holes in the countertop but just want to make sure I'm not setting ourselves up for future plumbing problems (don't want black water in our dishwasher!).

There seems to be certain dishwasher brands that have a built-in air gap (Miele) so you don't need one on the sink. One post had a user claiming that all dishwashers - regardless of beans - don't need an air gap.

I'm a bit lost and unsure of whether we should install an air gap or not. Any advice would be...

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By Larry Walton
Photos by Larry and Tim Walton

Step by Step instructions for reconfiguring your kitchen cabinets to install a dishwasher.

Lacey Melton, my son Tim’s...

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