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Food in a refrigerator with its door open A side-by-side refrigerator-freezer with an icemakerA refrigerator (colloquially fridge or fridgefreezer in the UK) is a popular household appliance that consists of a thermally insulated compartment and a he
Started happening a few years ago, unclear whether it has gotten any louder or whether there's anything that makes it better or worse. I don't think it was this bad when new, though. Functionally, fridge still seems fine
I bought a new air compressor from Harbor Freight (8-gallon, 2hp,) and last night I added oil to the fill line, opened all valves, and started it to run it for the break in period (30 minutes with no load, open valves on the tank. ) When I first turn
I do exactly like Tim does, but with a Harbor Freight 8 gallon 15-amp compressor. It's probably 1. 5 horsepower, even though the tank says 2
You are correct that it is a good idea to use teflon tape on the threaded fittings, however no sealant is required or advised on the quick-connect part itself. These are designed to seal using internal o-rings. There are multiple types of quick-conne
by Scott (Coraopolis PA) When I turn the compressor on it builds to 20lbs and then the motor bogs down and wont kick out. There is a new pressure switch on it. They compressor sat for years without runnning so I drained the oil and refilled it
Sounds like contactor chatter. Could be a bad contactor, or not enough power on the coil. Basically, the contactor is closing and opening really quickly
The designer of my compressor unfortunately didn't put a whole lot of thought into where to put the drain valve on it. It's on the back, and the compressor is against the wall, in a corner, usually with a mower or something backed up to it. Draining
For very small needs (which I'm assessing your stated needs as) a portable tank (3-5 gallons - 12-20 liters or so) which you either fill up at an air station or pump up with a standing bicycle pump is probably more sensible than a compressor. If you