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A tripping circuit breaker can mean there is a problem with your electrical system. A circuit breaker does the same job that fuses once did. A circuit breaker trip occurs when the circuit becomes too hot from heat generated by the electrical current
Turn the electrical power off to your ceiling fan electrical box if you have not already. The breaker should be turned off in your service panel for the ceiling fan circuit. Place a note on the panel door letting your family know you are working on t
I recently solved (sort of?) an issue regarding my washer & dryer not getting power. I consider that issue solved, but now I have a new one, possibly what caused the problem before. Now that I have power to my washer & dryer, I did a small te
As I continue to make sense of the wiring in home, I have come across some shared neutral configurations. In one, I find two breakers that have been connected to one NM-3 line i. e
On 50A circuits, the rule is one breaker - one homerun - one outlet (NEC 210. 23) The only exception is circuits which supply only cooking appliances (210. 23C)
Greg Bell, a Florida home inspector offers the following additional details, (edited and supplemented by DJF) Bulldog panels use a unique, proprietary type of circuit breaker called a "Pushmatic. " Bulldog panels with Pushmatic breakers indicate an o
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