Can you replace upper kitchen cabinets without removing tile/glass backsplash?


Remove, replace or add a kitchen backsplash

In today's modern kitchens a backsplash has become an integral design feature and there are various options and materials to choose from.

Adding a new kitchen backsplash

In a new home or kitchen renovation, materials for a backsplash can range from ceramic tile, natural stone, glass, concrete, stainless steel and mosaic tile. While a tile backsplash is probably one of the most traditional, there are plenty of other exciting options to consider. Let's take a look at the various materials:

Ceramic tile backsplash

As one of the most popular materials, a tiled splashback is easy to install and tiles are available in a huge variety of sizes, colors and textures. Probably the most affordable option for a kitchen backsplash, you can choose coloured or neutral tiles - or have a custom painted design - that perfectly matches your kitchen.


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It appears as though the tile was set around the cabinetry, which is typical. When the cabinets are removed the grout joint between the cabinets and tile will be damaged. Therefore, at a minimum, that joint will need to be reworked.

That said, it would be a daunting challenge to have cabinets made to such close specifications that they fit well against the existing tile. Variation in wall plumb and plane, among other factors, would make that an impractical goal, depending on the complexity of the existing cabinetry.

One approach would be to remove the mosaic tile down to an appropriate uniform level throughout, remove the cabinets, repair and paint the drywall above the remaining tile, install the new cabinetry, and then apply a finishing row of bullnose accent tile above the...

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Project overview: Planning, materials and tools

Nothing packs more style per square inch than mosaic tile for kitchen backsplash tile ideas. So if your kitchen’s got the blahs, give it a quick infusion of pizzazz with kitchen backsplash tile. Because the small tiles are mounted on 12 x 12-in. sheets, installation of a tiled backsplash is fast. You can install the tile on Saturday and then grout it on Sunday.

Professionals charge about $20 per sq. ft. for installing the tile (plus materials), so you’ll save $20 for every sheet you install yourself. The sheets cost $8 to more than $20 each at home centers and tile stores.

The total cost for our tiled backsplash was about $200. Our sheets cost $10 apiece plus adhesive and grout. For an 8-ft. tiled backsplash, you could save about $45 by using a less expensive tile. We chose slate tiles, which sometimes crumble when you cut them. Other types of mosaic tiling, especially ceramic tiles, are easier to cut.


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