Changed an old Led light to pendant and it keeps shorting


Lighting pendants (or pendant lights if you prefer) are a good lighting choice because of their versatility. They're great for both task and ambient lighting but offer a terrific opportunity for adding some decorative flair, something recessed lights don't necessarily possess.

Pendant lights might look simple but there are several things you should know before falling in love with that blown glass fixture you saw at the lighting showroom.

For example, pendant lights don't always have to be hung as separate individual lights since there are several mounting configurations to choose from.

There are differences too in the voltage rating among pendant choices. Understanding how this can impact your options is important before you do any shopping.

Then there are other considerations to ponder and things you should know about so that when it comes time to choose, you'll make the right choice and you won't have to make a return trip to the lighting...

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In the light of recent events relating to global warming and high energy consumption, it has become very important to conserve and save energy sources in all possible ways. However, with the passage of time, there are inventions of various techniques and products which have helped us to reduce vigorous energy consumption in the past decade. One of the most important and life-changing inventions which have majorly contributed to this project is the invention of led lighting products. In the past few years, led lights have been able to change the world by working on its energy saving techniques and have been used more popularly and effectively. Today, if you compare all the illumination lights on the basis of energy-saving and high illumination, you will see that led lighting products are highly preferred as they fulfill both the criteria and even after all this, are available to the general public at affordable prices.

Recently, people have been working on a project...

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Scott Caron, master electrician for Ask This Old House, helps a homeowner convert recessed lights into stylish new pendant lights

In this video, Scott Caron, master electrician for Ask This Old House, helps a homeowner convert recessed lights into stylish new pendant lights.

1. Turn off the electricity to the light-fixture circuit at the main electrical panel.
2. Unscrew the lightbulbs from the recessed fixture.
3. Disconnect and remove the trim from the recessed fixture.
4. Screw the prewired socket adapter into the recessed fixture.
5. Preassemble the mounting bracket, which will support the new pendant light.
6. Feed the wires through the threaded nipple on the mounting bracket, then screw the bracket to the recessed fixture.
7. Pass the wires through the hole in the mounting plate, then thread the plate onto the nipple protruding down from the mounting bracket.
8. Screw two threaded studs into the tapped holes in the...

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// Using a push button switch for stay-on/stay-off push button .
// beating a dead horse, again. Most of the real work is from other people.

int switch1 = 12; // connect a push button switch between this pin and ground
int ledpin = 13; // internal led, external LED, relay, trigger for other function, some other device, whatever.
boolean flag = true;

void setup()
pinMode(ledpin,OUTPUT); // this pin controlled by flipflop() function
pinMode (switch1,INPUT_PULLUP); // keeps pin HIGH via internal pullup resistor unless brought LOW with switch
Serial.begin(9600); // just for debugging, not needed.

void loop()
if (digitalRead(switch1)==LOW){ // check the state of switch1 every time we run through the main loop
delay(5); // I don't REALLY know why this delay helps, but it does.
flipflop(); // hops out of main loop and runs the flipflop function
}// end of check for button...

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Zurich, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/30/2017 -- POVLAMP, the world's first 3D projection LED pendant lamp (patent pending) has already won a legion of fans eager to get involved. The allure of a futuristic lampshade that offers extreme customization has gripped the imagination of the masses.

The virtual RGB 3D Lampshade of the POVLAMP offers its owners the ability to completely transform the visual ambiance of a room in seconds, while the eye-catching design of the 3D lampshade hides one more surprise the ability to change lightguides and create an entire new lampshade shape.

Supporters tired of the old-fashioned warm-yellow light lampshades found in rooms around the world have expressed amazement at the ingenuity of the design and the explosion of lighting options and designs now on offer with the transformation taking place with a few simple smartphone commands from the accompanying POVLAMP app.

But POVLAMP is more than just about showing off its full...

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If you have gotten to that point and you are considering new lighting for your dining area, your kitchen or any other room in the house, then without a doubt pendant lighting should be somewhere in your list of lighting to consider. It should be an easy pick right? Well, not quite as there is chandelier lighting which is also lovely and equally breathtaking. So now this brings you at crossroads not knowing which way to turn, and understandably so. Replacing your lighting is an important decision and whichever you choose to go with, your home’s aesthetic will be affected not to mention its value. The change may be dramatic depending on the type that you choose and the position in the house that you choose to fix it. But just you freak out and give up; there are some major differences that may help in making the right choice.

· Suspension systems
This is the major difference between the pendant lighting and chandelier lighting. While the pendant light fixtures are...

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A flood light can be a wonderful ceiling fixture, until the flood light bulb burns out. Changing it can be very challenging, especially if you don’t feel entirely comfortable on a ladder. Additionally, the fixtures that hold the bulb in place can be awkward to remove. In truth, however, it’s not a complex operation and there are ways to make changing a flood light bulb much easier.

1. Ladder

It doesn’t matter whether the flood light is inside or outside; changing the flood light bulb will mean that you have to use a ladder or stepladder. Before you climb you need to make sure the ladder is secure. With an extension ladder, check that all the rungs are safe and that the ladder is secure on the ground and against the wall. This will stop it from swaying as you climb to change the flood light bulb. The ladder should be extended enough for you to work comfortably without being on the top rung.

If you’re using a step ladder, check to be certain that the arms are...

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Churches and Houses of Worship can present a number of interesting problems as you try to make them energy efficient. One problem we faced in greening my historic church, Grace Episcopal in Medford, MA, was finding a good quality energy efficient and dimmable replacement for the 300W incandescent bulbs used in the hanging pendants in our sanctuary. The pendants were originally designed for 500W bulbs with mogul bases, but sometime before anyone can remember the adapters to a medium base were used and the bulbs switched down to 300W. As it was, they were not providing enough light, so we began looking for solutions. We tried a bunch of things, but nothing on the market met all of our needs short of completely replacing all of the lighting fixtures. Then we came up with this upgrade kit and have had it used every Sunday and many days of the week for over 2 years.

The basic solution is to use UL-listed lamp parts to create a special screw in replacement that uses 6 dimmable LED...

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Ahhhh - the light bulb comes on - but I didn't see the rabbit - it must have made it down the hole. Was I right about you upgrading the bulbs from a lower wattage, and that is when they started going out ?

I seriously doubt it is the track, from what you say and especially since the one head works fine at various places along the track. My guess - because these are apparently 110V track but 12V transformer INSIDE the head that mounts to the track, I would say it is the transformer overheating - a VERY common thing with modern electronics and cheap transformers from China. Commonly they have a thermal protector that cuts out when overheated, but overheating 2 or 3 times is normally fatal for them. I bet the transformers have fried, and that even the ones still working are smoked and probably have deformed plastic around them.

The unit is rated to 75W max, and the bulbs you have are 75W and of a design that provides little airflow around them (zero if you are using the...

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Almost every house has one or even a few light fixtures that burn through light bulbs faster than all of the others combined. The problem is often blamed on "faulty wiring" in your house, a diagnosis so vague as to be meaningless. The truth is--the most common causes of a faulty light fixture have nothing to do with your home's wiring and they're usually easy to fix.

Too Much Juice

If you have several light fixtures in your home that are going through light bulbs at a rate of one every few weeks, or even every few months, the problem may be too much electricity coming in. We've been taught that electricity flows into our homes at a steady 120 volts, but that's not always the case. Often a house is actually overpowered, so to speak. For just about everything else in your house that runs on electricity, this isn't a problem. But for light bulbs, it can seriously diminish their life span. Use an electric meter to test an outlet in the room or rooms where you have faulty...

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Warning: To complete electrical works you must comply with Electrical Regulations - Click here for more information.

Please also see our project on the New Wiring and Cable Colours.

Relax!!! This problem does not mean you have a major wiring fault. This is a never ending problem which has been looked into for donkeys years. A wiring fault in your circuit will be picked up by fuses and MCB's long before it gets to the bulb.

What can Cause a Bulb to Blow?

There are a few reasons bulbs can blow, the major one being cheaper bulbs. The elements in cheap bulbs are much thinner and any surge of power, however slight, simply breaks them. Always go for more expensive, better quality light bulbs, its cheaper in the long run.

A loose connection in the lamp holder can also cause bulbs to blow. This is because the circuit is not completed as tightly as it could be and the electricity may have cause to "arc" or jump across the contact, rather than simply...

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Bulbs that are exposed to the air cool rapidly upon shutdown and destroy the metal to glass seal at the bottom. When that seal is broken, air enters, and the bulb then burns out.

Bulbs that are in enclosed fixtures last for years of usage, even switching them on and off several times a day, that is because these bulbs do not experience that rapid thermal change which destroys that glass to metal seal at the bottom end of the bulb.

You most probably have an open type fixture, so in your case the exposed bulb is the reason.

Point also to be made, is that Your fixtures socket for the bulb probably has a low "mass" right where the bulb screws into the fixture. This low mass or weight here allows that area to cool rapidly on shutoff and with that mass the lower end of the bulb also cools rapidly and destroys that glass metal seal. The old fixtures, had a very heavy mounting area compared to your new fixture. They got hotter down there and stayed hotter after shut off....

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If I had known that last weekend was going to be robbed from me by the lighting industry, I probably would've just slept through it.

It all started, innocently enough, on Saturday. In the past couple weeks, my home — built in the latter half of the last decade but still lit entirely by old-school incandescent bulbs — had a couple lights burn out, so I trekked to Home Depot in search of replacements. It occurred to me once I got there that I should probably be buying something other than incandescent, given the proliferation of CFL and LED alternatives; they use dramatically less energy, and theoretically, they can last a lot longer. And traditional incandescents are going the way of Google Reader: Wattage restrictions imposed by the federal government means they're probably going to disappear over time, so you'd better start finding alternatives and making sure the electrical equipment in your home can handle them.

Incandescents are going the way of Google...

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