Concrete stairs substrate preparation and layering


make concrete stairs can be attractive with the help of its wood finish Gray, rough concrete not overcame in a private home, if it is certainly not a design idea. To ensure that such a staircase fits into the interior, it is lined with wooden decorations to give an elegant and finished look.

Contents: Finishing concrete staircase different materials instruction on facing concrete staircase tree Preparation and laying of wooden steps on concrete stairs How is the finishing steps concrete staircase tiles concrete staircase cladding technology tree casing of concrete staircase tree( video) Examples finishing concrete stairs( interior photos)

finishing concrete staircase time

Concrete constructions are the most reliable and durable, such stairs are widely used not only outside the house, but also inside it. And, if such a staircase is installed inside the house, it is given a finished appearance by covering with materials, for example, wood or...

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