Can I use a portable air conditioner with a casement window?


Portable air conditioners are great cooling solutions for single rooms and can assist a struggling central HVAC system. They're commonly used in bedrooms, dens, computer rooms, garages, and many other places.

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What is a portable air conditioner?

A portable air conditioner (PAC) is a self-contained portable system ideal for cooling single rooms. They typically sit on the floor and come with an installation kit for quick set up. Most models also have wheels so you can move them to different rooms, making them a nice alternative to window units.

Want a quick overview of portable ACs? Check out our video:

What is required to set up a portable AC?

Requirements vary based on the model, but set up is typically quick and painless. Since all portable ACs remove warm air and moisture as they cool, the air has to be exhausted to another location--generally outside through an...

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I am looking for an AC unit for my apartment, but my sideways opening window seems to be too thin and tall for the units I've seen online. Have I any recourse?

I started renting a studio in the Bay Area a couple months ago (around 150 sqft), and am looking for an AC unit. However, when open, the window I could put it in is 15 inches wide and 4 feet tall. I cannot imagine turning an air conditioner on its side would end well, so would it be possible to find a unit that I could run a tube off of, or something? Thanks. Also, utilities are included in my rent, so that is completely immaterial, and noise does not bother me (noisy city); I just want to be cool.

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Portable air conditioning

offers you the convenience of mobility. All you have to do is roll the portable air conditioner to the room in which it's needed. Install an exhaust hose out a window or other opening (everything you need is provided) and turn it on. The installation process for these units is very simple.


portable air conditioning units

are built small enough to be very mobile and are supplied with wheels for easy movement.


portable air conditioner

will also work very well in apartment situations where you will often find a window unit is unacceptable.

Portable air conditioners are very unique in that they are portable and can be easily moved to different locations in your home or business. They can be a highly effective way to either help out an existing HVAC system in one room or cool a single room entirely. They are also one of the best ways to cool a room or area without having to install a window mounted unit.


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Two Methods:Venting a Portable Air Conditioner through a WindowVenting a Portable Air Conditioner When a Window is Not AvailableCommunity Q&A

Portable air conditioners are a convenient alternative to window-mounted air conditioners because they are quick and easy to install, and can be moved from room to room. Portable air conditioners work by chilling warm room air using refrigerants, and exhausting the hot air that is a by-product of this process out of the room through a hose. [1] In order for your air conditioner to work, you must ensure that this hot air is successfully vented out of the room, preferably through a window to the outside. [2] This guide will teach you how to properly install and vent a portable, single-hose air conditioner through a window, and offer alternative suggestions if a window is not...

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The four most important things to keep in mind are window type, window size, BTUs and plug type. Window Type There are three different window types – standard windows (single and double hung) that slide up and down, slider windows that slide left and right, and casement windows that swing out. One style of air conditioner will go through a standard window, and taller, thinner models air will go through a slider or casement window. All air conditioners will come with a window installation kit with accordions to block the excess space on one or both sides of the unit. For slider and casement windows, if you have a particularly tall window you may need to purchase additional Plexiglas, wood or another filler to seal the space above the air conditioner.

Window Size You need to measure width, height, and depth. Please measure twice and order once. You have to support a window air conditioner either from the bottom with a bracket to the exterior wall, the...

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In the sweltering heat of summer, there's nothing more frustrating than trying to install a portable air conditioner in a casement or crank window.

The window kit that comes with most portable air conditioners is designed to be installed with a traditional sliding window, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the clean look of a crank window and the cool comfort your new portable air conditioner provides.

The easiest way to vent your portable air conditioner with a casing or crank windows is to fabricate an insert to fit into the window. This way you can keep the cool air in and keep the hot summer air out.

What You'll Need to Do the Job:

Plexiglas, Styrofoam, or another type of material for providing a good barrier to keep cold air in and hot air out A latch, bungee cord or similar material to hold your casing window open, while keeping it secured Twist clamps or retainer clips to keep the Plexiglas attached to the window frame Caulking or self-adhesive...
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Did You Know?
Compared to window air conditioners that have an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 10, portable units manage about half, with an EER of 5 or 6.

Portable air conditioners are units that can be transferred from one room to another. This gives them an edge over the traditional cooling platforms. However, what they do require is a venting outlet, which can either be a window or a wall. Once the unit has been installed in the room, a suitable outlet can be selected and the vent positioned over it. Here are some FAQs regarding portable air conditioner venting.

1. Do portable air conditioners require outside venting? Is it possible to use a portable air conditioner without a vent?
All air conditioners need to vent hot air from a room. However, the hot air need not be vented outside a window. It can be vented into a room, like a storage one, where high temperatures aren't an issue. Portable air conditioners require a vent to function properly. Moreover,...

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A standard window air conditioner is one of the most common air cooling solutions. This system lowers the temperature of your home to make it a comfortable place for you and your family.

For best performance, this system must be installed properly, preferably by a professional. Considering that you could be planning to enhance the environment of your home by installing this air cooling system, we have researched to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to install a standard window air conditioner into a casement slider window.

Different window types!

Before buying a standard window air conditioner for your home, you should be prepared to modify your window because the cooling solution is not designed for horizontal-sliding windows. As such, you will need pieces of wood, foam board or plywood, or any other material that you can use to modify your window. Below is a step-by-step procedure of installing the system:

Select the place where you will...
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May 20th, 2014. DIY, Installing Casement Window Air Conditioner.

When the heat is unbearable and the sweltering room gets on your nerves, air conditioner sounds like a bliss from the high heavens, but it could get frustrating especially if you are planning to install a casement air conditioner to your windows. Not only it might get too pricey but there’s a lot of things to be done before you can enjoy the cooling sensation of having your air conditioner installed.

Instead, if you have a casement or crank up windows, a portable conditioner might prove to be a more practical solution than having a casement air conditioner installed. Especially since the window kit that comes along with most portable air conditioners is designed to go along with a traditional sliding window, so it’s a cool choice for a cool solution. And also, portables are great since you can practically move it to a lot of place. The easiest way to vent the portable AC to a casement or crank up...

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Portable Air Conditioner Casement Window

air conditioner

a system that keeps air cool and dry (AIR CONDITIONERS (WATER-COOLED)) Intended primarily for extreme operating conditions of high-ambient temperatures or severe contaminants, these units utilize water as the medium for heat dissipation. An air conditioner (often referred to as AC) is a home appliance, system or mechanism designed to dehumidify and extract heat from an area. The cooling is done using a simple refrigeration cycle.

casement window

a window with one or more casements (casement windows) a window that opens from the outside vertical edge A casement window (or casement) is a window that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges. Casement windows are hinged at the side. (Windows hinged at the top are referred to as awning windows. Ones hinged at the bottom are called...
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All air conditioning systems require a connection to the outside to remove heat from an area. With central air conditioning and window units, the system transports the heat to the evaporator coils outside using refrigerant. With the portable unit, the evaporator coils are inside the home. A fan pushes air through the coils and vent to the outside.

Air is less efficient at transporting heat than refrigerant. This makes portable air conditioners less efficient at cooling than either window units or central cooling systems.

Portable air conditioners are small units on wheels that allow the owner to move them to the desired location for use. Once in location, the hose connects to a port on the back of the air conditioner. The easiest way to exhaust the system is to connect the hose to a sliding window using the small expanding panel the venting kit supplies. For casement windows, owners often choose a plexiglass panel to replace the window glass for venting. However, the...

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Are you a proud owner of a portable air conditioner, or are you looking to purchase a portable air conditioner and want to get the most from your purchase? Here are 5 tips and tricks to maximize your portable air conditioner’s effectiveness and ensure you have a long and happy relationship together.

Close Off the Space

Portable air conditioners are meant to cool a specified, enclosed space. The more you can close off the space, the better and more effective the unit will be. Try to close any doors or openings leading into the room you are trying to cool. In addition, try to eliminate as many heat sources within the room as possible, like lights and electronic equipment.

Turn It On Early

The best tip anyone can give you is to turn your portable air conditioner on early. If your portable air conditioner is the only source of cooling in a room, it is best to turn it on while the temperature in the room is relatively cool. For example, if you know...

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A casement window air conditioner has a slider frame and a vertical aspect that provide a clean look and a secure mounting. The slider frame present with the air conditioner is installed with a plastic sheet. The filler space is also reduced to minimum. Also, the window is well-insulated, with the maximum part of the window being closed. Installing a casement window air conditioner is similar to other window unit installation. You have to keep in mind that it has to be installed vertically.

Step 1 – Check the Window Size

Ensure the size of the window is in alignment with the requirements mentioned in the installation kit. Order the kit which is in accordance with the size of the window.

Step 2 – Choose a Location

Look out for a good location of the window. See to it that the air flows freely in the room. Ensure that the power supply is within the range of the power cord length.

Step 3 – Attach the Support

Attach the brace which...

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Portable air conditioners are designed so you can easily move them to any room of your home. They’re not installed in a window like room air conditioners, but use a flexible exhaust hose that carries the warm air from the room. This hose can be run through a window, into another room, or into the space above a drop ceiling. Most portable air conditioner units come with a kit that allows you to run the hose through a window, but you can also find these kits at heating and air conditioning parts stores.

Open the window and set the air conditioner a minimum of 5 feet away. Make sure the air conditioner is close enough to the nearest outlet so you can plug it in without using an extension cord.

Connect the two lengths of flexible hose provided with the window kit to the outlets at the back of the air conditioner.

Insert the hose collar provided over each exhaust opening, and turn it clockwise until it locks into position.

Apply foam weatherstripping to the...

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