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Click for full size image Butt Joint: The butt joint is the simplest but also the weakest type of joint. It is created by simply butting two boards together (hence the name) and attaching them using glue or with a nail or screw for extra strength. Th
I'm not sure if ipe is a great choice for this, but I think it deserves an honorable mention because I've never seen insects eating it. The trouble with it would be needing to predrill holes (because it's so hard), and it's a bit more expensive than
Assume the horizontal member can be treated as a beam and assuming the diagonal member may be treated as a rod, what is its axial force as a function of the applied loading $P$ and length parameters $L_i$. Assume that the connection between the beam
How long will it take to get my benchers? We estimate that the entire process after you order will take about two weeks. Expedited Shipping (see below) is available by request but not guaranteed. Where do you ship to?We ship worldwide
This is a long overdue answer to my own question. I never did find an example elsewhere of handling this so I just went with my gut and ended up with this: I pretty much added casing to the outside of the window that met up with the wainscoting and d
One of the most versatile products to be developed in the last century is Polyvinyl Chloride, which is more commonly known as PVC. From our toilet drains to our couches, PVC is used in a surprising variety of products. Now home improvement stores are
The big disadvantage is having to keep two keys with you instead of just one. If you lose your keys (or someone steals them) both keys are compromised so there's not an advantage to having two different keys in that case. The only advantage I can see
Expert: Dear Tabbi - 10/1/2009 QuestionIs there anything I can spray through the house to deter the cats from scratching up the walls, door jambs, furniture, cupboards and furnishings? AnswerWilliam, There isn't a magic spray that will stop scratchin