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Many of our most cherished childhood memories come from our favorite toy or game. Perhaps it was a model train, an action figure or a puzzle - whatever it was, we always remember those happy hours spent playing. At AliExpress
AC wire normally doesn't have a plastic shield _over_ the armor. The outside is bare metal. Which doesn't work very good outdoors if it's steel
Yes, you can use existing wiring to feed a sub-panel. (you cannot put a plug on a sub-panel as far as I know. ) If the wiring is not quite long enough to reach your sub-panel location, put a junction box there and splice to an additional cable
During a house sale, inspector pointed out the GFCI at the front of my garage was failing his tester. The trip light was always on but it still fed power. Skip to the end if this is too wordy, but I wanted to cover everything I have verified so far
I recently purchased a home with appliances included. One of the appliances is an stove/oven. We cleaned the range before our first use
Tester101 nailed the question, so I'll cover another option. Depending on your situation, it is often possible to retrofit ground. Normally, wires in a circuit must be kept together for good reason
General Electric, Cutler Hammer, Federal Pacific, Sylvania and other such companies manufacture quality home circuit breakers. Within each of these manufacturers' product line, some of the circuit breakers are interchangeable with the Challenger Type
Anytime a dead wire runs parallel to a hot one, it will pick up phantom voltage. You can see it with a rather sensitive voltmeter like a modern DVM, but it won't do any useful work. In other words this is an issue with your voltmeter
That is precisely a Multi-Wire Branch Circuit (or MWBC). Those are defined as exactly what you drew: 2 hots that share a neutral up to a point. Your setup is fine, but with one problem
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