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Part ONE:Two kinds of Stretch CeilingThere are two types of Stretch Ceilings used to replace popcorn ceiling removal: Stretch FABRIC Ceiling and Stretch PVC Ceiling. In this article, I will describe how they are the same and what makes them different
In a 2000 era home in Georgia, I replaced an overhead lighting fixture with a combo ceiling fan and light. (Yes, I reinforced the junction box appropriately. ) The wiring was simple enough, the power supply is via the switch box (now two switches)
hope this is an incandesant light fixture, you should have a wire of black and white in the ceiling that you are connecting too from the fixture, the fixture has little wires compared to the 14 or 12 gage wire, sometimes the fixture wire will go into
There's really only one right way to do this. It takes a bit of time, but it's not difficult or complicated. You'll want to replace the tape to ensure that the seam doesn't propagate through the paint
If the fan is a replacement for a light fixture, be sure it is "Fan Rated", if it isn't, the odds are the fan will fall down and it won't matter which wire went where. You cannot support a ceiling fan from a standard box. The box (or metal device rin
Not something that is easily answered. First -- A question of whether "proper" asbestos abatement is unsafe -- not to me. There are a significant number of precautions required by law for abatement of large areas (in the U
I don't know if you have done a lot of work in attics. .
Is there anyway to safely mount a ceiling fan to this type of older ceiling junction box (see the photos)? I rent an old 1920's built house where an old hanging light fixture junction box was covered with a blank panel. I want to hang a ceiling fan i
The dot operator is used for accessing attributes of any object. For example, a complex number >>> c = 3+4j has (among others) the two attributes real and imag: >>> c. real 3
Could the melting ice water have caused a permanent leak to have developed? (my emphasis) Leaks generally don't repair themselves. Since there is evidence of a leak, it is very likely this will recur. This means that the leak needs to be actively inv