Can I use a jigsaw to cut fence rails?


I'm looking for a saw to complete my fencing project. I was using a circular saw to cut the fence rails but it went for a walk, if you know what I mean.

I'm now wondering if a jigsaw would be a worth getting instead of another circular saw because I have more uses around the house for a jigsaw than a circular saw. However right now I need the saw to cut fence rails in half so I can finish my fence. These are 50x100mm SG8 KD treated pine and possibly laminated fence posts (112x112mm), although its fine if it can't do the posts.

I have found a number of jigsaws that claim to cut up to 80mm and one, a bosch, even up to 140mm. I need the cuts to be flush and straight so my primary concern at is that the jigsaw blade will flex giving an uneven cut across my wood.

In saying that I have read the jigsaws can give really straight accurate cuts even in this wood or I'm a little confused.

Buy choosing a good quality saw and the right blade can I use a jigsaw for...

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So far the depth adjustment mechanism is built. I have been using the saw with a very simple T-square used for both rip cuts and cross cuts. Time to make a proper rip fence.

The fence design for my previous table saw worked well, but with two annoyances.

When I tighten the bar-knob to lock it, sometimes it protrudes above the table, requiring me to slightly tighten or loosen it to get it horizontal and out of the way. The other annoyance is that when sliding the fence side-to-side, the fence often binds a bit instead of sliding smoothly.

I altered the design to put the knob a bit further down, and I'm hoping that having better constraint for the clamp will cut down on it binding. I printed out some 1:1 plans for the new design.

I'm using some plywood that came from a shipping palette. Ideally, the fence components would be made from very good quality plywood, but I want to test how cheaply this saw can be built.

Cutting out the...

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I wanted to rip boards and cut straight pieces out of plywood, but all I have is a jigsaw. Circular saws comes with rip guides, but they are very uncommon on jigsaws. Therefore I had to make my own. Thanks for watching. All music used in this video comes from NCS and is royalty free.

Bosch PLS 300 DIY Saw Station Ideal addition to your Bosch jigsaw from the DIY range For precise rip, angle and mitre cuts Simply position, set and saw.

Building a Jigsaw Table in Under 60 Seconds!

See how I built a simple Jigsaw table in under 60 seconds. Very simple, and helps a lot with cutting small parts precisely with a jigsaw. Detailed information about this project: http://www.ideas...

How to Cut a Straight Line with a Jigsaw

Using a straight edge as a guide you can cut a straight line with a jigsaw... With the aid of a straight edge and clamps, yes, your jigsaw can cut a straight line.


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Today I’m going to make a table saw fence and a router table fence for my multipurpose workbench. If you’re new to my website be sure to check out my article on how I built the workbench.

Also if you want to build this fence yourself I’m giving you a free plan. You can find the free plan in the text below.

This is very simple design and the most important thing is that it is strong, functional and provides perfect cuts. I like how it came out and now I can make different cuts on my table saw and router table faster, easier and safer.

Here are the materials I used:

Types of tools I used:

*Please note: These are affiliate links. I may make a commission if you purchase any materials through these links. I would appreciate your support in this way!

Here you can download the FREE PLAN:

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Step 1: Cutting all the plywood pieces to size and sanding them down.

This table saw...

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by Al Kupchella

I have received so many compliments on this fence that I decided to share the experience. I'm sure you have seen those plastic fences that are getting so popular. Call me old-fashioned, but to me they just look, well…plastic! I wanted an economical, perfect, white wooden picket fence. I have a privacy fence around the side and back of my yard, and I wanted the picket fence to be of the same style in a scaled-down version.

Making your own fence from "scratch" allows you to perfectly customize it to your yard. Here's how to do it!

Laying out the fenceposts...

I employed several tricks to get the posts in the correct positions. Of course, I wanted them to be linedup straight, at the proper height and have holes for the cross rails perfectly placed.

First, put up a temporary post about two feet beyond each end of the intended fence line and string a mason's line between them. These temporary posts can be 6 ft 2x4s that are poked...

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I found a Unisaw advertised as basically new on Craigslist, and it was unusual for a couple of reasons. First, the owner had bought it in 2002 and it had been sitting, unused, in his (climate controlled) basement since it was originally delivered. He’d never even plugged it in. The motor was still sitting on the shipping styrofoam and the base was still bolted to the pallet. It was indeed new. I made sure to plug the motor in and start it before I loaded it up, and it ran smooth as silk.

It included a 52” Biesemeyer fence, extension table, and mobile base but did not have the fence rails. We looked all over his house and couldn’t find them. He thinks they weren’t delivered and that since he never set the saw up, he never noticed. I talked him down a bit on the price because of the missing rails. I knew that if worst came to worst, I could make my own rails according to Allan Little’s instructions on the VerySuperCool Tools website.

I did have to replace the belts,...

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Source for this glass rack?

Within about the last 6 months I saw an ad for this style of glass rack. It was probably in a bead magazine, or a stained glass magazine (like GPQ). I think someone on Wet Canvas was going to look into having them made to sell. Obviously I have no clue, if I can afford one but I'd really like to know more about them.

I've looked and looked but can't find it. I've tried to google search but don't seem to know the right words.

Anyway, I hope this picture links:


oooh nancy i like that one too...drools


Designs by Mary P./ McDuck Creations

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I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say that the plywood "splits". Do you mean the plys come apart? What type of plywood are you using (what grade and thickness)?

Plywood is made by gluing multiple plys, or thin sheets of wood, together. If you look at the edge of a piece of plywood, you can usually see the individual layers. Quote often, a special higher quality layer of wood is glued onto the top and bottom of the plywood to improve its appearance. This layer is called a veneer, and this is usually the layer that chips when you cut plywood.

You can reduce chipout by giving the wood more support. As others have mentioned, one way of doing so would be to apply painters tape, but that's not the best way. A better method would be to sandwich the piece you're cutting between two scrap pieces. By doing this, the plywood has full support on both sides throughout the entire cut, so chipout will be greatly reduced and the cut should be nearly perfect.

Keep in...

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Buying a bandsaw or scroll saw can be quite an expensive investment, but if you already own the inexpensive classic jigsaw you can convert is to a vertical saw very. If your shop needs glue line quality rip cuts, then grizzly has the saw for you! designed for the professional shop, the grizzly g0524 straight line rip saw features. Introduction: how to cut a straight line using a skill saw or jig saw. A table saw or sawbench is a woodworking tool, consisting of a circular saw blade, mounted on an arbor, that is driven by an electric motor (either directly, by belt. A classic, time tested and proven design is now part of the shop fox® family of high quality woodworking products. this 42" long fence has easily replaceable side.

Best Plywood Tips Diy Projects

Buy rip fleas household flea spray (600ml) from our pet grooming range at tesco direct. we stock a great range of products at everyday prices. clubcard points on....

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FIRST, I am not misleading you, so please give this answer good consideration.

If you want to cut vinyl, and you wish to use a circular saw,
Take the blade off of the saw.

Turn the blade OVER so it is going to end up spinning backward.
THIS WILL ELIMINATE the chipping you are enduring and the waste of material.

This works, I use it frequently, and the science you have put to work is in the fact that your blade is now melting it's way through the vinyl, instead of cutting it's way through it.

I am not misleading you.
A Carbide tip blade will work better than a non-carbide simply because it disperses heat better and doesn't let the blade warp.

YOU DO have to be more careful. Take your time, and watch it work through it like butter.
Be safe but give it a try on a ruined piece from your earlier...

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When you're installing a vinyl fence on a slope, you can use one of two methods to assemble it, stepping or racking. When stepping, you keep all the rails level, but when racking, the rails follow the slope of the ground. Most vinyl fences will assemble on a slope of 10 degrees or less as easily as on level ground, but when the slope is greater than that, you usually have to enlarge the holes in the posts so the rails will fit. If it's a picket fence, you may also have to enlarge the holes for the pickets.

Dig holes for the fence posts at the appropriate intervals for the lengths of the rails with a post-hole digger. Dig the post holes deep enough to sink one-third of each post underground, unless the manufacturer of your fence has different specifications.

Drop one of the lower corner posts into its hole and have a helper hold it level while you place a rail against it and angle the rail so it follows the upward slope of the ground. Draw a line completely across the...

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