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[Summary]electrical ThreePhaseEel's comment is key. Most light switches I've seen are set up the same as in this instructional PDF. The relevant portion from that PDF is in this illustration: Likely, this is exactly how the switch with one light is w
For small nail holes, use spackle. This is the simplest, cheapest way to fill small holes that aren't subject to significant movement. For cracks/seams, such as at corners or around window trim, use caulk (probably a paintable latex or latex+silicone
I recently installed a new ceiling fan in my bedroom . A Case Endeavor fan. It wobbles a little bit, really a 'little' (maybe it is me) so I've been attempting to balance it
The fact that sections are peeling off indicates that there is a structural problem with the overall "sandwich. " In any repair, unless you can overcome the structural deficiencies with an overriding mechanism, you have to strip back the unsound sect
A friend of mine was asked to repair a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. He was told that the pull chain for the fan switch had pulled out and was missing. When he opened it up, it was true that the chain for the fan switch had pulled out
I want to install this simple Ikea lamp, but I'm dumbfounded by what is expected from me. Yeah, I can see why you might be. Honestly, I understand the original reason for picture-only instructions (they save money and paper when you're selling the sa
Tired of Squeaky Floors?You just can’t hide any longer, we know you have squeaky floors and now would be the perfect time to repair them! Life’s just too short to live with squeaky floors. .
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Before reading your question, I would have said that joint compound is completely inert/ non-toxic/ ready-to-serve. (That last one was a joke, btw. ) Looking at a couple of MSDS sheets for common joint compounds, they seem pretty inert