Can somebody identify this Moentrol valve?



I was given several large tool boxes full of assorted parts and been working my way through them to see exactly what I have on hand now. this one has me stumped though.

no visible marks to identify brand or part number. shaped like to-92 transistor (same size and half rounded with a flat side) but clear so at first i figured it was just a funky LED with 3 legs. while looking online for something similar so i can figure out the pinout i noticed that there was a little rectangle with a dot on it in the middle. there have been several different types of light sensors and IR that I've identified already so i don't want to start plugging in to try and make it light up. Please see attached photo since my description isn't very...

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Moen 145058 Shower Trim Adapter Plate Kit Review

In the 1980's Moen changed their Standard Valve to a Pressure Balancing Valve called Moentrol. While the Moentrol takes the same cartridge (1225) as the Standard Valve, the screw positions on the Moentrol trim is different.

The good news if you have a Standard Valve is you can use a Moentrol Trim without having to change the valve. The bad news is you have to buy this Shower Adapter Kit to convert your screw positions to the newer trim's set up.

The Moen 145058 Shower Adapter Kit easily attaches to your existing valve with 2 screws, allowing you to install a Moentrol Trim Kit without paying hundreds of dollars for a plumber to change out your entire shower valve!

Here's how to know if this kit is right for you:

The Standard & Moentrol valves are turned on and off by pulling the handle out and pushing it back in. If your Moen Shower Valve doesn't operate this way, then you don't have a Standard or...
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