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Here's a few tricks I've learned from cleaning up a few old wooden handplanes, where I wanted them to look nice without taking all the patina off: give it a rub-down with oil, either curing (e. g. linseed oil), or non-curing (e
Muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid) is the best concrete cleaner. CLR is (mostly) phosphoric acid and soap. The problem is, concrete is essentially calcium carbonate which is just holding aggregate/material together
So yesterday I saw a 1,450 PSI electric pressure washer for around $80, and I was considering buying one to clean the rooftop. But now I'm reconsidering. So, my question is, does low water pressure actually affect the functionality of a pressure wash
What kind of cement was used and you wish to remove One part cement such as Contact Cement or Super Glues are dissolvable. Two-part Epoxies are not dissolvable and can be removed with heat or scraped / grinded down. In most cases, it is impossible to
I just finished using Cabots stain on my new footbridge. The Cabots requires cleaning brushes with mineral spirits (and my arms, etc. ) and I always have a pit in my stomach about storing the used products
i am not sure what ben is talking about, but then again, i am unfamiliar with bialetti coffemakers. i am however, very familiar with stainless steel. if this is just a question of removing heat discoloration from stainless steel, its pretty straightf
Rovac Systems makes a dryer duct cleaning system. A basic kit consists of: a vacuum with 12 foot section of 3" ID hose (P/N 8581 or 8501) a Wye pipe (P/N 8521) a 25-feet "residential rod kit" (P/N 5185) which consists of: a RodCaddy 8 3-feet resident
Ideally, you should fill the holes with some silicone. This is the best way to prepare a new surface to install new screws needed for re-mounting vinyl shutters. If you don’t plan to reinstall the shutters, fill the holes and repair the surrounding s
I have a room with west facing windows (I dont think the direction bears any importance to this question), but for some reason this room seems to accumulate dust on surfaces a lot faster than other rooms in the house. We try and spring clean the hous
While summer is almost gone the autumn is on its way along with its cold rainy weather and chilly winds. Is your home well insulated? Insulation investment is one of the smartest ways to reduce your monthly bills while improving the thermo-characteri