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I noticed the light in the fridge was flickering, same with the coffee machine LEDs etc on the same plug circuit. Fortunately, I noticed that in the garage.
If there's room in the panel, you could run additional circuits. If not, you could install a second panel, or try and free up space in the existing panel. If you have room for additional circuits, I'd recommend putting the A/C unit on its own circuit
I am looking to run a sub panel for a basement workshop approx 60 feet from the main panel, all inside. I have a table saw, jointer, band saw, planer, and dust vacuum, as well as routers and such. I was going to run a 60 amp breaker to a 100 amp sub
You most likely have an AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) not a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) on this circuit. Although it's not impossible that the breaker is bad, I think this is unlikely. It's more likely that there is an arc fault so
2-11. 115 Volts AC Duplex Receptacle And Circuit Breaker115V 15 A AC 2-12. Connecting To Weld Output Terminals Location of Terminals 1 Tools Needed: 2 3/4 in SMAW Connections 2 1 Work 1 2 SERIOUS ELECTRIC SHOCK OR FIRE CAN RESULT FROM WELD CURRENT ON
Edison has cut power in your neighborhood. Depending on your electricity plan and program, Southern California Edison may have temporarily stopped electricity supply for your neighborhood or city. This is common during peak cooling seasons
I shut off the power to this entire house, from inside, the larger main switch at the top of the panel. 12 hours later we started hearing the garage door opener circuit board make a noise like a relay flickering. Seems it's toast upon inspection (ord
1 Determine the structure type. If circuits are installed in a space for use other than a dwelling unit, AFCI is not required (commercial and industrial spaces are not required to have AFCI protection). AFCI protection is required only in dwelling un
I'm wondering if any of you could guess what might have happened. I live in an older 60s ranch with an older electrical system. I was cutting some shrubs this morning and hit a 3 strand wire that was just hanging out in the shrub that I'm assuming po
1kAFCI circuit breakers are specialty safety devices that have been around for well over a decade, and their job is to prevent fires. They get better and better as time goes on, but they’re still not a perfect product. The main problem that homeowner