Can I use mortar to fill channels in a concrete floor?


How to Fill In Cracks In a Concrete Floor

Although concrete floors are durable, they can develop cracks over time. Cracks in basement floors form when homes settle and water seeps underneath foundations. While cracks are normal and often harmless, they can eventually widen and cause structur[More]

How to Fill in Settlement Under a Concrete Floor

Settlement under a concrete floor causes the floor to crack and cave in because the ground under the floor no longer provides the concrete with a solid base to sit on. Unfortunately, this type of damage is the first sign of settlement under concrete.[More]

How to Fix a Crack in a Garage Floor

Garage floors are commonly made of concrete, which is supposed to be durable and long-lasting. However, due to weight, use, weather and other factors, a concrete garage floor can develop cracks. The cracks in a garage floor should be repaired as soon[More]

How to Fill Mortar Cracks

Brick buildings...

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Concrete screed - the most commonway to build the houses, apartments and industrial facilities, durable and high-quality foundation for the subsequent laying him finish flooring. In each case, the concrete base can be performed in a variety of options - from simple single-layer screeds created beacons, to multi-layer reinforced structure. Screed concrete eliminates all kinds of defects and irregularities of the floor, and get almost perfectly flat surface.

Regardless of whether a flooris supposed to lay, concrete screed is designed to create a solid foundation with a given level surface. The device quality concrete floor screed is carried out in several stages:

1. Marking the floor level;
2. Installation of beacons;
3. Preparation of the substrate;
4. Preparation of grout;
5. Fill;
6. Care.

The most important stage of work at the device of concretefloor screed is the definition of zero. If you have a laser level, no difficulties are...

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|By Tim Carter, Tribune Media Services | Ask The Builder

DEAR TIM: My concrete driveway has eight large slabs. The driveway slopes down from my garage to the street. The straight-line gaps between the slabs has enlarged, and some cracks are as wide as 2 inches now. I patch them and they open up again. Is there a guaranteed way to repair these cracks so I don't have to do it every other year? --Ed S., Steator, Ill.

DEAR ED: Concrete cracks of any type are the bane of many a homeowner. They can be in flat slabs, retaining walls, foundation walls and steps. Concrete has fantastic compressive strength, but usually only 10 percent of that in tension when you try to pull or stretch it apart. This lack of tensile strength explains, for the most part, why concrete cracks.

It's impossible to cover this topic completely in this tiny column. Entire books have been written about concrete crack repair. I'll just focus on your situation and give you an interesting...

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The unprotected concrete floor damage in the blast freezer consisted of cracks and exposed aggregate which was the direct result of thermal shock caused by radical temperature fluctuations during normal operations.

This concrete floor repair consisted of repairing the exposed aggregate floor area with a urethane resurfacer.

The freezer is run 24 hours a day at -30°F and is raised to +35°F daily for defrosting. Standing water on the floor from thawing ice build-up during the defrosting process in combination with weekly exposure to temperature ranges between 65-70°F for weekly wash-downs, contributed to the erosion process.

“The blast freezer flooring is the hardest problem to conquer; no one has an answer for it in the bakery business – stainless steel warps. But the freezer is holding up well with the new urethane...

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