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Which should you use for closet doors? Have you ever been frustrated with a bifold or sliding door coming off the track? Another option to installing bifold doors is to use double swinging doors instead. A bifold is actually a single door that is spl
Hello; Joe If the room does not have adequate ventilation, that's one issue. Needs addition details provided. If the is no ventliation, that's yet another issue
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That depends on a couple of things the first being is it real wood or laminate? The second is are the closets in the same room as your plan on doing the new flooring? If the closets are to be in the same room I assume they will most likely have the s
I moved into a building that was originally constructed in 1890 in New England, and this is my first time dealing with walls which are not recent construction with sheetrock over studs. The bedroom closet is my first challenge. I am trying to set up
1 Start with a wired PC. Document your current network's IP address scheme. In this example, the existing router was 192
Use this method at least once a year to thoroughly clean and lubricate the track to your sliding door. If you have a screen door, remove it first—–it will easily lift up and out of the track. 1 Remove drapes, blinds or any other window furnishings fr