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How to Wire Air Conditioning ThermostatsHow to wire a thermostatTo wire air conditioning thermostats, you need to know what types of thermostat your air conditioner needs. Heat Pump and regular air conditioner unit has two differences Ac thermostat.
According to Trane installation instructions, the technician is correct. They do require 3' of clear space in front of the control box. As for why the technician chose this orientation, I can only speculate
The XR16 home air conditioning system has a SEER rating of up to 17. 00, making it an excellent choice for home comfort and for earning energy-efficiency tax credits. Increased efficiency may substantially lower your home cooling costs
Built to order computers Martin K John made some good points I can also help with some other suggestions Very true, computer to degrade over time, all components have a lifespan. the amount of Ram and the Speed of the ram is also a factor. as well as
I took photos of how my old thermostat was wired and was told the Nest would be compatible with my system. http://img547. imageshack
This is the most common problem with the Nest. You need to hook up a "C" wire. Here's the thing
I have a 3 ton R410A A/C unit that is 8 years old and is using copper lines that are too small. Does this cause leaks, diaphragm failure, and compressor failure? The air was not blowing cold, so I had the refrigerant refilled. It works better but onl
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You can't make your single-zone system behave like a 2-zone system just by changing the thermostat, unfortunately. What you're suggesting would be roughly equivalent to relocating the thermostat upstairs. To do this, you could either move your existi