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Alan was a post frame building contractor for years, prior to becoming a Building Designer for Hansen Pole Buildings. If I had to estimate, I’d venture Alan constructed well over 200 of our buildings. Recently, Alan had a client question the thicknes
Context: I want to do stained concrete flooring throughout my house. The problem is, the concrete foundation of the original house and the foundation of an addition meet down the middle of my living room, forming a big unattractive crack. One of the
Step 6 Pick the Right Pavers The great thing about pavers is that they come in many shapes, colors and styles: traditional brick, cobblestone, square. But no matter what type you pick, they all have a similarity. The nubs, for instance, are very impo
In many instances a concrete slab may be connected to a concrete footer rather than the slab "floating" on top of the. .
Hello mistersneak, Thank you for your question and welcome to the community! I personally wouldn't recommend to install plywood directly over concrete for your engineered floor. I would only opt for this if you first seal the concrete floor.
You have a 3/4" gap and a 1 1/2" gap, and clearly the larger gap is too wide to be covered by a baseboard alone. What I might try to do is see if you can get a standard baseboard against the wall which will give you about 3/4", then I would put quart