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You asked several questions and you have a lot of responses here but I am hoping to more specifically answer your questions: What is common practice or code when running new electrical lines in a home(15 amp/20 amp) in a basement that feed up to the
A comment on an answer to this question seems to be saying that its illegal for an unswitched hot to run through a light fixture junction box, even though its not connected to the fixture at that point. (The light fixture would be receiving switched
I'm going to be building a structure out of PT 4x4s (2x4s for the roof) to provide a base and a roof for an outdoor clay oven. I have some questions about how to fasten some of the joints, and how to determine if it'll be strong enough for the weight
The only skip sheathing I've ever encountered is that installed to support a tin roof. What I found, was that the sheathing was not a consistent thickness which made laying osb or plywood on top quite difficult. Granted, these were in rural areas whe
Start out by using Table 310. 15(B)(16), and applying any required corrections, to determine what size conductors you'll need. For your situation, we'll assume we can use the 75°C column, that you want to use copper conductors, and there's no other c
I have a project to run around 40 lan cables in loft style office. The office don't have any conduit attached to ceiling at all. The location of RJ45 Jacks is multiple
Depending on whether you have an electrical dryer or a gas dryer, the answer will be different. I am going to assume you are in the US, and using an electrical dryer. Then the calculation goes like this: Assuming you have an electrical dryer, typical
The use of these devices is limited to specific situations, which are described in 334. 40(B) of the National Electrical Code. The 2011 version of the code had this to say
This could be a tricky one, as it depends on what you consider an "appliance", and how you define "dedicated space". Chapter 4 Equipment for General Use Article 406 Receptacles, Cord Connectors, and Attachment Plugs (Caps) 406. 12 Tamper Resistant Re
The question is vague, but here are my "thoughts": In all my years of remodeling, never did we use metal brackets in cases like this. I've opened many dozens of rooms with larger beams than were originally built into the home, and we always simply fa