Choosing a shower to suit my water pressure


Let me explain what I mean. Most googling leads to tub related setups, but my setups do not include tubs.

Lately I have been seeing these diverters in many newer bathrooms(my own new one in SG, and one in India). What they have is one tap to control direction of flow (tap / Shower / Hand shower (if any) ), one to control the flow rate and temperature, and a little knob u need to pull, which I believe is the diverter. To turn on the shower, the first tap has to be appropriately turned, the flow tap has to be turned on, and THEN the diverter has to be pulled.

If the diverter is not pulled, regardless of the first tap, the water flows out of the tap. The diverter only stays in place until the flow tap is open, which means when you turn off the shower to soap up, the diverter releases, and all the water in the shower system releases down the tap.

This seems ridiculously wasteful and complicated to me (2 steps instead of 1 to turn on the shower). What is the point...

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In order to select the most economical type of shower it is important to recognise certain factors that can determine which shower is best for you. A mixer for example, would be the best choice in a household where both hot and cold water are supplied at equal pressure from the main storage system.

Most modern showers are designed to be flexible to different water pressures (such as stored hot water and cold mains). It is important to note whether or not the chosen shower is capable of coping with certain systems and can regulate a safe level of water through the boiler.

Such systems would include those of hot water being supplied from the mains via either a multipoint or combination boiler. To ensure the shower is adaptable to such conditions, it may be worth checking installation requirements with the manufacturer or to have it fitted by a registered plumber.

Types of shower available

Push-on mixer:

The hose and...

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One of the major considering factors while installing a new shower head is the water pressure in your area. If you are staying in a locality where the pressure is relatively low, obviously you will have a less satisfying shower. The situation is quite frustrating, especially if you are taking bathe after a long tiring day. Also, you will end up taking longer shower and wasting more water. To solve such issues, check out the shower head options suited for low pressure water, and features you should look for while selecting one for your home.

How to Select a Shower Heads for Low Pressure Water

It is to be noted that not all shower heads are suitable for a low pressure water flow. However, low water pressure in the shower can be caused due to genuine problems in the unit. So, before you choose and buy new ones, check for common malfunctions in the existing fixture. Look for any blockage in the screen; this is the most common issue with majority of the complaints of low...

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Considerations before buying

What water system do you have?

The type of water system you have in your home will affect the type of shower you can install in your bathroom.

Low pressure gravity system

This type of water system is the most common throughout the UK. It consists of a cold water tank and a hot water cylinder below it (usually found in an airing cupboard). The water in the cylinder is heated by a boiler or immersion heater and fed to the taps via a pipe. Pressure is low because the water from the tank is fed by gravity. The greater the height of the tank above the showerhead, the greater the pressure. The addition of a pump with a mixer shower can help to increase water pressure.

Mains pressure combination boiler

A combination, or combi, boiler heats water directly from the cold mains supply. Water is heated on demand as soon as a hot water tap or shower is turned on. The boiler is usually wall-mounted and...

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Features for a Perfect Bathroom

Sumptuous style with a hint of hotel luxury to a bath in bubbles when you can escape the children. Storage solutions to hide the toilet rolls, toothpaste and towels out of the prying eyes of visitors and of course water – the right water pressure to suit your soaking. Style is key in your bathroom but if form doesn’t meet function, bathing can be frustrating rather than fabulous. Water that flows from your taps to fill a bath in minutes and a shower that refreshes and invigorates rather than dribbles is the holy grail of bathroom perfection.

So, whether you crave a bath full of bubbles or it’s all about the shower power, it’s important to consider the water pressure in your house before choosing a shower or bath to make sure that they are perfectly suited to your home.

In the UK water pressure in many houses is driven by a cold water tank system often found in the loft. The pressure is driven by the gravity of the...

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Showering is a nice way to clean up quickly as well soothe one’s mind after a tiring schedule. People have different preferences while bathing and a high pressure shower is often the desired option. Generally houses are may have a low water pressure due to the lesser height of water reservoir but using different shower heads the pressure can be increased or adjusted suitably.

While some people prefer using dual showers or dual headed showers for getting more water but using a suitable high pressure shower head this can be achieved easily. For people who enjoy a more powerful shower, a high pressure shower head will provide the perfect bathing option at any time.

People should check in case the house has leakage problems or fixture issues in case their water pressure is unusually low. A plumber may be sufficient for checking the entire house and pipelines along with the existing shower heads for providing ample pressure by fixing any problems with the water supply...

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Changing your shower head is one of the quickest, easiest home improvement projects you can take on. Installing most newer models is quick, easy, and painless.

Depending on the features you want, shower heads come in a variety of price ranges. You can get a good, basic shower head for as little as ten dollars. Or, if you go all out, you can find models that cost hundreds of dollars.

Still, whether your going for a basic model, or a fancier one with lots of gadgets, there are some basic things to keep in mind when buying a new shower head.

Fixed or Hand-Held Shower Heads

When buying a shower head, your biggest decision will be choosing between a fixed shower head, and a hand-held shower head.

Fixed shower heads are permanently mounted to the wall. If you get a model with an adjustable arm, you can change the height and direction of the water flow to suit your needs.

Hand-held shower heads are more flexible. You can use it as if it were...

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A closer look at available shower head features to help you purchase the best-fit model for your needs and budget

It's a strange thing, what showers have become. A simple act of hygiene turned ornate ritual, the shower serves an almost sacred role: how often are those few minutes under a spray of water viewed as a time to disconnect from the maddening buzz of the external, to reconnect with oneself? Whether this is an organic cultural development or effective marketing, there's no getting around the fact that showers are hallowed ground.

Fortunately, there are many paths up the mountain, and some of us just want a pleasant, effective shower. While it may be difficult to give advice on the right LED light system to coordinate with a tropical shower garden, those with less extravagant tastes are well-served having an idea of what's out there, and what to consider.

We have a handy guide exploring the most popular types of showerheads we offer: massaging, filtered,...

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Bathing time is relaxation time for some people, it is as worth as listening favorite music. However bathing time can be a bad time when you get your shower head doesn’t work optimally because of low water pressure.

Main reason when you get your shower head gives you a little water is perhaps your shower head is clogged. Some professional plumbers usually suggest you to clean the clogged shower head using a mixing solution of vinegar and baking soda. It is also recommended for you who want to maintain your shower head regularly.

If you have cleaned the shower head but there is still any advance, plumbers usually recommend you to install a pump to increase the water pressure. However this option sometimes doesn’t work because of your area which is in low water pressure area.

So if you have done two ways above and you don’t still get the best result, it’s better for you to buy the new shower head. Before you purchase the new shower head, you have to consider the...

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One of the components that make a great shower is good water pressure. There could be different reasons to having low water pressure in the shower. It could be the plumbing in your house, the municipal water supply or just the shower head. If you have low water pressure in the entire house, then you can consult your local plumber as the reason is probably the municipal water supply or your plumbing. If it’s only in the shower, then your solution can be just simply replacing the shower head. There are shower heads specifically designed for low water pressure. In my best high pressure shower head for low water pressure review below you can find out more about the benefits of these products and what are the top models on the market in this category.

High Sierra 1.5 GPM

4.7 Customer rating

Spray patterns: 1

Dimensions: 2.5 x 1 x 1

Price: $

Speakman S-2252

4.6 Customer rating

Spray patterns: 3

Dimensions: 4 x...

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After a hot day out sailing, racing, fishing, or simply relaxing on the deck, a boater always looks forward to a refreshing shower. Nothing beats the feeling of powerful water jets splashing on your body. However, due to structural

and space limitations, it can be a bit challenging to get the right water pressure. This will particularly affect small watercrafts. In order to make certain the shower works just right, it is necessary to put in place a good boat shower pump. This device is charged with making sure there is a constant flow of water. It also helps in maintaining consistent water pressure thus offering you a “power shower".

Why is a shower pump needed in a boat?

As a boater, you may be asking if it’s necessary to have a shower on a boat. Well, if you desire to get rid of the salt, dirt, smell or sweat from your body, then you need a shower and a water pump. Unlike a home, a boat will have a little area to hold the water. This simply means that you have to...
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Showers form an integral part of any bathroom and are a part of our daily routine. There are now more showers than ever before to choose from, so it’s essential to do some research on which best suits your requirements – you can find more information in our shower buyer’s guide. But how do you create the best possible showering experience? Read our essential advice to discover more.

Understanding water pressure

Before going ahead and buying a shiny new shower it’s vital that you find out whether your water pressure is low or high, as well as what the flow rates are like. Once you’re equipped with this essential information you’ll have a better understanding of what type of shower to choose.

Matching the right shower to your water pressure ensures great performance and a superb showering experience. If it’s mismatched, you’ll find that your shower runs very slowly, or the hot and cold water runs at different flow rates making it difficult to achieve a...

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I am looking to install a new shower in my bathroom, which will be done by a plumber who has said that I just need to go ahead and order my choice of shower. There are two options I am looking at, both of which have rainforest shower heads. The first (this) has a 300mm head, together with four jets. The second (this) has a 200mm head, and no jets. Both are listed as having a recommended pressure of 1 to 3 BAR, with a flow rate at optimum pressure of 14 litres / minute.

I tested my current shower, by removing the shower head and running it on full power, and the flow rate is 10 litres / minute. So, this is 4 litres per minute lower than the listed flow rates of these showers. As far as I am aware, my bathroom uses mains water pressure direct from the street, which goes through a gas boiler in my flat, although I do not know the water pressure. What I am concerned about, is whether these two showers mentioned will allow for sufficient water pressure. I'd rather like a shower...

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When planning to install a shower the main considerations to take into account are the water pressure and the planning of the piping and drainage for the shower.

Adjusting water pressure to suit your shower

Ways of increasing the pressure:

The cold water cistern can be lifted to a greater height (sometimes as little as 150mm (6in)) by fitting a strong wooden support beneath it - perhaps composed of struts and blockboards. If you choose this option, the main and distribution pipes will too have to be raised to meet the new height of the cistern. Alternatively, a booster pump can be fitted; a single pump or a dual/twin pump. Which ever is chosen it must be connected into the power supply in order to operate. A single pump: This type must be fitted in a position between the spray and the mixer control. This will boost the supply of water from the control to the spray itself giving the desired effect. A dual/twin pump: This must be fitted to...
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Energy Savings
For energy savings, look for showerheads that have a WaterSense label to save water and money. These low-flow showerheads use less water than a standard model. According to government standards, no showerhead can have a water flow rate greater than 2.5 gallons per minute at a standardized pressure of 80 psi (pounds per square inch). Low-flow showerheads use even less than that, which translates to lower energy costs to the consumer. Not every home has water pressure as high as 80 psi. Levels substantially lower than that can make a dramatic difference in the effectiveness of the shower. If it feels as if you never can get the shampoo rinsed out of your hair properly, look for a model designed specifically for low water pressure use.

Some showerheads also come with a cut-off valve that allows you to stop the flow of water while bathing, which greatly reduces the amount of water used in every shower.

Spray Patterns
Look for a unit in which...

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It can be very confusing when looking for your first water tank pump.
I have been asked by many of my customers who have been caught out with other import or Chinese pumps to write this as there are many technical terms used often and also many types of pumps.

Due to the drought many pumps and sellers have popped up to make a quick buck on the market and often have little or no knowledge of pumps. Consumers must be careful.
I hope this guide will help explain a little about pumps and help you determine the best pump for your situation.

Horsepower or Watts: Many sellers and customers think that horsepower or watts determines how powerful the flow and pressure will be. This is far from the truth. The power rating is only an indication of how much electricity a pump uses when turned on. It has no direct relationship with flows or pressures.

Many cheap pumps are 1.5hp or larger where another brand name pump is only 1hp but will do a lot more pressure and...

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Not all taps on the market are the same and, more often than not, require a bit of background research before you purchase. A lot of simply designed taps, such as washer taps or mono bloc mixers are likely to be compatible with low pressure water systems. On the other hand, more specialised taps and mixers such a 4 hole bath mixers will require a much higher water pressure to function properly.

Different products by different manufacturers all carry various pressure labels ranging from 0.1 Bar for low pressure systems to 3 Bar for products that require very high water pressure. At Island Bathrooms, we define high pressure as anything over 0.2 Bar for bathroom taps and anything over 0.5 Bar for kitchen taps.

The reasoning behind this is due to the distance that the taps will sit from the water system. In most UK households, a gravity system will be in place which consists of a cold water storage tank in the in the loft. Every 1 metre drop from the water tank typically...

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Your home water system is an important factor in determining which types of shower are suitable for your household. Many traditional home water systems involve storing hot water in a tank whilst others, such as the combination boiler, heat water on demand.

Before choosing shower technology for your home, you must first decide whether you wish to use your home water system. If you have plentiful hot water and a good level of water pressure this may be the best option for you. In larger households with stored hot water you may find you quickly use up all the hot water and then have to wait for the water to be heated again.

Simply answer the question below and we’ll help guide you through which shower types are right for you:

Do you want to use your household hot water...

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I am about to fit an electric shower. There are two parts to this question.

I'm after the best flow I can get so am going to go for a 10.8KW electric shower. In the past I've had a Mira Sport 10.8 which was pretty good but I note it is very expensive compared to other 10.8s. The other one that seems to crop up and is a lot cheaper is a Triton.
Is the Mira much better to justify the price difference or does it not really matter if they are the same power rating? What are Tritons like?

The second part concerns the water flow. How can I check the water flow is sufficent. The instructions say 11 litres per minute is required which I can easily check, but also mentions about 1-10 bar being required. How do I check that?

Also, is the anti-limescale feature advertised on Triton showers really work - I note that the warranty for limescale is only 2 years anyway!!

Finally, are the digital guages any good or are they just fiddly.

All advice gratefully...

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Shower Types

Question - What is a mixer shower?

Answer - Mixer showers take water from both hot and cold water supplies. They mix the hot and cold to reach a desired temperature. They generally flow faster than electric showers. You can make the flow more forceful by adding a Mira pump. Mixer showers ideal for homes with a plentiful supply of hot water.

Question - What is an electric shower?

Answer - Electric showers only take water from the mains cold water supply. They heat the water when you turn the shower on, by passing it over a heating element inside the shower – in a similar way to how a kettle works. When you shower, you don’t use up and stored hot water – so electric showers are ideal for families and households where there is a limited supply of hot water. Electric showers are always ready to use, any time of the day or night.

Question - What is an all-in-one power shower?

Answer - ...

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Low Shower Head Water Pressure | Ask the Builder Water pressure that is inadequate in shower heads and faucets might not always be a piping problem.

Why is My Shower Pressure Low? | Pro Referral

Whether the shower pressure in your new home is low, or the shower pressure has decreased after a few years, you need to trouble shoot the issue to identify the ...

How Can I Improve the Water Pressure in My Shower?

A disappointing shower is no way to start your day. Luckily, there may be a quick fix to pump up the water pressure in your shower. The DIY mavens at Stack Exchange ...

Dealing with Low Water Pressure | Increasing Water Pressure

Low water pressure usually results when you’ve...

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Luxury Spa Shower Head Featuring 6 premium settings including High Pressure Rainfall, Circular Massage, Water Saver, Power Massage and 2 Mixed settings, Premium Construction with Lightweight ABS body, Polished Chrome Finish, Self-cleaning Silicone nozzles and Angle Adjustable Brass Swivel joint can perfectly fit any shower area, Removable Water flow restrictor can be uninstalled in minutes to deliver consistent high pressure shower even under low pressure plumbing applications, Quick and easy installation instructions included, FREE Teflon Tape, Bonus replacement water filter disk, 5 YEAR WARRANTY on all ShowerMaxx® products. Hassle Free Returns. Your money back, no questions asked,...

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