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Latex CaulkUse latex caulk to protect your vinyl floor from leaks in the bathtub. The last thing you want to find one evening is a floor full of water that has leaked from your tub or toilet and ruined the vinyl floor. Although there are several diff
Responding to your Question & Comments. You're absolutely right. Get the old caulk out however & with whatever works
Professional Bathroom Caulking for A Great Price When you need a caulking service you can always depend on us to take care of it for you. If you want to hire caulking contractors who take pride in their work and care about doing a professional job th
I recently had new windows installed and replaced an exterior door myself. I have aluminum siding and so there's strips of metal j-channel flashing along the door and window trim, butting up to the siding. After the trim and jchannel was installed, I
OK first thing I did was remove the motor and try it in a different unit. It worked OK. So the motor's not the culprit
safe to use the shower is a relative question. when will it be safe to use it so that its use doesn't compromise the caulking seal? never - it was already compromised the moment you did it that way. caulking shrinks as it dries, and the speed at whic
The result is an ugly build-up of old caulking from repeated attempts to solve the problem. The two most common causes are: #1 Using the wrong fasteners to install the tub/shower unit:Always use screws on the flange of the tub unit. DO NOT USE NAILS
Don't let that little leak under the sink go -- even with a bucket catching the drips, minor leaks encourage mold growth,. .
The breaker box is located in the laundry room of the house, which itself is an air conditioned space. I bought the house in the summer and this winter the room has been extremely cold even when the rest of the rooms in the house are warm. Upon inves
The history of caulking can be dated to a time when cracks were sealed with pitch. Sir Walter Raleigh discovered Pitch Lake in 1498, and used the pitch from the lake to seal his ships. It was in the 1500s that a new type of sealing wax was invented t