Can I safely hang a 17KG TV on a drywall in the UK?


While drywall may appear to be a strong solid surface, the material alone isn't capable of withstanding the pressure brought about from the weight of many larger wall-mounted televisions. Mounted directly to drywall, the TV can break the material posing a danger to both the wall, as well as anyone nearby. To avoid this, locate and use the wall studs behind your drywall as extra support. By mounting through the drywall into the studs beneath you'll have the structural strength you need to bear the weight of your TV. This strength will then enable you to hang your TV on the drywall safely and securely.

Obtain a VESA compatible wall mounting kit that's rated for the weight of your TV.

Locate the wall studs behind the drywall in the area where you intend to hang the TV using a stud finder. Run the stud finder over the drywall, watching the indicators for the presence of studs. Mark the centre of the studs with a piece of chalk where the indicator is...

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Yes you can.


It's probably best to not use nails as these will, under pressure, craze your drywall and IF they fall out can mean a lot of clearing up and some repairs and decorating...

Hammering the nails in, too, can cause a lot of problems, cracking the paintwork and crazing the drywall itself - it may even crumble...

(you can blunt the nails slightly by hammering the sharp side gently to reduce this risk...)

It is best, as you say, to use two fixings.
I suggest that you use two pinned picture hooks.

Though, if you want to, you can use two screws after having drilled the wall and inserted rawl plugs (or matches) to tighten them into place, ensuring that they do not budge an inch when you screw them in!
You may even be able to use the screws without, but I do not recommend it for a drywall...

Even if...

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Is it safe to hang a 39lb projector screen from a drywall ceiling without using the studs? I'm having a debate with someone over how we should hang a projector from the ceiling. I want to place screws into the studs, however the studs are off center from the wall and would either require chains or that the projector screen just be off center. The person I'm debating with wants to use a steel toggle bolt anchor or some other method of hanging a heavy item in drywall without a stud.

40 pounds dangling from a toggle bolt going through 1/2 inch of drywall? I don't want to sit under it. Don't forget it's not just the toggle bolts, it's also the screws holding the drywall up, and they are not meant to hold anything heavier than drywall.

However, you don't need chains, and it doesn't need to be off-center.

Get yourself some steel angle with slots in them - look in the shelving section, not the raw materials section. Search for "slotted angle shelving" to get an idea...

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Q: I want to hang my flat-screen TV on the wall without any wires showing. How can I do that?
—Mark Christensen, Phoenix

Tom Silva replies: The first step is to buy a wall mount rated to hold your TV, so you'll need to know your set's weight and screen size. Then choose a mount type. Fixed, non-adjustable mounts hold a set tight against the wall but limit how high the TV can go. (The screen should be at eye level when you're seated.) With a tilt-swivel mount like the OmniMount installed here, the TV sits farther off the wall but rotates side to side up to 90 degrees and tilts up to 15 degrees. That allows you to put the screen higher on the wall than a fixed mount and still enjoy comfortable viewing.

Building codes don't permit TV power cords to be buried in the wall, so you'll want to use a system like the PowerBridge shown here. This two-piece receptacle kit comes wired to safely hide the cord and A/V cables behind the drywall and pick them up at the base of...

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Ideally, you want to anchor wall objects into the studs. However, there are many kinds of hollow wall fasteners, that are designed for specific weight ranges. If it’s a light object (e.g. picture frame) the easiest method is hollow plastic expansion anchors that come in a variety of sizes to fit different sized screws. Heavier items (e.g. mirrors, cabinets, shelves) require metal expansion anchors, which also come in a variety of sizes and load-bearing strengths. Search ‘drywall anchor’ on The Home Depot site where it lists the gamut. If all your fasteners are hollow wall, you might want to balance the weight evenly and use a 1–2 extra fasteners.

Anchoring into a stud is really the only safe and secure method. I had an extremely large, heavy mirror to hang and there were no studs available in the locations I needed. I secured a couple of boards horizontally between the existing studs and hung the mirror from the, now unseen,...

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Step 1: Determine Your Surface

Most houses will have drywall, but many built before 1950 used lath and plaster, which is harder than drywall, brittle, and much thicker. You can feel the difference, but if you're still not sure, a pushpin will go into drywall. It won't go into plaster.

Step 2: Find the Studs

Whether you're hanging a kitchen cabinet or a coat hook, your best option is to attach things to a stud. If you're working with plaster, this can be tough, since the fasteners used to attach the lath will throw off a stud finder. One way to cheat is to look for a light switch. Most are mounted inside the first stud by the door frame. (The box holding its wiring needs to be attached to something sturdy.) Take off the switch plate and you can see which side of the stud the box is mounted on by spotting the screws. Most wall framings set studs every 16 inches, so you should be okay to measure from there, but double-check with a pilot hole. You need to drill...

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Knocks X

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I am hanging a TV in a narrow wall space that has no studs behind it. I have verified there are no studs behind the drywall by using two different stud finders (a cheaper and a more expensive model). Both devices did go off once, but only in a small area in the middle of the wall, not along the whole height, so it's definitely not a stud.

This TV mount requires 4 screws. The original plan was to use 4 toggle bolts (a.k.a. drywall screws). However, after pre-drilling the holes, I found that there is another hard surface that begins about 1.5 inches after the drywall. There is no room for the "butterfly" part of the toggle bolt to open up. I don't know what the hard surface is. When I give it a knock with a screwdriver, it sounds like either metal or brick. This is an apartment building over 100 years old. There is another person's apartment behind the wall. A few questions:

1) Should I do additional...

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Sales of CDs and DVDs are dropping as many people now choose to download music, games, TV shows and films. 'Download' just means to transfer a file from the internet to your computer.

If the idea of downloading sounds a bit daunting, don't worry. It's not as complicated as you imagine. In fact, it's really quite straightforward. But you do need to be aware of some potential issues or risks you may face.

Here are some helpful pointers about downloading files and some tips on how to steer clear of unsafe or corrupt files.

The first thing you need to do is to go to a reputable website.

You can find a list of all legal music download sites on the Pro Music website, where you will find the likes of Play, Amazon, Napster and iTunes listed (along with many others).

An equivalent for legal film downloads is the FindAnyFilm website. You can find links to both of these sites at the end of this guide.

By using a legal site you can be as confident as...

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OK, let's get first things first. A. If you live in an apartment, you have to have your landlord's permission before putting that big boy up on the wall. Secondly, it's simple enough to mount on the wall as described, but more than likely you do have metal studs as mentioned. A studfinder that does both is easy enough to come by at the hardware store. Metal studs aren't the end of the world though. Most are shaped as [--] with the wall being outside the brackets. There are a few different kinds, but you can get what I call a butterfly anchor and mount the TV using those. They also work on drywall, but metal studs are also fine.

The butterfly anchors are almost like a reverse clamp. You locate the metal studs, and drill as close to center as possible a hole for your anchor and bolt to slip through, then the anchor will spring out and grip against the stud. A few of these will easily hold the TV. They are rated for well over 200 pounds generally and if nothing else, I've...

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So you’ve turned your skate deck into a veritable work of art and you wanna hang it on your wall… how do you do this? Here’s my handy guide, starting with the cheapest and quickest method to the more professional approaches.

El cheapo – fishing line

The easiest and cheapest way to hang your deck is to simply thread a piece of fishing line through the holes, tie it with a granny knot and sling that baby up on the wall.


Like I say, hella cheap and quick to do Pretty much invisible


Looks as cheap as it is The line can start to rub against your artwork and chafe the paint The deck can rock in a breeze as the nose and tail sit against the wall.

Picture hanger

This is a step up from the first option – buy yourself some drywall anchors/star plugs, screw eyes, and picture hanging wire from the hardware store and have your pliers ready. Drywall anchors are little plastic plugs that are used for drilling screws...

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Some of you appear to have very narrow views as to what constitutes “normal home” decor, and niceness.

“Play nice. Be appreciative of another’s efforts. Don’t say anything that you won’t say in front of your mom or daughter.”

You either get the aesthetic or not. Personally, I find the Stolmen system to be both ingenious and attractive and use it extensively throughout my home…2 cat climbing/lounging trees w cutouts for catnip and wheatgrass, bike mount, hydroponic vegetable garden, wardrobe, TV mount.

Why is it better than a console or on the wall? It might not be for you, but there are 3 good reasons why it might be for others.

1. It’s not limited in placement to a console or wall. It can go anywhere there’s a ceiling and floor. I used something very similar to this hack to find the one spot in the room my nieces stay when they visit where the TV could be comfortably viewed from the sofa, work table, play space and both bunk beds. They think it’s the...

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