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I am installing an electric kickspace/toe kick heater as part of my kitchen remodel. I do not quite understand how to transition the supply wiring from inside the wall to the space underneath of the cabinet where the heater will located. It seems if
Loft Bed Made From PVC Water Pipe Alex's Loft Bed Made From PVC Water Pipe Update April, 2014 A LOT of people seem to like this bed design and many have built it, modified it, and sent me pictures. I'll try to post more of them soon. I am often asked
Edit- Based on comments above tape cannot be used (alone) for creating a splice. As Tester101 pointed out if the splice was soldered or crimped or joined with some (UL approved) device, then tape may be used for insulating the splice. With regard to
The question is often asked, whether it is better to install a GFCI receptacle or a GFCI breaker. While both are ways to add ground fault protection to the circuit being served, there may be some requirements that must be met and to which an electric
The National Electrical Code requires that all habitable rooms and bathrooms, have a switch controlled light (210. 70(A)(1)). It also allows a switched receptacle to be used, instead of a lighting outlet (210
NFPA makes important safety information, including the National Electrical Code®, available online As part of its commitment to enhancing public safety, NFPA provides free access to its codes and standards, including the National Electrical Code® (NE
You need to provide more information before your question can be properly answered. Yes, the location of the holes are code compliant. But that is only 1 aspect of a code compliant joist
No matter how tidy you keep your living room or bedroom, that rat's nest of HDMI cables, component cables, and other cords can drive you crazy. You might not see it while you watch TV, but you know it is there. Worse, it poses a fire hazard
I think people have a very bad misconception of what an inspector is. Let me just say that the permit and inspection process is a very good thing. I know the permit price is a lot more than it should be and is mostly just a means of producing extra r