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(The linked box is the first one that turned up on Google -- there are several makes and models of old work ceiling fan boxes available, all of the basic design depicted. ) Right now, not only are you violating NEC section 300. 15, Boxes, Conduit Bod
I never tape anything and people are amazed at the crisp lines I paint in my home. I use a high quality angled brush for this. Depending on my wrist fatigue and room, I work from either left to right, or vice versa with this technique
If the radius of the wall to ceiling transition is on the order of 1 to 2 inches then that corner is likely formed by use of a vinyl inside corner beading. It comes in lengths and inserted up into the corners and nailed / screwed along the edges thro
Being that you are in a rental situation there is very little that you can do to attempt to modify the building structure and reduce the noise. If you cannot move to a different situation you may have to resort to wearing some ear muffs or a headset
Turn the electrical power off to your ceiling fan electrical box if you have not already. The breaker should be turned off in your service panel for the ceiling fan circuit. Place a note on the panel door letting your family know you are working on t
It looks like water damage to me. Likely either a roof leak or a condensation problem with one of the ducts (or something else entirely that you don't know is there?). It's also possible for the leak to be elsewhere above the ducts and this is just w
I'm in the process of converting a 10'x11' bedroom into a master bathroom. I plan on removing the ceiling soon and it will be replaced when the drywallers come in a month or two. My question is, should I use some sort of a tarp or something to cover
Note that the ceiling fan electrical box will not be the same as a standard box for a receptacle. You will have to find a suitable faceplate that will adapt to a round/octagonal box, or you will have to change the box itself. Option 1 Break the tab o
I want to hang a baby bed in our bedroom (less than 20kg /44lbs). I drilled a hole into the concrete ceiling.