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That is odd. If that's how the mice got in then you want to fill the blocks with gravel & then smooth that over with concrete or cement. If the mice didn't enter there then "Big Gap" spray can foam would be the insulation choice & best treatm
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Bury me standing under your window with the cinder block in hand Yeah cause no one will ever feel like this again And if I could move I'm sure it would only be to crawl back to you I must have dragged my guts a block. .
FIG. 7 - Spread the mortar about 1" deep and 8" wide, using a furrow in the center to force the mortar to the edge. FIG
Some construction projects call for a larger masonry block than a standard brick, but solid concrete blocks can be very expensive and very heavy. One common compromise are largely hollow masonry blocks known as cinder blocks. These are also sometimes
Instead of tile, consider 9/16"-ish thin brick veneer, which looks good in combination with concrete block. Something like this: You could put a wire lath over the blocks, and then just use mortar to adhere the brick to the lath/blocks. Another optio
There should be a steel plate over that notched stud /joist to prevent the wire from being damaged when sheet rock is installed as it is less than 1-1/4" from the nailing surface. The single gang box can be moved forward on the stud to make it a flus
Step 3 – Cinder Block Retaining Wall RepairsConsult the bag of mortar for the mixing instructions, and make the mortar in the bucket
Q: When we bought our 1942 house nine years ago, it came with a brick retaining wall 35 feet long and 4
How to attached wood to concrete that is well cured. (over a Jul 24, 2012 This is a video of how I attach wood to concrete and it works very well. to attached wood to concrete that is well cured