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Okay, I've got a recently-installed standing-seam metal roof. The roofers ground out the brick in my chimney to install counter-flashing. Recently there was a big leak around the area of the chimney
Chimney leaks frequently come from three common areas on fireplace chimneys. Chimney crown leaks, chimney flashing leaks, and brick chimney leaks. Different factors affect a chimney’s ability to resist water penetration such as the age of the chimney
Q. Where are Rayburns made? A. The Rayburn is a British invention and all the castings are made in the Coalbrookdale foundry in Ironbridge, where we are proud of our history, having been at the birthplace of the industrial revolution
Chimney Removed, patching subfloor. . There is a non-structural chimney that was removed from my house (which no one is living in at the moment
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I am buying an old home (~130 years). I had the home inspection yesterday and the chimney is essentially a death trap. It is the victim of both poor maintenance and bad DIY work
She had tried everything- a chimney cover, flashing, even rebuilt the entire top of the chimney. By the time I met her she’d spent thousands of dollars but nothing fixed it. This was an older house with an unlined brick chimney
Q: Am contemplating getting a wood stove to reduce my heating bills (I currently have an oil furnace, if you get my drift). I have enjoyed the information found on your website, especially your informative Sweep's Library, where I learned I should av