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All 15A receptacles (outlets) are rated for 20A passthrough. Which basically means you can only plug a 15A appliance into it, but you could use a total of 20A on the whole circuit. (Assuming of course 12ga wire and a 20A breaker)
During a house sale, inspector pointed out the GFCI at the front of my garage was failing his tester. The trip light was always on but it still fed power. Skip to the end if this is too wordy, but I wanted to cover everything I have verified so far
In electrical engineering, a circuit consists of a voltage source and a load, i. e. the part of the circuit that draws power from the source
I recently installed a monorail lighting kit in my home office; I wanted another spot-light which meant I need to swap out the included transformer to something that would allow more than 100 watts. I now have the issue of random breakers tripping. W
That Federal Pacific panel has to go as they are dangerous. As far as concerns about your skill, you sound like that particular kind of newbie who is well capable of learning to do it all safely and well; however my hunch is you are still thinking to
Breakers protect wires. The wire to the sub-panel can only be protected by the breaker in the main panel, and that must be correct for the wire's type and size. Like Ed Beal says, you don't need a master breaker in a sub-panel
I recently purchased a home with appliances included. One of the appliances is an stove/oven. We cleaned the range before our first use
You have a panel with 12 spaces and you are using 4. Just move the red wire to an AFCI in a new space in the panel. I would also move the lower black wire to where the red wire is now, so it becomes visually obvious that both wires are meant to be on
Answers ONLY for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains supplies Apples and Oranges You are not allowed to change a four-wire outlet to a three wire outlet. You can change a four wire cord to a three wire cord. That is VERY different! Ans
General Electric, Cutler Hammer, Federal Pacific, Sylvania and other such companies manufacture quality home circuit breakers. Within each of these manufacturers' product line, some of the circuit breakers are interchangeable with the Challenger Type