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Someone enters the same room near the switch at the right of the graphic. He or she flips that switch. Now there is again a pathway for the electricity
Whether or not the GFCI is the first as far as proximity from the panel, it would have to be the first if you want it to protect the other receptacles. However, since you're going the route of covering so many receptacles. I'd recommend just getting
L1 is line, N is the neutral, PE is protective earth. .
That's a big job. I had to sort out a bunch of wiring in an old factory which had a lot of neutral problems. I shut off service to the building and, at the panel, "pulled off" one hot and neutral off each circuit and did a series of diagnostics, chec
So this is a question that's been asked a lot, but reading individualized responses is creating confusion for me, not answers. I have a detached garage with existing power, and I have added a few items to the circuit. Because I don't know what the or
Multiple Choice Questions of Electric Current and Ohm's Law (1-15):1. Resistivity of a wire depends on (A) length (B) material (C) cross section area (D) none of the above. B 2
This circuit is fed from the 100-amp sub-panel upstairs (area in dashed box in picture). I now want to add a lighting circuit for the main room in the basement. This involves switching out the 1-gang box at the bottom of the stairs for a 2-gang, addi
The article explains a very simple method of acquiring 220V AC from a 12v DC source. The idea utilizes inductor/oscillator based boost topology with the help of the IC 555. We are quite familiar about inverters which convert a DC potential to higher
Electric heating has many advantages compared to the water. Firstly, the electric heaters can be controlled automatically. Secondly, the installation of such a system is much easier than setting up the water circuit