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DEAR TIM: I am going to frame some exterior wood walls and don't have a clue where to start. As with anything, I am sure there are some pitfalls to avoid and labor-saving tips that will allow my walls to be perfect or nearly so. Can you give me a qui
I'm going to be adding some Particle Photon relay control to some receptacles so I can remotely turn on and off appliances and lighting. I'm going to house the Photon board and relay in a weather-proof PVC box (the gray stuff at home depot). To that,
I am about to close on the purchase of a small (1000sqft) cottage which, although it is habitable, is in desperate need of some tender love & care. I am an avid DIY nut and have have already done some significant renovations to my previous house
Start by looking at the code directly. Chapter 2 Wiring and Protection Article 210 Branch Circuits 210. 52 Dwelling Unit Receptacle Outlets
Each city/state/municipality has its own rules. You would have to check with your building inspector. Doing so may create a flag to them to watch your house
1 Determine the structure type. If circuits are installed in a space for use other than a dwelling unit, AFCI is not required (commercial and industrial spaces are not required to have AFCI protection). AFCI protection is required only in dwelling un
You asked several questions and you have a lot of responses here but I am hoping to more specifically answer your questions: What is common practice or code when running new electrical lines in a home(15 amp/20 amp) in a basement that feed up to the
A comment on an answer to this question seems to be saying that its illegal for an unswitched hot to run through a light fixture junction box, even though its not connected to the fixture at that point. (The light fixture would be receiving switched
I'm going to be building a structure out of PT 4x4s (2x4s for the roof) to provide a base and a roof for an outdoor clay oven. I have some questions about how to fasten some of the joints, and how to determine if it'll be strong enough for the weight
The only skip sheathing I've ever encountered is that installed to support a tin roof. What I found, was that the sheathing was not a consistent thickness which made laying osb or plywood on top quite difficult. Granted, these were in rural areas whe