Can I replace 1 volt lights with 2 volt lights?


The 1 volt LED lights in my range hood are going out and very dim, almost like a night light. Cheap hood. I cannot find replacement bulbs for these because the bulb cannot be removed. The whole kit would need to be replaced.

IKEA has spotlights for under the counter that would probably fit in the same space. I would like to buy the IKEA lights, cut off the connectors and replace with the connectors from the hood lights so that I can just plug them into the hood in place of the old lights without having to add a transformer.

The problem is that the IKEA lights are 2 volt, not 1 volt like the hood lights. Will this even work? Will the lights just be dimmer or would the transformer overwork...

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Hi Guys..This Easy to follow demonstration video in performed with a 9 Volt battery, you can do it!! I welcome any questions or comments on this situation..Hey and don't forget to subscribe!

This Easy to follow demonstration video in performed with a 9 volt battery, you can do it!! I welcome any questions or comments on this situation..Hey and don't forget to subscribe!

Attach the battery snap to the 9V battery by plugging the connectors onto the battery's posts. There are two posts coming from the battery, one big, and one small. The battery snap has two connectors that snap onto these posts. Align the connectors over the battery posts, with the big connector over the small battery post, and vice versa, then firmly snap the two pieces together.

Connect the red, or positive(+), LED wire coming from the battery snap to the red LED lead wire by twisting the ends together. Once the wires have been twisted together, secure the connection by wrapping a piece of...

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Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.

If we assume that the resistance of the light is R then the amps drawn by the 100 Volt light is 100 divided by R; and the amps for the 240 volt light is 240 divided by R. Therefore, at 240 volts the light will draw 2.4 time the current it would draw at 100 volts and will likely burn out the bulb immediately.

Correction: The answer above assumes the R of both lamps is the same. Most likely they are not.

A 100W lamp designed for and supplied with 100V draws 1A with an R of 100ohms.

A 100W lamp designed for and supplied with 240V draws 0.42A with an R of 571.43ohms.

The Rs do not change. I assume the circuit has not changed so it is a 100V circuit.

If you place the 100V across the 571.43ohms you get a current of 0.175A.

The lamp designed for 240V, when placed on a 100V circuit, would not glow and would not burn out.

Going the other way and placing 240V across the lamp...

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That's a tricky question, it depends on the power supply and the LED outputs. What voltage does this thing run off?

There are several solutions.

You could replace each LED with an optoisolator and use it to drive a transistor or relay to control the 12V lights.

You could build a driver circuit with transistor to buffer the output from it so it can drive 12V lights.

You mighe be able to run this from 12V, remove the LEDs and current limiting resistors and replace them with low current 12V lights, but this is a very risky idea which could ruin the Quizzard.

The chances are you'll need to reverse engineer the Quizzard to some degree so you know the nature of the LED outputs, i.e. whether the LEDs are powred from a current source or sink.

Why have you decided to do this? Didn't the other circuits work? It's probably easier to get them working rather than reverse engineering and modifying an existing...

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If you are using this information to decide if 12 volts is the way to go for an antique car, the answer is nearly always, YES. A car has many more accessory circuits. Getting modern 12 volt accessories to work on a 6 volt system is often more trouble than it is worth. In most cases, the only good reason NOT to go with a 12 volt system on a CAR, is if you are doing a complete original RESTORATION, or you are worried about losing originality points in a car show.

However, if you are working on an old TRACTOR, there are many more good reasons to leave it as a 6 volt system. So, before you start stripping the nearly indestructablevintage generator and 6 volt wiring off your antique tractor, let's make sure you are doing this for the right reasons.

What I will try to do is provide an unbiased view of both sides of the 6 Volt vs 12 Volt conversion issue as it applies to Antique Tractors. My current preference is to...

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Converting from 6 Volt to 12 Volt

You get up on your old tractor and hit the starter button and out comes rrunh... rrrunh.... rrrruhn..... It's a common problem for old machines especially when the weather starts to dip below 40 and the tractor isn't fired up as often. You are probably used to the 12 volt Diehard, charged with 200 amp alternator of your 3/4 ton that always is ready and always starts. It's this type of experience that brings about the many queries we get for 12-volt conversion kits. Since only a few kits are available (we sell kits for the Ford 9N/2N/8N and the Ford NAA and other tractors), this article will explain the basics of the conversion and what you can do if no kit exists for your tractor. Before we do that, lets see what the alternatives are to avoid converting and for those machines that really should not be converted.

To Convert or not to Convert?

If your tractor is a working tractor, there is little reason not to...

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