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TODD BUILDS HIS 2500 GALLON CEME Anythingfish Home Page Todd's Fresh Water Sting Ray Collection TODD BUILDS HIS 2500 GALLON CONCRETE AQUARIUM FOR STING RAYS IN THE BASEMENT Revised 4-25-06 In the beginning the big question was, should the monster tro
In this discussion, Some thories have to be presented before treating the topic (1) It should be understood that the reaction between water and cement is chemical and not physical and it is not reversible. (2) The initial and final setting time of ce
overkill if you ask me. fundamentally this is just to hold up a net, correct? the only load on the net is going to be wind and the odd basketball. what you need to worry about are the following: 1) overturning moment of the net/post assembly
Starting your own business is a big step in your life and it’s important to take into account all the different factors that will make your business a success. Once you have done your research and you’ve answered the tough question: “Should I start m
Mortar mix is a combination of cement and sand that is used to hold together construction type blocks. When water is added, it becomes a workable paste that sets hard. It is used with materials like bricks and stones to make walkways and walls
Sorry about the slight delay between posts, I can’t promise it won’t happen again, but I’m back for the moment so let’s dive directly into a pool of concrete. Mortar has been around since the dawn of civilization, and the art of masonry is one of the
Many homeowners think that the way to keep their basement dry is to plug up holes and seal things, which has resulted in products like hydraulic cement, waterproofing paint and various sealants, some even in aerosol cans, being used with little succe
The efflorescence is just a bit of salts that precipitated at the surface of the grout. Stop wire brushing it and wash it with a scrub brush, with a dilute solution of muriatic acid and warm water, that should take care of the problem. Next time use