Check Valve or Flapper For My Drain Line [duplicate]


Is your toilet running? The most common cause of a leaky toilet is a toilet flapper valve that isn't quite seating properly at the bottom of the tank. Replacing a toilet flapper valve is a relatively simple fix that could save you a pretty penny on your water bill.

First, it's worth noting that not all flapper designs are the same. Before buying a replacement flapper, be sure to take the old one to the store with you so you can be sure the new one is a fit.

Once you have a compatible flapper ready to install, be sure to first shut off the water supply valve to the toilet tank. Remove the lid from the tank, and flush the toilet to remove as much water as possible.

You'll note that the chain attached to the flush lever is the mechanism that lifts the toilet flapper, releasing water into the bowl. Disconnect this chain from the toilet lever. Then, pull the flapper off of the mounting pegs on either side of the overflow tube.

It's important to be sure to...

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Flapper check valve


1. face to face :DIN3202 F6

2. flanges:EN1092-2 PN16

3.Hydraulic test to ISO 5208

4,seat test pressure:17.6bar,shell test pressure:24bar

5. Rubber encapsulated disc

6.Drain plug hole makes insert of lifting equipment for flap possible

7.Suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation

8.FBE coated inside and outside

Medium Application

mineral pulp, coal cinders, ash cinders, waste water, mud, mineral aggregate seriflux, ash cinder seriflux, etc.


Standard export packing or according to the customers' requirements.


To be installed with vertial (only upwards flow)or horizontal flow.
Simple inner construction,no packing.O-ring or bearings to wear out.
Heavy duty ductile iron construction.

Notice: We can tailor the valve products based on the customers’...

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Every year, as much as eighty thousand gallons of precious water can go to waste because of leaks from toilet tanks. This is why it is important to check your toilets once in a while. One of the parts that often break down is your toilet’s flapper or flush valve. This is the device inside the tank that is in charge of flushing. This mechanism is typically made of rubber, so it has the tendency to become brittle and hard over time. If this happens, the valve will not seal properly and will cause a leak. What is the first sign that you have a defective toilet tank? If you hear that the water doesn’t stop running. To check if the toilet’s flapper valve is the part that is causing the trouble, simply turn off the toilet’s water supply and indicate the level of the water on the side of the tank using a pencil. Wait for twenty minutes then check the level again. If the level has gone down, you may have to replace your flapper or flush valve. Luckily, you can easily change this part even...

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The Double Flapper Check Valve is the standard check valve used in the standard check valve used in the majority of CT operations. It is mounted close to the top of the CT string, below the connector to provide a well control barrier inside the coiled tubing against the wellbore.


A standard safety device used on CT operations in all oil, gas and water wells. Sweet and sour service (H S).


Allows unobstructed flow of fluids and nitrogen. Prevents back flow of well fluids into the coiled tubing. Internal full bore fluid passage for bores, darts and plugs. Removable flapper cartridges. Dual sealing flapper cartridge (low pressure teflon sealing and high pressure metal to metal...
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I have noticed that lately there have been numerous threads concerning the mess of vacuum hoses and check valves present on the 1.8T motor. A particularly good thread worth reading is this one (

Clicky click

). I am glad to see that many are taking the approach of maintaining the systems rather than just ripping everything out. Usually when you do this there are some adverse effects (such as unwanted CEL’s and failed emissions testing). The exact configurations of these systems vary from year to year so instead of trying to identify each component I thought it might be a little more useful to describe what each system does so the function can be applied to whatever system is on your particular model year.

Keep in mind that all of these systems are vacuum operated. The vacuum sources can either be the TIP (turbo inlet pipe) or the intake manifold. On a normally aspirated motor the intake manifold provides a constant source of vacuum. However, with a turbo the...

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Check valve symbol on


The arrow shows the flow direction.

A check valve, clack valve, non-return valve, reflux valve, retention valve or one-way valve is a valve that normally allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow through it in only one direction.[1]

Check valves are two-port valves, meaning they have two openings in the body, one for fluid to enter and the other for fluid to leave. There are various types of check valves used in a wide variety of applications. Check valves are often part of common household items. Although they are available in a wide range of sizes and costs, check valves generally are very small, simple, or inexpensive. Check valves work automatically and most are not controlled by a person or any external control; accordingly, most do not have any valve handle or stem. The bodies (external shells) of most check valves are made of plastic or metal.

An important concept in check valves is the cracking pressure which is the...

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Check Valves are installed in high pressure lines to stop reverse flow by the automatic close of flapper or dart.

Flapper check valves include top-entry check valves and in-line flapper check valves, which allow fluids to flow towards the wellbore and prevent flowing backwards. For dart check valves, the flow will open the dart by overcoming the small spring force.

When the flow runs in opposite direction, the spring will push the dart against the seat retainer to prevent reverse flow.

JASON provides both standard and reverse-flow check valves. And we have also developed check valves for sour service in accordance with NACE MR0175.

Technical Parameter


Top-Entry Check Valves

Dart Check Valves

In-Line Flapper Check Valves

Check Valve Model Selection
Top-Entry Check Valves

In-Line Flapper Check Valves

Dart Check Valves

Top-Entry Check Valves for Sour Service...

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By Bruce W. Maki, Editor

I was asked to fix a toilet that was running constantly.

There are two valves in a typical toilet, so there are two main reasons that a toilet runs constantly:

The fill valve can leak and let water into the tank. The excess water will drip down the overflow tube into the bowl. With this problem you can typically hear the water just barely trickling, but trickling almost continuously. The flush valve can leak and let water drain into the bowl. When this happens the water level in the tank will drop, and the fill valve will open periodically, filling the tank again.

This toilet had a leaky flush valve. I could tell right away because the water level was an inch below the overflow tube (as it should be), yet I could see ripples in the water in the bowl. The water level in the tank would drop slowly, then the fill valve would open for a few seconds and I could hear water running.

The Fix For A Constantly-Running Toilet:


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DarrylD's Porsche 912 Restoration Project Journal

Darryl's 1966 Porsche 912 Project - Mechanical Repair Page


Entry: 2/19/06 - Removal of the rear spring plates and torsion bars in a rusty 912 is a moment of truth. I've seen cars where the splines on the torsion bar are rusted tight and they can't be removed. If the splines on the torsion bar anchor points at the center of the car are damaged, I would be looking at a huge job of finding a good donor torsion bar tube and welding it into the body. More realistically, I would probably decide to condemn the whole project due to rust and part-out the car because of the importance of getting the rear suspension alignment perfect with my limited equipment. A little discipline in the disassembly phase makes "clocking" the torsion bars during reinstallation a piece-of-cake by making a gauge out of 1/16" thick plywood and marking the un-loaded angle of...

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Having a family pet is one more variable that could influence your need to change your Air Conditioning air filters. Keep in mind that of the kinds stated above have the ability to filter animal hair from the air that is recirculated in your home.

Consequently, this implies that whatever kind of filter you have, if you have a pet dog, you can expect to find pet hair in there. The quantity of pet dog hair getting sucked up into the filter will establish just how usually you should replace the filter.

Normally, a pet could contribute enough animal hair to warrant month-to-month replacements of your air filters.

Do not try to defrost the coil on your own. If it takes place as soon as, it will take place again, so you must connect to a service technician after detecting any one of these indicators.

Signs to keep an eye out for:

– An indoor coil that is frosted over (if you recognize the best ways to access the indoor section of your...

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UpdateStar is compatible with Windows platforms. UpdateStar has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, 2008, and Windows XP, 32 bit and 64 bit editions. Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. UpdateStar Free and UpdateStar Premium come with the same installer.

UpdateStar includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more. You can choose your language settings from within the...

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